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    1987 Hamer Chapparal Custom, 2006 Hamer XT Import, Various Fenders, Jacksons, 5 Gibsons, a Martin acoustic, and a Gretsch...
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    VOX AC30, Fender Twin, Mesa-Boogie F100, Marshall MG100HDFX
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    Working in my home studio, playing as much guitar as I can, without getting too accomplished! Staying married and out of trouble.

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  1. Irish by ethnicity, came from a Celtic tribe that was "incorporated" into a Viking family by conquest, Mom wanted to name me Liam, Dad couldn't stand the name, so I was given the "civilized" English equivalent...
  2. Well done! Never tried to play without a pick, I still need the warm blanket......
  3. The Who "The Kids Are Alright", one punchy intro chord........
  4. Bill W, Jim did have some health issues a while back, he's still alive and kicking, always shootin' the breeze with somebody in the store, his wife unfortunately, passed away in a car accident last fall. His youngest son Mike, works at the store, and I know Shaun is a session guitarist in LA. I can remember Nuno hanging out at the store, as well as everyone who was in a local band at the time.....Good to hear from someone who used to be in the "old neighborhood".
  5. Hey Bill W, Yes! It was purchased brand-spankin' new from Mr. C's in Marlboro, yup, when Jimmy had the store downtown Main Street. I think I paid around $800.00 for it in late '87 or early '88. I remember he had a white Gibson doubleneck that I was jonesing for, and was in the market for a spare Strat-style guitar. I picked up the Chappy, plugged in to one of the Laney half-stacks Jimmy had, and that was all she wrote! He actually threw in one of those multi-colored "Hamer Rocks Hard" t-shirts, I don't think that t-shirt would fit me now.........I still visit Mr. C's when I get a free mi
  6. 1987 Chapparal, Pearl Blue (still have that one as well). Haven't even tried to fix the buckle rash in the back, broken in just perfect!
  7. Just found out about this, man, I grew up listening to Skynyrd, only 56, way too young to leave this world....God Bless ya, Billy, hope there's a beautiful Steinway up in Heaven waiting for you!
  8. Saw Keef on video, so I bought myself a Reissue 72 Tele Custom, and another tele that I pulled the low "E" string off, tuned down to open-G, and I've never been the same.......
  9. Got an F100 combo (2X12), bought it new in 2004, in Celtic green! Gigged and recorded with it, love the range of tones, won't part with it........
  10. I own one of these, an XT Sunburst Archtop Quilt (check the pic in my profile). They were recommended to me, so I took a chance, great axe! Sounds like a Les Paul, but plays 100x better (or was that buttah)? Liked them so much, I'm going to get myself a spare, and the Duncan Designed pickups sound VERY good, no matter what style of music you play.
  11. The Yardbirds "Shapes of Things" Keef's crunchy acoustic on "Jumpin' Jack Flash" Early Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac blooze Intro rhythm guitar on Skynyrd's "Call Me The Breeze" Clapton w/Bluesbreakers.
  12. Amen and a loud HOORAH! My 16 year old daughter has caught the guitar bug, and we get the chance to play stuff WE BOTH like (Skynyrd, Green Day, etc.), so there's a hidden benefit to keeping the mojo alive throught your life. My old '80's band is a different story, our old (pardon the pun) drummer has had 1 complete hip replacement, and underwent surgery on the other, and my good friend and former bass player was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, these guys are both younger than I (43). As long as I can whack a power chord, play some Chuck Berry leads at high volume, and have the legs
  13. Beer has definitely gotten better, cruise ships have gotten better (at least my wife thinks so...). Technology in general I think has brought a lot of positives to our society (My day job as an engineer may bias my technology opinion...) My one gripe, Pub glasses have gone downhill severely! Do you know how many bars I have to go to to swipe enough decent pub glasses to keep my home bar up and running?
  14. I "third" the vote for the OCD, works great with my Marshall/Mesa-Boogie, and Fender......
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