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  1. Best, part 1: Orange Custom Shop 50 amp head. Impeccable built quality; perfect classic rock sound. Combined with my Rockerverb Mk II, it's a double-edged sword of metal assault! Best, part 2: 2007 Hamer Studio Custom. It was NOS from Roxy Guitar. I sold a 2008 SC and regretted it, so when I had a chance to get this one, I didn't hesitate. Worst: not music related, but for Christmas I bought the wife one of those robot vacuums. Very weak suction power, and couldn't find its way back to the charger. I returned it to the store, and have been happily vacuuming the old fashioned way ever since!
  2. Have multiple guitars that you take to the gig? This is the perfect solution. Made by Gator cases, this holds up to 3 guitars. It has a few scuffs from light use, but is otherwise fully functional. The new versions are >$300! Asking $175 shipped to the lower 48.
  3. I have both the 3-guitar version and the 6-guitar version. They're made by Gator. I don't need the 3-guitar version anymore, so it'll be listed in the "For Sale" section soon..
  4. I was a Gibson (and Heritage ) fan for many years, until I discovered Hamer. All my Heritages and Gibsons are gone, except for my SG Supreme. For basses, I like G&L. I only have one left, but that's all I need.
  5. I had Josh make me a custom set of pickups for my Studio. It was originally shod with SD '59s, which I always felt sounded muddy. I used to own a 2018 SG Special that had a variant of Firebird pickups, and I had Josh try to duplicate them in a humbucker-sized pickup. Result? Clear and chimey, just what I was wanting. Does it sound identical to my SG Special? No, and I wasn't expecting it to; they are constructed differently. These are MUCH better than the original SD '59s! 6.3k neck; 6.9k bridge.
  6. Blackstar Series One 10th Anniversary. Ten loud watts powered by a mighty KT88. Digital reverb. This has everything I need in a combo amp.
  7. I bought a DV Mark 50W solid state head a while ago. It sounded good on Youtube, etc., but when I tried it out at home, it didn't have the "punch" I was looking for. So back it went; I don't know if the Quilter would be any different or not.
  8. I'm having the same problem. Edit: It's working now.
  9. I've got a set of '59s that came in my 2007 Studio Custom. Not sure if nickel or chrome.
  10. Rockerverb Mark II driving a Custom Shop 50. They have THE sound I've been chasing for many years.
  11. Roxy Guitar still has some NOS Hamers. Roxy Guitar
  12. I turn mine until it squeaks, then just a little bit more for good measure.
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