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  1. I must admit I’ve achieved strong prices of late for selling Centauras - much better than the market was dictating over the last 5 years or so...
  2. "Shame Hamer never made one with xyz spec..." Peter..."...well actually *insert photo* "
  3. Hello fella, We have a subscription to Which magazine and website and we use that for working out what stuff we should go for for exactly this kind of thing. When we needed a new printer we checked out all the latest reviews on Which (they hold historic ones too) and did the following: We use 2 - black and white Samsung Laser for docs and text - M2825DW - we bought it in 2014 - it’s been bulletproof and cheap to run. Wireless and duplex. It was £110 new I think possibly discontinued now because I believe HP bought Samsung’s printer business. At the same
  4. Frets on the net is the best place for good Hamer replacement bits and pieces: Heres the link to the page they have on for Hamer bits: https://www.fretsonthenet.com/Fender/hamer.htm Good luck
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