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  1. That's a cool story behind how that guitar came together.
  2. My local GC has been very good to me. I've been working with one sales guy Steve, a bassist at very large church. He's the antithesis of how GC employees are often described. He's fair on pricing and prompt at checkout. When I lost my special bottle of hazer fluid, he made a bunch of calls and found the right stuff from the GC Pro guy. They've never tried to bullshit me on anything. Price match is never a problem the one time I needed it. I know what I'm willing to pay and he often comes in at a fair price. I'm not rooting for the demise of Guitar Center and the return to Ma & Pa.
  3. Reminds me of my old floyded EBMM Steve Morse guitar except in telecaster flavor.
  4. Klon KTR and Suhr Eclipse. Eclipse is like a dual channel TS9 but has this unique voicing contour that is shared between both channels.
  5. Nothing but very over-priced guitars at that show. I know it seems redundant to say that but Arlington is bad.
  6. Yes. I was expecting to see Krieghoffs & Perazzis but this looks like grampa's shotgun collection.
  7. Look closer...there are some interesting streaks in that board. It's different but cool nonetheless.
  8. To be honest it really looks more like a Pensa-Suhr.
  9. Lakland setup specs is what I use for everything including 9.5" radius Fenders. 0.008 to 0.010" relief. https://www.lakland.com/about/faqs/
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