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  1. The buyer has a reputation in the UK... https://www.thefretboard.co.uk/discussion/166982/dave-mustaine-gear-sell-off#latest
  2. Well, that’s the best guitar playing anyone is going to hear today! - you can play any/everything! ...and composed it? Aaaaand video and edited it? Formidable.
  3. I'm looking at chorus pedals as well currently - I fancy a Boss CE-2w ...
  4. So it’s a 1987 custom ordered chaparral, with a single pickup, boomerangs, reverse headstock and painted in red snakeskin/dragon skin by Jim O’Connor. There can’t be many others like this one.
  5. Some stuff by P!nk - there are some good rocking ones, and how about some Katy Perry? Waking up in Vegas?
  6. I’m actually potentially in the market for an old FR that could go on my 86 SS1- I’d need a black one with good edges and maybe posts to replace as well...
  7. oooooooh dear, I have a murky vision that this guitar with some nice unusual features (Binding/Colour/23.94" scale length) is going to end up on ebay in a sorry state - like those ones that are on music-outlet-shop site, not selling for around 10 years. Like this one... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1981-HAMER-PROTOTYPE-made-in-USA/123939773474?hash=item1cdb62dc22:g:UmAAAOSw705da9Dy That poor guitar has had a hard enough life hasn't it can't you leave it in peace?
  8. I used to use an AD15 as my amp, it was very cool with my special FM and first Cali I had.
  9. Wow. This post has gained about as much interest and appreciation as one of StudioCustoms jokes.
  10. https://reverb.com/item/28848498-hamer-californian-elite-custom-shop-left-hand-1989-graphic-wrinkled-red-satin Not cheap for a standard with graphic - but then again, I think I've seen this finish only about once before on one of @JustKid s Cali Elites (Blue). Pretty unusual...
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