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  1. Nothing to do with me, but if someone wants to create something... https://reverb.com/item/33047720-hamer-californian-usa-27-fret-1992-great-for-project
  2. OMG - this is on my list of must haves AND in this colour. Are you in a desperate hurry to sell it? The dollar rate sucks a big one at the moment. B
  3. Welcome This was the selling I post I reckoned would suit you down to the ground Good luck!
  4. Can any of my Doctor or Nurse friends tell me if this is OK?
  5. I will pay good money and consume the media
  6. Are any of the VHS tapes eagerly tuition vidoes eagerly anticipated for release?
  7. On top of that - they did the theme and incidental music for a preschool TV show on CBeebies which was Caties Amazing Machines, and latterly Graces Amazing Machines The hosts are both pro racers. Top blokes in my book
  8. I had ticket allocated to this for me through work. regrettably I couldn’t go - the guys who did go said it was AMAZING!
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