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  1. murkat


    Wow. Ray is a jem. Judy will be bummed to hear about this. We always hanged together while at the Chicago gatherings. I'm going to miss him.
  2. I bought brand new, may have 2 hours on it. Like new. Have original shipping box as well. I'll have to un install the rack kit prior to ship to fit. $600. shipped conus, paypal gift, cash, etc.
  3. FMIC was on a lease from Gretsch, they could produce the stuff for Gretsch, the Gretsch family. I guess FMIC decided to pony up or the family decided to let it go?
  4. Assemblers just grabbed some pots out of a bin and slapped them in, soldered it up, and it worked, passed inspection, then had there holiday party. # made for the day.
  5. if that pedalboard could talk......
  6. I remember a certain gearfest in nashville one year and....
  7. nope. it may have brit flavor, but no brit soul. It's a boogie. yes it does (did). Had one a few years back. Posted about it. it went back to GC fast.
  8. Well......... Corporate would tell, command the manufacturing divisions to hit a daily, weekly, monthly # no matter what, under a specific budget. Crack those wips. Div. Manager would have a meeting with the dept. managers about the #'s from Corp. Crack those wips. Dept. managers would have a meeting with formans, area bosses about the #'s and to achieve that goal. Crack those wips. Area Bosses are the ones that are responsible for inspection. They have the final say... and there asses handed to them if fail. Bonuses reflected on pure numbers, budget, etc. end of year. If it cost corp, it costed you. No matter what div. Pro Shop team was the only team that had leeway and leverage due to Artist relations guitars, Artist guitars and high buck instruments. When I was the guy doing the Jimmy #2 LP's, each one was perfect. I still had a # per day... But if I was pressured, I would tell them fine, Let someone else wire them up and setup to spec. ..... I built out 98% of those damn things.
  9. Easy. #'s. Henry wanted Gibson to be a lifestyle, a prop. Like Harley Davidson. In fact, Henry quoted as such. The USA plant would just crank out the #'s, 300 + a day. Epiphone inspection, 2500 a day. Custom Shop, 50 to 80 a day. There were many times I, we would bring up a piece to inspection and get a reply, "let it slide". After a while I would just attempt to fix it on my own prior to knowing it would go out the door unresolved. Most of us at the pro shop did so, make it right as if it was your own.
  10. Looks like LP classics went back to late 90's specs at a decent price.
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