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  1. Thanks to all who responded to my WTB, much appreciated. [
  2. Thanks- pics forthcoming when the sun decides to shine. Until then waiting for more guitars to show up & possible add them to the harem.
  3. Willing & able to consider anything and I wouldn’t rule out adding more than 1 guitar to the pile. Thanks!
  4. Shootin’ for the moon but it’s time to try for the “one” that scratches that itch. Other models considered, ya’ never know. Thanks! supergear@ymail.com
  5. Holmes pickups are some of the best sounding around but I'm with you on the variety available that can do dang near the same thing. None of them do for me what practice has, that's for sure.
  6. I bought a set from Tom 2 years ago for $560.00 and at that time the word was he quit doing them. It took an email to find out. 3 weeks wasn't too long a wait for me. Same with a Klon. $350.00 from Bill in about 2-3 weeks or pay $450.00 and up for a used one.
  7. Prayer for a swift return to 100% health. Stand strong and be well.
  8. Traveling Wilbury's "Tweeter and the Monkey Man" is one of my faves. Written by Lucky Wilbury and Charlie T. Wilbury, Jr
  9. The FedEx driver retrieved the package, she had to knock on the door and wait several minutes for them to answer then wait again while they retrieved it. Fine. I was pretty worked up when it happened because the prospect of losing a guitar seemed fairly drastic to me. Maybe very few have had a close call but for me it was pretty nerve wracking. I may have indicted the neighbors prematurely as a result of the mishandled delivery but I know more of the variables that I won't go in to here. The end result is that I have the guitar. I'm playing the hell out of it and it is amazing! I'm cl
  10. Well. I did state "almost" stolen simply because I didn't sit on my ass and wait for confirmation. I guess holding out with my fingers crossed waiting for them to get around to checking the label and hope they'd politely deliver it to my door was an option I hadn't thought of. I saw the truck knowing a package was for me and made sure the driver knew it. The first thing I check is the label then I inspect the condition of the box/contents. Now I understand everyone may not do that but to each his own. The driver knocked on the door at the wrong address, they accepted the pkg no questio
  11. When I told the driver that the tall box she had misdelivered was mine she said she'd get it. No questions asked which was scary so I got my track info out to show her. She had to wait a couple minutes at their door but she brought it over, unopened. She never asked for any proof though, big surprise.
  12. Today I'm awaiting the arrival of my new Std via FedEx Express. I look out the window to see a FedEx Express truck having trouble climbing the hill in front of my house as we're getting hammered with snow right now. I go out and ask the nice lady if she has a pkg for me. Shes says no. Long story short she delivered it across the street and the nice people accepted it in to their loving home. I'm a bit upset at the sumbitches but at least my guitar is with me now. As for the neighbors, they've rebuked my every wave and smile since they moved in a couple years ago. Big deal I thought, no
  13. My buddy has his sights set on a Switchblade. I'll let him know you're a dealer.
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