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  1. Thundersteel

    Heritage Guitars

    No. I've had several, and should have kept a couple. However, most of them were prone to finishing flaws. They played and sounded great, but I couldn't get over the lack of quality control on the finishes and minor details. I've been to the factory a few times, and saw one of the owners do a final inspection an a newly-constructed guitar--about 5 seconds later, he was done. Of course, this was before the new regime took over; I've heard nothing but good things about the improved quality. I'm still surprised at the one-year warranty, though--even Epiphone has a much better warranty than that!
  2. Thundersteel

    Heritage Guitars

    I agree 100% Save the apostrophes! Who knows how many we have left?
  3. Thundersteel

    Heritage Guitars

    Sounds like a money pit, but perhaps they'll be successful.
  4. Thundersteel


    All it needs now is gold hardware!
  5. Thundersteel


    Now that's what I call a gold top!
  6. I've got 2 for sale currently on Reverb. I'll probably end up keeping my '89 LP Custom, as I've had it for almost 30 years. I'll probably keep my '02 SG Supreme as well.
  7. Because I prefer my Hamers. Besides, I don't need 3 Les Pauls!
  8. Thundersteel

    What's Your 'Personal Favorite' Hamer?

    It has to be the Studio Custom Earthen Maple I bought recently from django49. The neck is perfect, and the entire guitar feels like it was made specifically for me. It's light weight, looks good, and sounds awesome, especially since I put Gravelin's Ultimate pickups in it. I've named it "Excalibur."
  9. I'm currently married, and can buy just about anything I want without wifey's permission. I make the money, so I decide how it's spent. Right now, I have 8 guitars (4 Hamers, 4 Gibsons). I'm slowly trying to get rid of all my Gibsons.
  10. Thundersteel

    Mike Soldano Retiring....

    Better hurry up and get these--complete with Mudflap Girls! Only $13,000 + $300 shipping! SLO100 pair
  11. Thundersteel

    R9 Brazilians, anyone get one?

    Nothing wrong with Richlite. I’ve had 3 guitars with it (still own 2), and it’s virtually indistinguishable from ebony.
  12. Thundersteel

    Can I get your opinions?

    Ask her the same question regarding her shoes or purses.
  13. Thanks, but I was wondering why the pickups were named those.