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  1. Discounts on any of my stuff for sale to HFCers - let me know what’s of interest. Cheers, Ben.
  2. I like him I also wish to know the whereabouts of that Sunburst.
  3. It’s a direct copy of my 1988 Cali body - that old thing is going back to stock spec as it was my first Hamer - I remember it was probably my first post on the HFC!
  4. This was built by a UK HFCer, I’ll not name because it was done as a total one off never to be repeated favour for me because I’m so massively cool (for a limey), and I’m sworn to retaining anonymity
  5. The seller is a complete fucking wanker and arsehole - avoid. (its me )
  6. I’m on your archive all the time it’s a fantastic resource and I use it most days! Thank you for compiling it!
  7. Ah yep, sorry I should have said, the limited edition for the UK was for TA. Nice Birdseye necks and that toggle
  8. Looks like you have the same searches programmed that I have Sorely tempted by that one - looks very pretty!
  9. Yup, last week actually Is it something you fancied? The reason I ask, is I’m pondering whether there might be enough interest in this kind of work for me to see if the chap who did this one might be convinced to do another one or two. I was thinking maybe Single cutaway LP Junior or Flying V instead of this melody maker shape???
  10. Bravo! So cool to get a decent buyer sorted out who isn’t a complete penis about the whole thing.
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