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  1. This is my old guitar and it’s bloody excellent. It player superbly with a super dooper low action. The hardware was specified as black from the factory, I have a photo somewhere of the spec card to confirm. Ant is a great guy! Buy a great guitar with confidence!
  2. You’ve got to get stuck into the Shadows mate! Apache Wonderful Land The FBI Atlantis Loads of great stuff How about some of the old surf bands stuff?
  3. Yeah a big one, plugged in to the front
  4. Yeah this is a long shot. I know there are at least 3 in the UK that aren’t in my house. I have one left that I bought from Japan which is a good place to go shopping for one of these. There is one for sale over there now and might be your best bet if you want one quickly. I sold two over the last couple of years, both 1990 models one in metallic Blue and the other in black sparkle both with rosewood or pau ferro boards and original Slammer Pickups. I’ll see if I can find the buyers details and see if they are up for talking to you. After 1990 it’s going to be JB and 59 pickups. Good luck - these are some of my very favourite guitars and I’m also always on the lookout for them.
  5. That sold last year for £950 - I should have bought it then!
  6. Lovely guitar - really nice spec. Its still over twice the price is should be advertised for however...
  7. Nah, I’m not having a crack at it, there are a very few things I’m looking for these days and this ain’t one of them!
  8. Spec yep, buuuuuut no second SN 0-10 under the main SN. I checked!
  9. (Shhh, I've been keeping that one off the radar for a week )
  10. I must admit I'm looking at two or three of these at the moment - I love the things - the biggest pain in the neck is that they are ALL overseas, and bringing guitars in to the UK basically adds 25% to the total price of the guitar and transport - bloody stupid government, bloody stupid Brexit spoiling my fun!
  11. Ahhhh yes, I watched this one for months! It was local collection only so no use for me as I’m too far away. Congrats!!!
  12. Ahhhh, good, goood! This should flush some out of hiding when people see a couple listed so expensively on Reverb. I admit I did the same when I saw a Snakeskin O’Connor Chap listed at £3,500 in Russia. I put mine up immediately for a grand less to try and ride the wave… ….. it didn’t sell for anything like that much however!
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