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  1. One of my top five. It is, what use to be a Gibson SG Special. Plugged and re routed for a strat pickup set. Maestro set way back for additional string length Fingerboard has a finish on it. Frank is very approachable.
  2. Looks like a very exceptional slab of alder. Very Nice. Congrats!
  3. Mine showed up today. Power stuff is bigger than the pedal/ power amp. Plugged it into a 4x12 guitar>dirt box> delay> quilter> cab. Not Bad! in a pinch, you can have a tago the way you want and just plug into a cab. It can get loud. controls are good, not "that" sterile in tone. With the right pre amp in front.... I got two to make a on the cheap wet dry wet rig
  4. Say that to Larry DiMarzio...
  5. Heat gun Acetone Jasco premium Stripper Not in that order, just some of the tools you will need and a lot of knowledge in what your doing.
  6. murkat


    Wow. Ray is a jem. Judy will be bummed to hear about this. We always hanged together while at the Chicago gatherings. I'm going to miss him.
  7. I bought brand new, may have 2 hours on it. Like new. Have original shipping box as well. I'll have to un install the rack kit prior to ship to fit. $600. shipped conus, paypal gift, cash, etc.
  8. FMIC was on a lease from Gretsch, they could produce the stuff for Gretsch, the Gretsch family. I guess FMIC decided to pony up or the family decided to let it go?
  9. if that pedalboard could talk......
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