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  1. I use Faber locking hardware on the tailpiece for all my axes--no need to pull the inserts. EDIT: The only reason I do this is so the tailpiece doesn't fall off when changing strings or cleaning the fretboard.
  2. Nice score, but it came in a Gibson box, which lowers its value. 😜
  3. Good news. I received an email from Reverb, and they will cover the cost of repairs.
  4. I heard back from the buyer. His "amp tech" (or "guitar tech," which he uses interchangeably) said he "tested" all the tubes, and said they were fine, and "it has something more seriously wrong." He also said one of the fuses (didn't say which one) was bad. The buyer also sent a video showing the amp was on, but no sound. I suggested he swap ALL the tubes to see what happens, as a bad tube is more than likely the problem (I'm hoping, anyway). I asked Reverb staff how to proceed, and said if I give a refund, to wait until the amp is shipped back to me before I give it. I"ve shipped amps and guitars before without incident, so I suppose a glitch can happen once in a while.
  5. I have you know that the Swart amp I sold arrived safe and sound! 🙃
  6. I shipped my Marshal DSL50 via UPS a couple days ago. The buyer had it for ONE DAY and says it's DOA. He took it to his "amp tech," said the tubes are good, so send it back. I tested the amp before I packed it, and it worked fine. I asked the buyer if he checked to see if the tubes were firmly seated, and to check the fuses. I also asked what type of cable he used to connect the speaker cabinet. I'm waiting for his response. Something doesn't seem right to me.
  7. Looks good; sounds really good; 5-year warranty; made in Canada. $1899 direct from the manufacturer. Tempting! Revv Dynamis
  8. Fully functional; sounds great! Just some minor cosmetic damage on the top panel when a sticker was removed. Made in the USA. Specifications: Main amplifier: 480 watts RMS into 4Ω; 320 watts RMS into 8Ω. Horn amplifier: 75 watts RMS into 4Ω; 50 watts RMS into 8Ω. SOLD!
  9. Selling my 2006 Marshall DSL50. It's in excellent condition, save for a few very minor scuff marks in the tolex. 100% functional; reverb works, and no scratchy pots. JJ tubes. Since I have my Orange grove, I no longer have need for the Marshall. SOLD!
  10. Move the floating bridge to the left about 1/8" or so--problem fixed.
  11. Mods are done! When it was first completed, it didn't have enough gain for me, so according to the schematic, I had to change two bias resistors from 470 kΩ to 100 kΩ. It turned out to be too "fizzy," so I compromised and went to 220 kΩ--sounds MUCH better now. It still doesn't have the "metal" sound I'm looking for, but this amp wasn't designed for that type of sound. I also made the bias points easier to access, including adding an external 10-turn locking potentiometer This way, I can rebias the amp without removing the chassis. Why more amp makers don't do this is beyond me. Now it's time to play it!
  12. "Never touched." Perhaps it's been levitating all this time?
  13. I'm asking the collective mind of the HFC if they struggle with this sort of issue, or is it just me? Trust me; it's just not you. I have the same problem.
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