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  1. My Short list, our fav places. Korean~ Seoul Garden 4928 edmondson pike #101 37211 . do a "lunner" (btween lunch /dinner) ice cold Asian beers. Five Points Pizza. I do not think the restaurant is open yet(?), but walk up window is. Zeus Stromboli is the bomb, Pepperoni Pizza is killer. next to Five points Pizza is... Boston Battered and fried. Seafood. Fried. the Best. (and other stuff) some beers on tap. generous pours too. may have to call for a table. Hai's Sushi and Pho. Top shelf sushi and asian goodies. 2617 8th Ave S #112 37204 My back yard. We eat and dri
  2. Gruhn's for the most part. Carter's is nice as well. Mask up and bring lots of anti bacteria wipes, spray if mingling among the locals. I have not been to GC for a while now.... Are going out to eat? a "Foodie"? J
  3. You are correct. Aspen Pitman goes into great detail in regards of in his first book... it's around here somewhere.....
  4. I learned my lesson hard. Sold my (Very Vintage Marshalls) 50 watt and 100 watt heads to fine individuals here on the board and bought into the modeling hype... had the heads... "modeled". Never, ever again. And those HFC's have some of the best Vintage Marshall Heads out there. stupid stupid stupid.
  5. Most, if not all, came from the Military machine. What was left over from War was hobbled together in different flavors that eventually settled into there respected niches. Amazing. On top of that, over time, creators have honed in and refined each one to a pinnacle representation of the original concept. But, the ongoing search for the grail tones of years past becomes more costly, and the "Fakers" (modeling) really do not cut it. You may say they do, (since you bought into it) but, they really do not. Man, if I had some the equipment I have now and had it 40 years
  6. yes. I as well. Different world we live in now. Too much world chaos atm out weighs a positive end result.
  7. No I have not. Risk is too high.
  8. strictly chording, I suppose. anything else, I'm fine with a straight 12". but, the compounds do throw me off a bit since I rely on specific finger pressure, attack, pick attack that minimizes pain in joints, wrists, carpol tunnel, ulnerve.
  9. I've tried many times 7.5, 9.5. I like to bend strings with low action, I'm stuck on a straight 12". Feels like home.
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