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  1. ....if you like totally, totally cool unique and monstrous sounding instrument (I do!) - I mean its EPIC in every way! (I also want this one!!) - and it not even that heavy! T62 was super cool - amazing construction, and the preamp gives you Moarrrrrr-strat - I'd forgotten all about that sound - having been in a zone of Bridge Humbucker for about 4 years!!
  2. Anyway, back to Davids original post... We had a great day and a lovely family to meet I thoroughly enjoyed AxeFX3 and its ridiculous how it feels to play even more so about how it sounds (which is amazing - needless to say!). And how it feels is exactly like I expect nice valve amplifiers to sound. aaaaaaaand when you stick it and its little rack on top of a very swish Friedman FR amp and speaker enclosure - it looks great anywhere in the house. That got me thinking... I felt such a lucky boy to have the opportunity to try out so many guitars! A couple of Shishkovs which were fabulous - both different, but both just the most beautifully made things. Both play and sound wonderful!. I was blown away by that Virtuoso however.... So inspirational to play, the scale length makes you think about what you want to play and makes it less of an instinctive action to whack out all the stuff thats committed to muscle memory, and be a bit more deliberate and thoughtful. The scalloped board was no issue to adjust to - I don't really grind the strings into the fingerboard when I play so it felt normal - just a bit more purchase when bending strings. That Ice Pearl Snakeskin just GLOWS compared to my old Chap (ahem!) which is a much flatter finish side by side - maybe non pearl snakeskin... that Virt is clean clean clean - I couldn't spot a mark on it. Based on all of that - I think I'd really like one... hint hint Double neck Cali?- yeah, its OK I suppose, if you like that sort of thing Don't all the O'Connors look great together? Its always great fun to have a play with someone else who shares a passion for guitars and we had a cool time trading a few licks on such a great collection of guitars between us! We'll be doing that again for sure!
  3. To clariify, "try my hand at", means "realise it's impossible".
  4. Funny - I was trying my hand at a bit of Larry Carlton over the last couple of days, and this vid was interesting to me, and in keeping with the thread - action starts at about 14 mins...
  5. eBay 75 quid and free delivery. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333465963160
  6. I'm going flog off a few bits and pieces of stuff I bought and just don't use - mainly pedals and stuff I would say, plus one or two guitars. I don't need any gear really, but I'm always on the look out for stuff obviously I've had some great fun and learned a lot shooting @DBraz and @diablo175 a few clips back and forth over the last year (thank you chaps!!), and my playing has improved a fair bit over the year as a consequence of this, and just playing more because I'm making time to do it I was really happy with these results as I'd pretty much written my playing off, to never being any better than when I was about 23. The stuff I can play now is the kind of stuff that at the start of 2019, I would have NEVER thought I could do - not in a million years. I've kind of relearned how to practice if that makes sense? I reckon the stuff I'll sort out this year will be some recording gear so I can get involved in that side of life a bit more - and be involved in producing some music to enjoy myself and share. .......Oh, and I've seen a Bogner ATMA Combo for sale that looks fucking FANTASTIC and right up my street - so I'll probably forget all the above, and just get that!
  7. Charming. "They" - This kind of comment says more about you than you probably understand.
  8. Ah man, I find that incredibly stressful - I work on the basis that whatever I can play well in comfort and privacy - I'll be able to play perhaps 50% as well, out in the wild so far - thats proved pretty accurate!
  9. I believe 3 fingers is more “pro” according to professionals on the internets.
  10. I think playing your A with one is beginner level stuff isn’t it?
  11. I found this one on the internets Ed - sure owned you - now pay up!
  12. That looks like a very cool SG Jr in the works?
  13. I only have a couple of stands, an old one I bought back in the early 90s - really generic guitar shop thing, and more recently a Hercules Mini stand which has been great: http://herculesstands.com/international/products/fretted-and-bowed-instrument/guitar/single-stands/gs402bb/ I liked it so much I asked Mrs Bennyboy-UK for another one for Christmas
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