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  1. What issues did Red Molly have?

    1. Devnor


      Well, it weighed a freaking TON - significantly heavier than my Norlin Les Paul.  Reverse headstock. But the killer was when Hamer built the neck, they didn't put any relief into the neck.  Basically it needed to be setup with .011 strings and the truss rod almost completely loose to achieve the correct amount of neck relief.  I bought it used and the seller didn't disclose the issue. Since I was the second owner, Hamer wouldn't repair it for me. I ended up selling it to a collector on HFC.  I don't know about it's current whereabouts.

      Sustainer, Floyd Rose, Crowns, Black Binding. Just killer. It's very unfortunate how it turned out. I could have lived with the weight but neck issues forced the sale.


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