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    72' Les Paul Custom, 75 Strat, dano, Hamer,
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    Bogner Uberschall & cab, Metroplexi, stupid lil Vox amps that actually sound pretty dam good
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    AdA flanger, Retro sonic delays, diamond comp, Pie, VS 808, Hilton Vol. flashback in the loop

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  1. I am at that. Awesome Guitars. Congrats!
  2. ordered. Thanks John. Light at the end for two at least
  3. As well, since 1980, but, still use it Mine is quirky thou, out of spec but I like it like the way it is, and I modded it so the control out is a speed control out (next to the pedalboard pic) I can go from Frank Marino to baracuda and all in between with the speed control pedal.
  4. Last year it hit me finally that I am the only one that hears me playing me... Maybe Judy gets to hear me once in a while. Gear Evaluation ensued around last September and made a list of stays and goes. I did pretty good letting go... I dumped my Metropoulos, Uberschall, complicated pedals, lots of parts, etc. But then..... I went back to old school familiarity and it's been awesome Technology finally caught up with me, the new TC stuff is awesome, and thanks to reverb, watching a listing for one of the new Explorer's, then music zoo shoots out an offer to me that I could not refuse I did resolve to liquidate quite a bit, and more to do. But, at same time, I am back at a happy place where I can musically masterbate keeping this old man happy. In the shoppe, I just need to finish up on a few things that have been hanging around for a bit.
  5. maybe... it's close to me... I've seen worse.
  6. Mark Is very approachable when it comes to his amps, new or used. Give Victoria a shout, He may have something laying around at the shop that will work....
  7. that was my intent of purchase, power amp ultra light. put any pre amp, pedal in front of it, push it, works well.
  8. Today was a micro block 45 test day... Marshall JMP-1 pre amp into TC pedals into Quilter amp~ 4x12 cab. The adjustment knobs, esp the Tri Q, are very touchy, end result is you can dial in just about anything If this lil power amp is pushed right. It can get loud , it like being pushed by the JMP-1 Not as percussive as tubes (el34 power amp), but fairly close. Keepers.
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