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  1. 2005 Tacoma brochure, and a 1997 Guild brochure; both in excellent condition. Asking $12 each, or $20 for both shipped to the lower 48. PayPal OK.
  2. All those aforementioned soldering stations are waaaaay under powered. What you need is the tool that will get it done right the first time: a plasma torch!
  3. Complete description here: "Build our Own Clone" Shredder pedal Fully functional. The exterior paint has wrinkled. Asking $50 shipped to the lower 48. PayPal preferred; USPS Money Order OK.
  4. Complete description here: StewMac Tube Screamer Kit Fully functional. Never mind--decided to keep it.
  5. Complete description here: StewMac Ghost Drive Kit Fully functional; SOLD!
  6. I read he had a house in Destin, Fl--my neck of the woods! IIRC, I believe Courtney Cox and Brittany Spears have houses there, too.
  7. Exactly! Yes, I know. I've been working in electronics for >30 years, so I think I know what I'm doing! 🤔 I just haven't had years of experience working with tube amps, so thanks for the tips. Anyway, I moved the preamp tap to after the coupling cap for safety's sake.
  8. This is what I did: I installed a DPDT switch which cuts the circuit to the output tube filament, and to the output transformer primary. The preamp signal now goes to a shorting-type 1/4" jack. The result: The 50W amp sounds really good now with its input boosted. I no longer need a distortion pedal in front of it. Based on previous comments, I may need to tap the preamp signal after the coupling cap instead of before, like it is now.
  9. Instead of buying the attenuator, I’m guessing I could probably disconnect the power tube and output transformer from the circuit, correct?
  10. I built a Mojotone “One Watt Wonder” tube amp recently. It sounds REALLY good for its power level. I also built a Tube Depot 50-watt “British style” amp. It sounds good, but only when cranked. What I’d like to do, is feed the output of the 1-watt amp into the input of the 50-watt amp; sort of using it like a pre-amp. I know both amps require a speaker/appropriate load connected to the outputs. Question: If I was to disconnect the signal wire that goes to the power amp tubes in the 1-watter, and then connect it via patch cable to the input of the 50-watter, would I still need to have a speaker connected to the 1-water?
  11. I had built 2 Warmoth guitars, but the neck on one of them (roasted flame maple) needed a fret level/crown to play properly. I was in Ocala recently, and saw a local luthier advertised on Facebook--he had nothing but 5-star reviews, so I gave him a chance. The guitar plays much better, but in the process he had chipped the gloss finish by the nut when he removed it. He neglected to tell me that until I came to pick it up. When I got the guitar home, I noticed a mark in the finish near the aft strap button. I contacted him afterward, and he was very apologetic ("First time this has happened..."), yet offered no restitution. This was not a cheap guitar to build--the parts were over $1500, so I was very upset. I should have sent the guitar to Jeff instead!
  12. This is the second one I used to own. Impeccable build quality, great sound, but I didn't care for the small frets.
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