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  1. I’m a big Centaura fan - and of the few/lots I’ve had for the one 90s ones I’ve left the SSL-1s in place with the JB - I find the contrast between outputs useful. The SSL-1s are nicely stratish and with a little dip of the tone knob the neck unit can fatten up nicely for dirtier lead sounds. You can always knock the volume down a little bit on the JB to tame it. Otherwise on HSS Centauras I like Parallel Axis sets and EMGs (85 or 89 and a pair of SAs. I love this model! Congrats! … and if you decide you don’t like it - let me know!
  2. If it was an 80s one, I’d probably have already tried to buy it
  3. Letter of Provenance... even experts can get it wrong... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255474218608?hash=item3b7b733670:g:aewAAOSwT3ZiTTgE&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoBkUm09kHl%2Bum6fmQSMEwGPipsycqCh6IoCd9DA5zUJn%2FpBX1YvCS96lU4JVxNgddM6VTE9e%2BhCRWJmUEzp8E3uPVf8qAaNW6oGE2dyIq268rBZvJxP1HDm%2FyrVqfO2olpizjBGzYBFZXSrDiuMLtTNPc5rqWKwWOMfLBsxjLmKz8iXhfNKd%2BmVYKuveGGVI8DJsa4JvoVwpnkI521zjimk%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR4j5kamRYQ I started to write a note to help with the inaccuracies, but thought nah, fuck it. Not worth my time and probably would cause the seller more trouble than its worth. Feel free to pitch in however...
  5. I’ll take the Hamer Hamburger if it’s an 80s Slammer and you are cool with shipping to the Uk? (Obvs I’ll pay for that ) I can arrange the shipping if required.
  6. I’d be tempted to buy a blue as a pedal to build a base amp in a pedal set up.
  7. I have used this company to arrange shipping for guitars from the US to the UK without issue. I did a quick quote (120cm x 40cm x 17cm and 8kg) based on US to Sweden and here was the first result - might help you out matey! the TG branded services are DHL or FedEx/UPS behind the scenes. Before I knew about this I missed out on some great guitars from the US because shipping costs calculated stateside were often hundreds of dollars and made it unfeasible. This however is good stuff!
  8. The world has gone fucking mad with asking prices and I smell the market about to drop…
  9. Hi all, I’m after a few more bits and pieces - if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Seymour Duncan: PATB-1n Parallel Axis neck model. PATB-STkn Parallel axis stack. An older Cool rails for neck position in black - the one with exposed bobbins. EMG Older logo SAs - solderless or soldery Vol, tone Pots and SPC gear Cheers all, Ben.
  10. I’m a fan of these things. I think @JGravelinknows the ins and outs of each variation of the models.
  11. I’m sad about that too. I didn’t know. Tracey was always great to talk to about Hamers and she had some super examples. Great shame, and a lovely lady.
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