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  1. Yes, the dog hair finish. Lucky dog Awesome!
  2. The new Logic update included loop based sequencing and 808 style step recording. I think the brush was updated to allow a user to draw in patterns of notes - like you would an automation curve. Don't forget about the midi plugins you can apply to external instrument tracks....arps, data filters, ect.
  3. That's nice - esp the walking stick. I've never seen that before.
  4. My interest in synthesizers started with seeing those interesting instruments Daryl Dragon used on TV. About 1984 I was able to buy an Arp Axxe, Arp string machine and old Roland electric piano. With some pedals that was my rig so I was trying to cover Rush tones on that, very poorly. It was not until I graduated college and bought a shiny new DX7 II. I tried to make a go of playing keys in bands but I realized I just didn't have the keyboard skills but I loved exploring the technology behind it. So it's been a real passion. I lived thru the death of analog and I'm looking forward to it happening again That's how I ended up with that Juno 106. These days I prefer modern workstations like the Fantom & Kronos but I still keep a couple analogs around for fun. The Voyager at the top of the stack is a pretty serious rig. The pedals are gone replaced by Axe FX II. Pic is a little old there's been some cleanup and the Fantom is in the shop
  5. Noice! My Chap Max has huge neck...a massive P bass neck profile.
  6. I can hear the difference. My 2 strats are basically identical except the white is ash and daphne is alder. The daphne neck is slightly bigger but otherwise they are both MB WW10, Tood Krause both built in 2010. For gain/bridge pickup work, the ash strat usually sounds the best. Anything needing a deep, ambient clean tone is almost always the alder strat. It's got tons of bass. I hate to use this analogy but it sometimes sounds like a piano. For bridge/gain, the alder strat never seems to work for me. There could be something wrong with the bridge pickup IDK.
  7. Jol has tons of passion for guitar building and a vision to go along with. Many customers, myself included, wanted a return to 80s Hamer with glorious Calis, boomers and custom BCR Vectors with locking trems. I think Jol was looking to build sophisticated guitars for sophisticated tastes and wanted to get away from something that could be used in a Night Ranger tribute band. Not many people would actually pony up $4-5K for one of those 80s creations and Jol knew that too. I appreciate Jol Danzig and his contributions to electric guitar. The CO they built for me under his leadership is just fantastic and went beyond what I expected.
  8. Tone press, Boss, any of the keeley comps. MXR was originally marketed towards bass but they changed the color so it could be used by guitarists too.
  9. That looks useful! I'm still using painters tape & steel wool. Who was doing inlay work for Hamer around 2005?
  10. Polished the frets and oiled the board. It needed much love after all these years
  11. I saw missing persons at Six Flags on a hot Texas night in the early 80s. The OG line up, tons of keyboards on stage. Warren had the guitar with U shaped neck. Terry was playing a totally electronic kit, all custom built. By the end of their set, parts of it were coming apart. At one point, a bee starts flying around Dale's head. She's going crazy eventually the poor bee ends up lodged in warrens guitar stings. Terry comes up, deals with the bee then they get back to their set.
  12. This is my home gamer rig. The Tele is recent but my main guitars are the Tele, Manson DR-1, Gibson R0, Sadowsky Will Lee, Fender CS Geddy Lee, Spector NS2 Doug Wimbish and Fender WW10 strat. A mix of E & Eb tuned instruments. The Manson has a sustainer so its great for feedback & sustain effects in madison square bedroom. The Spector cops all the Tool sounds and anything with massive bass distortion. The Geddy is very special. Jason Smith cloned Geddy's touring bass, the one with the body from 72. FCS teambuilt copies from that bass. Sounds exactly as you'd expect. If I'm playing on someone else's recording, they usually want the Sadowsky. Much more polite than the others and it just seems to sit nicely in almost any track. Much less finicky to record too just direct thru a purple compressor. During this lockdown the Hamers are coming back out. They all need new strings and setups since I've been on this ride.
  13. Wow let me know if you ever think of selling!

  14. TMI Dave's pics are so much nicer than mine but here's what it looks like today. I'm aware of 2 others then there's the greenburst boomer.
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