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  1. Bennyboy-UK

    Hamer Bits and Pieces....

    Hi all, I need a few old bits and pieces to straighten out an old guitar from 1990 - things like black back plate screws and stuff like that at the lowest level, and perhaps up to Hamer Floyd bits and bobs - I think I have a black trem or two knocking about, but posts, locking nut assembly, string retainer in the right colour etc - I don't have... Is it less hassle to just buy new bits, or are there some correct items I should ask for on the for sale page? I know I'm being cryptic! Oh, and hypothetically - does anyone have the hypothetical wiring diagram for a hypothetic Centaura HH, so I can work out what the hypothetical mini toggle hypothetically does - and if it hypothetically could do something more useful
  2. Bennyboy-UK

    Chibson USA

    ...and on facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/chibsonUSA/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARCOIXR6k-UvbQp7HqubIFEXq1M8PKhKTnag799RVUxMSugVaR_YHAF2ormC_a8jAzs-K0NVJpbPBH2I
  3. Bennyboy-UK

    Chibson USA

    Hi all, This feed on instagram is very funny - check it out - there are more added every day... https://www.instagram.com/chibson_usa/ ...Looks like Henry Juszkiewicz had a few ideas that Gibson wished they had rolled out...
  4. Bennyboy-UK

    Scale length/tuning/string gauge?

    I just stick 9-46 on everything and tend to buy in bulk and usually Ernie ball strings out of habit - I’ve ocasionally bought some packs of whatever they are making new and exciting - like the titanium coated ones or cobalt or something. I had a dalliance with 8-38s in the early mid 90s but used to snap a load of top strings on my guitar which was a Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro - I’m trying to find some photos of that old thing.
  5. looks like the chap made a change to the listing - good on him
  6. Bennyboy-UK

    Sidestepping CITES

    And you, Greg, are my hero!!
  7. I thought I would try to help - and hopefully didnt sound too much of a dick... Hi Mark, I trust this note finds you well? I'm hopeful that the following is useful information for you - offered freely, and I absolutely appreciate you didn't ask for it I'm sure I'm not going to be the first person to let you know this guitar is absolutely not from 1987. Irrespective of what it said on the receipt the guy who sold it to you. Hamer did not even start making import guitars in Korea until around 1990/1991 - and then they were branded Hamer Slammer Series on the front of the headstock.In the latter part of the 90s, the imports (Korean made) were issued with just Hamer on the headstock without the Slammer Series script. After those guitars were withdrawn from sale, the Chinese build guitars came in, XT series for example, and then at the bottom of the import range were guitars with just Slammer on the headstock. This guitar is around 10 years younger than you're advertising as it's age. I trust that info is helpful for you - I think your pricing is good, especially considering the work and excellent upgraded parts you have added to it, and it does sound great - its just not a 1980s Hamer - there is no way it can be if its Korean made with that logo. Good luck with your sale! Best regards, Ben.
  8. Hmmm... yeah, no. https://reverb.com/item/18697854-hamer-sunburst-goldtop-1987-major-upgrades-classic-rock-monster
  9. Bennyboy-UK

    Sidestepping CITES

    Greg (@Currypowder) is my CITES hero. He very generously and helpful assisted me getting a guitar from the US to the UK within CITES regs. Greg is a pro, and I’m exceeding grateful for his help, time and effort). Its here in Blighty, but not yet in my hands - I can’t wait This, plus another guitar which is with me from Chris Johnson - Gaswerks) (@can’t remember!) has made it an exciting month for me. Another fantastic HFCer- this place has he best people. Double NHD coming soon Cheers! Ben.
  10. Bennyboy-UK

    Mike Soldano Retiring....

    I feel like I would be a great Soldano owner.
  11. Bennyboy-UK

    Gibson LP R9 2007

    I’m on it.