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  1. Score? Gear wise? Piecing my old rig back together While attempting to minimalism the control/ pedalboard Getting an incredible deals on Ying (2019) and Yang (2020) Fails, 2020 was pretty much epic fail altogether. We look forward to re location.
  2. You shouldn't get too much of that around here... They're maybe a few stabs here n there but for the most part we are all guilty of. Share some pics plz!
  3. Too Much, Too Soon. Always gets played. So Rockn. Godspeed Syl
  4. Rule #1 with SG's and dbl cuts when checking them out, neck wabble.
  5. Had one years ago, an original one. based on a tamed rangemaster with variables I guess ? I think there are a lot of new pedals out there loosely based off the hotcake or inspiration of. It is a unique Gain pedal
  6. Dave will make you some too if need. https://www.fretsonthenet.com/Charvel_Jackson/jackson - usa.htm
  7. they all wear out at some point if consistently used.
  8. agreed. 3k is very steep for your findings.
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