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  1. Thanks Gorch!! My music sounds really great on that organ! You recieved my emails with the plain music score and then you orchestrated the music greatly, well done - by selecting from the 42 different pipes and sounds of that organ - just like as an ordinary organ player does, when sitting by the instrument, before playing the music. And you used up all of your winter holiday for it. Please, accept my humble appreciation! 😄 (I wonder if laymen really knows how many combinations of stops and levers that needs to be pulled and pressed to achieve such variety of sounds!)
  2. Oj, vilken fantastiskt snygg gitarr! Grattis! /hälsar Curt
  3. Thank you very much for your feedback. I'll consider it all. :-)
  4. http://www.ibanez.com/products/u_eb_detail18.php?year=2018&cat_id=2&series_id=51&data_id=142&color=CL01 I've already got an Am Fender Jazz 4string. American series. I love it. But I also want a decent 5-striing for my amateur home recording needs. Any one familiar with this Ibanez SR375E. It is in my price range. Looks good on "paper". What do you say. Approved? :-) Thanks, /Curt
  5. Thanks, guys! Feels great having you to chat with. I think I'll be more than fine before long. Aiming at Great! 🙂
  6. No, I don't need another Strat. My deluxe American Strat is wonderful. And a keeper. But I just felt like getting a white Strat. So I bought a new just the other day. An American Special Olympic white Stratocaster! 😁 Why THIS version of a white Strat, you ask - well, simply because it has a satin fretboard (and neck). AND the jumbo frets. That's what I wanted and now I've got this lovely lightweight guitar with a great resonance and sustain. Lovely guitar, and reasonably priced too! ...now it's time to remove the sticker and the plastic on the pickguard, lowering the bridge and change to 0.10 strings. Rock on!! 😎
  7. So my wife wanted to be NOT married - just like that. After ten years together. I was really taken by surprise. She (52 yrs) didn't want anyone else in her life. Just live alone. It was last September. Ok, fine. So I had no say, apparently. But no fighting, we both knew we had grown apart. This was my second marriage. We sold our apartement in Stockholm, Sweden. Made a _very_ small profit. Just enough to pay the taxes, get a 15 year old Volvo, and a downpayment for a very cheap flat. She instantly got a communal flat because she had been in their queue since before we met. I hadn't... So I went to the bank. - Can I borrow some money for a flat. - Yep, approx. usd 70.000. (!) Ok...so no flat in Stockholm!! I had lived in Stockholm for 61 years. So last December I had to move to a small town 1,5 hour drive to the west of Stockholm. Far away from teaching job and my own grown up kids, and the grandkids of course. This town - Koping - is the closest to Stockholm where I could afford to buy a one bedroom apartement. But, it is a nice calm town, that is alive and everyone is surpricingly nice. Has already got a couple of friends, started singing in the church choir (have done that earlier). I like it in Koping. 🙂 Got myself an early retirement. Great solution I thought. Moving away with no rush getting another job. Got time to settle down a bit. To get to know myself (!) again. Bought a used Volvo. Got some nice furniture. Took a trip for a week, on my own, to London, England, just for the fun of it. Nice to get away. Came back to find my bearings. Then just two months ago I asked the local school board if they had use for a teacher with 32 years of experience... Yes they were very happy, and now I'm working half time - morning to lunch. AND am keeping my pension too. So I'm doing fine. That's what's it's all about. Try to feel fine! I'll never give up! Thanks, Curt (Got myself a new Strat the other day, just for the fun of it. I'll post it separately.) ---- "Life is what you make it".. as they sing in that old song (the group Talk Talk).
  8. Me playing my dream guitar - a 2007 Studio Custom that I ordered for myself. 8 lbs weight limit, tummy bevel, Ebony neck, premium quilt, black transparent. Now recently fitted with an excellent Gravelin Charlotte bridge pu... Can you imagine? (Neck pu is a Seymour Duncan Jazz!) The fantastic crew at the Hamer workshop did a remarkable job with this one! (My most heartfelt thanks to them forever!)
  9. Sentinel


  10. Have we seen all of the finished six first Ultimates yet?!?
  11. Black transparent quilt and ebony... Just like I like it!! Sweet!!! (Congrats!)
  12. It is my custom ordered Black trans Studio Custom, from the spring of 2007. <--- The one in my avatar on the left.... I paid just about $ 3000, including shipping and taxes (to Sweden). As it is just about perfect and priceless etc it is the best buy I have ever made. I am truly one lucky guy, forever thankful to the Hamer workshop staff.
  13. Great and very beautiful guitar ...and also, like, historical! (The first and the last Hamer was a Standard...) I'm happy for you! (Everyone of us that have ordered a custom made Hamer knows the feeling of holding it for the first time! My Studio Custom - see the avatar on the left - feels like heaven!) .
  14. I'm lost for words... I feel sad for all you Hamer people. I love you all. . Still I am a very lucky owner of two remarkable and fantastic instruments.
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