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  1. " My Dad's guitar..." Made me smile like a chessire cat.
  2. once you have the claw / springs at the desired tension, lock it down in place. I just drill button, slot holes in it a spaces that have no springs.Button hole so I can move it micro adjust, just in case. Securing it to the body. and, or... depends on the tension adjustment screws that hold the claw, I will place a spring between claw and body (like a spring for pickup adjustment) the spring will keep opposite tension on the claw.
  3. Springs~ If you can find a pack of Fender Black color coated spring set, try those. The tension per spring is matched ans well as tinsel strength. Best I have found. Claw~ not much there, if you can mod it to.... 1.once you have your desired spring tension, lock down the spring claw. I would make a button slot in the middle of claw, wood screw thru to body and lock it down once I have the springs, floyd stable, where I want it. 2. install, sleeve springs on adjustment screws for the claw. Between body and claw.
  4. use reverb shipping. it will figure it all out for you.
  5. tinted clear will get you close. wet sand between coats.
  6. murkat


    We love our sleep number King size, us old folks.
  7. once Reverb "sees" the package in transit, you will be notified of funds being released, then transferred. Reverb's courier prices are far better, paperwork is streamlined as well.
  8. Not near as much as I use to. Most are old friends, some retired. 10?
  9. chapstick filing, jeweler files, V shape, open the side walls a lil bit, make sure the string path is following the tuner shaft
  10. That's F'n cool. One of a kind custom order.1.5 shipped. not bad at all.
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