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  1. you won’t notice too much difference really. if you already have new 500k’s in there, then go ahead and 50’s it, it’s good if you like riding the knob’s while playing a dynamics amp that responds well to volume tome changes on a whim,
  2. tc e’s hof source audio’s ventris free the tone’s reverb all three are awesome, my fav was free the tone.
  3. if your on facebook, there is a kahler group page that is legit, good ppl.
  4. man, if we had these toys that they make now but 30 years ago! i can only wish and make due with what i got. i find tech is finally catching up, old school tones with modern appointments. its a great gear era, im almost too old to enjoy most of it. congrats again on that amp!
  5. food, mexican, jalico’s. go alacart, tamales are the best. american, Darfons. excellent food, lamb chops are incredible . breakfast and american soul, nadeens Korean, korean bbq. authentic awesome. pizza, 5 points. seafood, boston battered and fried this list is best of what i found over many years of life in nagsvegas. we just moved out a year ago. all still going strong. guitar center flag ship store. see tony. 3rd and Lyndsey for real live music , not that crap on vomit st downtown
  6. i answered your facebook thread in regards to this situation. a maple donut may work, but it does not fix the soft wood creep at the truss rod anchor .
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