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  1. Yes, I’m extremely fucked off by what happened. However, @HamStd has graciously sorted me out with something that has made me feel better about the world generally.
  2. Yes, this Centaura is the one that I bought from the seller over the last month or so. He then pulled out of the deal we'd agreed because he'd managed to contact you afterwards and decided to sell it back to you instead for the same price - after your apparent begging him to do so. Great - thanks for that.
  3. Hi chaps, All arrived safe and sound and exactly as promised - cheers Jim! and thanks very much to @DBraz who traveled all the way to the US to collect it for me, and also to pick up some other guitar or other he was interested in cheers David!!
  4. These were the socks I wore to a meeting with a customer that I don't like recently.
  5. @Northfield hey Mike, let me know if your customers fancy metal parts engraved
  6. This is gorgeous - however, I have found one with a Floyd and HB in the bridge which is a bit more useable for me - but If this one is for sale in future, I'll probably have a crack at it!
  7. !!!!!!!!! COLLECTOR ALERT COLLECTOR ALERT !!!!!! UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY My guess is that these are genuine and very if not unique Steve Stevens Signature Stage underpants that were made for a hot Fuchsia Pink, that were worn during the recordings of White Wedding and Rebel Yell, and also Atomic Playboys, and the Top Gun Anthem. I'm not 100% sure if they were made by Hamer USA, or one of Steves subsequent endorsement manufacturers - maybe even owned by the man himself - they are not marked with anything more than you might expect after a career of hot rocking. I'm hoping Mike @Northfield can provide confirmation for this item of potentially historic status. I'm ready to provide a sample for DNA testing from these pants to confirm authenticity. The Ray Gun Logo looks original and has not been stretched too much. They are size XS - so are the correct scale for the possible original owner. They have a buttock-split-tanga rear - so it might be wise to wipe extra carefully after Hamering out an SS-number 2 if the buyer intends to use them as they were intended. Gusset-wear is minimal, just a few marks around the Cowboy area. I have heard that this model of underpants allows some selected muting effect of the guitar strings, my guess is obviously the G. The waistband is a very sporty racing checkered band - which is very Hamer - and there is a lot of life left in the elastic. These will remain very snug even under the most enthusiastic guitar slinging antics and you can be confident that your wang bar will not slip out of position, and you would assured of rocking out with you cock in - which is one of the prerequisites for a memorable performance as we all know. Selling because I'm just not wearing them anymore, and didn't really bond with them (you'll be pleased to hear). So I want to sell them to someone who will apreciate them and wear them every day. They deserve to be worn every day. I'm asking what I believe is a very fair $750 excluding shipping and all other charges, interested in trades for three digit standards, and other historically important Hamer guitars. Oh, and CITES paperwork may be required due to residue of wood. I'll probably Washburn them before shipping. ...Also, don't fucking low ball me. ...it's impossible to be low balled in these undercrackers....
  8. Hiya, the PM bit isn’t working for me:( Mail me at spodeyz(at) gmail
  9. (one does ones best ;)) (actually, this could net me a load of HFC kudos like points ratings - not so altruistic now, eh?!)
  10. Standing by if required
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