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  1. Yeah, Trey Gunn would dig that bass. Skip to 2:15 to see him play it.
  2. Killer Vintage in Dallas is worth the trip.
  3. Manson DR-1 You've seen this one a million times Also have a green PRS CU24 but nobody wants to see that.
  4. The change is part of the covid relief bill. If you won in November, here's what that kind of winning looks like.
  5. Selling my stunning Chap Max bass. 2 pc solid maple body, maple neck with ebony board & boomers. Factory EMG pickups & active preamp. Condition is 7.5/10. Usual pitting on the gold bridge & tuners. Light weight for a solid maple bass. Neck reminds me of a Precision bass...medium chunky profile. The case has not faired as well...its got spray paint and shredded tolex 4/10 condition. Structurally sound just ugly.
  6. A couple friends I think 3 were into Riot back in the day especially Fire Down Under. 1981 was a pretty good year for rock/metal albums. Diary of a Madman, Mob Rules, Fair Warning, Killers, Moving Pictures.
  7. That's a cool story behind how that guitar came together.
  8. My local GC has been very good to me. I've been working with one sales guy Steve, a bassist at very large church. He's the antithesis of how GC employees are often described. He's fair on pricing and prompt at checkout. When I lost my special bottle of hazer fluid, he made a bunch of calls and found the right stuff from the GC Pro guy. They've never tried to bullshit me on anything. Price match is never a problem the one time I needed it. I know what I'm willing to pay and he often comes in at a fair price. I'm not rooting for the demise of Guitar Center and the return to Ma & Pa.
  9. Reminds me of my old floyded EBMM Steve Morse guitar except in telecaster flavor.
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