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  1. Is your Cali one of the Purple Limited edition series? That might be the reason for a second stamped serial number
  2. That’s just begging for some hard questions on a webinar….
  3. Just going to test something... Right, here we go: Vinager Veeegyer Viggeer Viggen Volkswagen .... Nope, I see what you mean, its impossible.
  4. Hi chaps, I know some of you guys are BIG Martin Barre fans - I saw an item come up as a for trade listing on a UK forum but might be of interest to some of you guys stateside. https://www.thefretboard.co.uk/discussion/210357/ft-jethro-tull-martin-barre-flight-case-2x12#latest I have no idea about shipping for this kind of thing - except its probably quite a lot of money Let me know if anyone would like some help brokering a deal or doing transport arrangements. No personal affiliation. Cheers, Ben.
  5. No fucking affiliation. No strings on the bloody thing. Shit Photos and, no apparent understanding of care that the name on the headstock is the same as the description or title. https://reverb.com/uk/item/41251626-def-leppard-original-steve-clark-hammer-phantom My guess - owned by someone who has no interest in guitars or playing them - or anything to do with them. Whatever. PS. Fuck off.
  6. Ain’t that the truth! all those floyds and now I’m hankering for a proper oldie :)!
  7. Nope i didn’t - snoozed a bit doing learning about them and stuff nil desparandum. I’ve never had a Hamer pre 1985 and should probably do it at some point. happy for any vetted prospects to be pointed in my direction!
  8. Hi All, This looks nice - but I don't know much about them... https://reverb.com/uk/item/41527345-hamer-sunburst-1979-natural-clean Does it look like a decent prospect if someone wanted a SB of that era? Cheers, Ben.
  9. A CE-2w was what I was after but so far I haven’t. What I did get was a DC-2w dimension - that think does a slightly different thing, but it’s a beautiful useable sound!
  10. I cant have this! I'll have contact them and get them to up their price a lot to help people believe my stupid prices are fair!
  11. Hi all, I’ve just listed two of my SS1s for sale on Reverb with a couple of crap shots, and zero description. Oh, and I’ve been careful to make sure I have listed at suitably Reverb-level laughable prices. They are both 1986 models. Both all original with no breaks. The Fuscia one is a great player - and sounds fab but cosmetically worse than the Gold one which is a bit of a rarer colour, in much better nick, but with more fret wear - visible but TBH not detectable under the fingers unless you are some kind of safe cracking super senser. However what’s not a fret issue to me might be a world ending trauma for someone else - so I get that. Let me know if anyone is interested and would like to look at more sensible pricing or trades - I would like a nice SS2 of some kind for example. Happy to sell internationally and ship accordingly. Fuscia SS1 - no case at present. https://reverb.com/uk/item/41178506-hamer-ss1-steve-stevens-1986-fuchsia Gold Sparkle SS1 with OHSC https://reverb.com/uk/item/41156965-hamer-steve-stevens-ss1-1986-metallic-gold-sparkle-incl-ohsc If someone would like to buy they at the ludicrous asking prices or higher - that’s probably OK with me as well. Cheers chaps, Ben.
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