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  1. That's F'n cool. One of a kind custom order.1.5 shipped. not bad at all.
  2. She gotta big ass. Beautiful!
  3. ^ crazy lookin bridge.
  4. maybe... one shot of cleaner could eradicate the gummy tacky travel while leaving behind enough lube for smooth rotation....
  5. I remember when they came out, awesome guitars if you like the gibby scale. Had one, should of kept it.
  6. the dielectric silicone grease inside the pot is gummed up. Usually a contact aerosol cleaner sprayer works, but then you will be dealing with a dry pot in the near distant future.
  7. Fender got too much heat about lack of intonation, so they offered six saddle as an upgrade on upgraded tele types. Sale pitch.
  8. I can count on this question to come up every year, a true guitar player / pedal question. Barber tone press, My First, its very good. You just dial it in till you here it, then back it off a lil bit and your there. Diamond, my second, my favorite, same as the tone press, a lil more hifi and transparent, long sustain without the ping. Both are top shelf great, lots of realstate on the pedalboard. Xotic SP mini comp. My new fav. not as good as the Diamond, but close enough. it's tiny box.
  9. A lil high for a used plain top. Depends if its "the one" for you.
  10. That Randy's writing, initials on the tags, etc. looks good. did you get it?
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