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  1. Oh, have you found a download link from the concert? Nice! 😀
  2. Yes, thanks Gorch! Here is a photo from that concert, given last Sunday. It was played in the "Magnuskirche" in the small town of Worms, in Germany. The excellent orchestra does actually consist of 22 string players, although some are obscured here, by pillars, and boards for the "art-light-show". So hopefully Gorch and Mrs Gorch took some photo - to show you - of me standing there, taking a bow at the end ! (I'm actually back in Sweden now, got home yesterday. I'm quite busy with finish composing my new piece of chamber music!) Thanks for your interest! 😃
  3. Well, what can I say other than that Gorch is a very nice dude; someone that you immediately feel that you want to be friends with! I borrowed a car and drove high up, through the forest mountains of central Germany, to the nice house where he lives with the lovely and talented Mrs Gorch. They made me feel so "at home" there! We connected (as you mention, Gorch) through some intensive musical discussions on the HFC. After a long time of collaboration via the 'net we met last year, IRL - when I visited his country. But then we got so caught up in intensive talking, as to forgetting
  4. I'd love to see you. I will stay in Mannheim from the 4th to the 11th. Will attend all three concerts! Let's keep in touch!
  5. Last year i told you about my flute quintet being performed four times in Germany, in the autumn of 2019. It was great fun, feeling like being "celebrated" and coming "down" there from my home country Sweden! [I even met Hfc'r Gorch there, which was a great moment!] At one concert a conductor for a local string orchestra approached me with a question: Would I like to compose a new large composition for his orchestra?! Of course I would. (And I even would get paid for it!! Generously!) So fast forward, skipping the severe stomach surgery i had in December '19, >phew< and also th
  6. Great playing, fantastic guitar!! 😃
  7. Sentinel


    Congrats to your black transparent Shishkov! Looks fantastic! (It made me smile to see it reminds me a bit of my 07' Hamer Studio Custom 🙂 )
  8. 2 Hamer's 2 Fender Am Strats 1 Alhambra Spanish Nylon Classic 1 Fender Am Jazz Bass 1 Ibanez 5 string Bass
  9. This just in... ? Today I got this brand new Honey burst American Stratocaster (from a friend who - believe or not - wanted to swap it for my 2017 American Special Strat - Olympic white. I sweetened the deal for him by giving him a used laptop that I don't need. He needs one!) This new - American Performer series - Strat is a really great guitar. It's my "extra Strat" because I already have an American Deluxe Strat (which of course is "better"), but this guitar with the new bright Yosemite pups, adds a nice function - a push/pull tone knob that "adds" the neck PU in position 1 an
  10. The guitar looks fantastic! But let me be curious for a second...it is interesting to hear about reason as to why the two f's are placed at different heights...? Look there at the placement compared to the pup hole... that they're not aligned (as on a violin or cello). or compare with the f's on the this Superpro...they are same height Just wondering...
  11. He was a nice guy! My deepest condolences, /Curt
  12. Have we seen all of the finished six first Ultimates yet?!?
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