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  1. 57’ classics are very dependent on minute adjustments. just a quarter turn on height adjustment or pole piece adjustment yields a significant difference in tone (s).
  2. awesome. the matching headstock truly knocks it out.
  3. I can jump on this. The USA plant has stepped up they're game since Henry has been dispatched. Even Epiphone has stepped up. The days of Henry's micro managing mangling are gone. I have been a Les Paul addict since 77'. I have had plenty. I have built plenty while at the Custom Shop and then some... My # 1 rule with Les Paul's. If you bond with it (feels, sounds, etc.) buy it. Case in point. While still in Nashville, I stumbled into GC to get the pulse on local economy and health of the industry. I notice some new USA Plant offerings. A very unique limited LP studio caught my eye. Played it, plugged it in... bought it. (see rule#1). I had no intention to buy anything let alone a new guitar. I still have it, and it is killer. Custom Shop offerings are very close, close to the real deal vintage Gibsons and then some. A lot of hand work, detail. USA Plant is a Factory that has a very high daily, weekly, monthly production # goals that must be met. You will get jems and dogs in either facility. One out of ten use to be the odds, I don't know what it is now. But if you find one and it speaks to you. Grab it. If you don't, you will likely regret it, especially when you put it back on the hook and that guy or gal been eye balling you while you were demoing it and the proceeds to un hooking it and bring it to the counter to pay for it.
  4. it was glorious. The British head he had there as well was insane.
  5. either those two mentioned above ^
  6. razor edge scrape. edge sand to light rough up the exposed. pint of minwax lacquer dabbed on wetsand 800 between dabs until your at your satisfactory level. buff out with some compound.
  7. pups look like replaced timeframe period super distortions. finish looks legit as well as serial # stamp. i did one like it, but i think i stamped it 0U812 like most of my stampings unless requested differently
  8. that’s a beauty Len! congrats!
  9. man, I've been looking for one of those...
  10. id go yamaha, built in spx should be top shelf. what rack fx you parting with?
  11. pictures do not depict, interpret the depth of that finish at all. it is truly incredible. and sounds, plays great.
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