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  1. I suppose one could buy some/all of them, wire up just the filaments, and have the "tube glow" ambience in their music room.
  2. Memorial Weekend Sale! 15% off everything at philadelphialuthiertools.com You can enjoy saving 15% off your entire order from Saturday, May 27th to Monday, May 29th! The coupon code can be used more than once. Take 15% off everything in our store by using coupon code "MEMORIAL2023" at checkout. Remember...USA customers will still receive free shipping on orders over $50
  3. After much deliberation and researching, I chose...the Seagull. I went to GC again, and played a Guild and a Takamine 12-string. Nicely built, played well, and relatively inexpensive. However, they didn’t sound as loud as I’d hoped. Also, while the necks were a bit narrower, they were too thin for me, as I prefer thicker 50’s-style necks. They didn’t have any Taylor or Seagull 12-strings, so I sampled the 6-string versions. The 200-series Taylors didn’t impress me; they seemed cheaply built. For instance, instead of having a thick kerfed lining (attaches the back to the sides), it simply had a very thin piece of veneer. The Seagull I played was built extremely well, and sounded better than the others. The thicker neck felt better in my hands. If I hadn’t already bought my Ovation, I would have bought the Seagull- it was that good. As a bonus, the seller gave me a great deal on the Seagull 12-string (roughly 23% off regular price), so I couldn’t pass it up.
  4. Thanx for the comments. It’s a difficult decision!
  5. The Seagull S12 is brand new (lifetime warranty). The Taylor is used (2022-no warranty), but is in new condition per the seller. The prices are identical. The Taylor comes with a gig bag. Nut widths: Seagull, 1.93”; Taylor, 1.875”. I have small hands, and prefer narrower nut widths.
  6. When I was in GC that day, I played an Indonesian Yamaha, as well as a Chinese Breedlove. Both instruments sounded fantastic, and had great build quality. A Canadian Seagull sounded great as well. I was really tempted to get the Breedlove instead, but the "Made in China" stigma still bugs me. YMMV. I've done more research on Breedlove, and it seems they are Breedlove in name only, sort of like how Guild and D"Angelico currently are.
  7. Another GC has an Ovation 12-string. Tempting...
  8. Well, I bought it. The strings that were on it were kind of funky, so I asked if they'd throw in a few sets of strings--no dice. They would give me a set only if I bought their Protection Plan. 🤨 Time to clean it up and play! Edit: Inside the case were all the manuals and tools--and a new set of strings!
  9. It does have the 5-piece neck, and the frets show no wear at all. The guitar looks as if it was barely played; I didn’t see a mark on it anywhere. It has a slight top bulge; but every acoustic guitar I played at GC today had the same bulge, if not worse. As for the Guitar Center links, they don’t specify where they were made. Some Elites were made overseas. Circa 2014, IIRC, Ovation moved manufacturing from USA to Asia.
  10. They do have the case; I've seen it. However, it's not a plastic hard case; rather, it is a reinforced padded case--sort of like a hybrid between a hard case and a padded gig bag.
  11. My local music store (Guitar Center) has an Ovation Standard Elite, in new condition with original case, for $950. I played it, and besides needing new strings and a slight truss adjust adjustment, it didn't disappoint. Is the price too high for a New Hartford-made instrument? The dealer won't budge on price. Oh, and they tried to sell me their $249 "Protection Package" against any future problems. He said Ovations were notorious for having the bridges pop off.
  12. Latest Hamer family portrait. I know I should down-size, but I'm not yet ready to do so...
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