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  1. Thanks for the assistance. After doing some research, these are called blend pots. I've been able to find some of these.
  2. Dual-ganged pots usually have two shafts; one inside the other. I'm trying to avoid that.
  3. I need two pots for my Tobias bass. Specifications: 500k-ohm audio taper, single-gang, with center detent, split knurled shaft. All I can find are dual-ganged pots with these specs.
  4. I didn't care for the singer screaming; otherwise, it looked professionally done. All are well-talented. They should be very successful.
  5. I've had many amps and several pedals, along with too many guitars. Now I'm happy with my signal chain: Hamer Guitar --> Orange amplifier.
  6. I was looking at a new G&L fretless bass recently. The build sheet lists the frets as "medium-jumbo." 😆
  7. 2002 Gibson SG Supreme. It's also listed in the For Sale section.
  8. Delivery status has been changed to "pending." Great. At least it left Atlanta after spending 23 hours there. EDIT: It has arrived; please see original post.
  9. It finally arrived, and it's in better condition than I anticipated. It has its share of minor scratches and dings, but it's not bad for a bass that was made between 1990 & 1992. Tobias had so much success he had to seek outside vendors to help manufacture them. This is their "Standard" model, and these were built at the Terada factory in Nagoya. According to founder Michael Tobias himself, these were "great basses." The bodies were made in Japan, and then sent to Michael's shop in Burbank to dress the frets and install the electronics. There were only about 400 made, and there would have been more, but the dollar/yen ratio at the time killed the project. The pickups are Bartolini, and the controls are Volume, Balance, and stacked Treble/Bass boost/cut. What's odd, though, is there is also a Mid boost/cut control, but it's inside the control cavity, I emailed Michael and asked him why, and he replied, "Actually the only reason is because we didn’t want it that way. I wanted it to appear different than a basic which was our most popular model then. The standard would have been direct competition." I may move it to the outside where the others are located for ease of access. I bought the bass from Elderly Instruments in Lansing, MI through Reverb. Mike said the bass should be worth anywhere from $1,500 - $1,800; I got it for <$1,000. The previous owner wanted it converted to fretless, and I must say Elderly did an outstanding job. The fret slots are filled with maple strips, and the fretboard is as smooth as glass. It came with a nice SKB case, too. It sounds great, too. No fret buzz!
  10. They knocked off $300, but I decided not to get it, because I've never played a fretless or a 5-string bass, and I don't know if I'd like it. No one in my area has any fretless or 5-string basses to try out. Plus, the bass is a bit on the heavy side (9.3 lbs). ~$1500 is a lot of coin for something I have no experience with..
  11. I asked the selling dealer if it was the same one, and this is the response I received: "Could very well be. We just recently got it from G&L. If it is the exact bass, the video was done before we received it. Steve does all the videos for G&L." According to the research I've done, the guy in the video (Steve Araujo) is currently a Project Manager and Media Producer (among other things) at G&L. He has several other videos demonstrating G&L instruments.
  12. I've been looking at new basses, and saw one on Reverb that caught my eye. It's a G&L M-2500 fretless, and the seller says it is new. I also saw on Youtube a video of someone playing it, and aside from the slight color differences due to lighting, the wood grain looks identical, both front and back. So, in your opinion, do you think they're the same bass?
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