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  1. I'm open to maple or rosewood. Condition is not even an issue. What's very important to me is that it's on the fuller side, especially by the nut/1st fret. Thanks so much. Please email me at wklinger@gmail.com Hamerfan50
  2. Hello everyone, as I'd really appreciate your wisdom and recommendations. I just purchased a 1994, burst and rosewood Daytona and I'm looking to upgrade the bridge. What would you recommend? Please and thank you VERY much. Blessings, Hamer Fan 50
  3. I am interested in both Daytonas . Do they come with the OHSC ? Can we do a deal for both $1200 shipped ? My cell # is 714 504-3223. You can call any time . - RICK

  4. Greetings from South Florida.  I own two Hamers (i.e. Daytonas) and I love your Sunburst.

    Could you please tell me about it's neck shape and it's acoustic voice?

    I'm very interested. Please and thank you very much. Best of luck.



  5. hamerfan50


  6. Hello Teleman, I'm very interested in your DRRI with the CR speaker. I love DRRI's and I would be very grateful if you could please share with me your enlightened insights on the sonic differences and distinctions between the stock Jensen and your Cannabis Rex speaker upgrade. 

    Perhaps it would be relevant to share that I play primarily blues with a strat and praise and worship music with a Tele.

    Thank you very much Teleman!

    Blessings, Westley wjklinger@comcast.net 

    1. teleman


      While the Jensen is a nice speaker, once it is broken in, the Cannabis Rex compliments the DRRI more.  It tames the the high end on the virbrato channel buts still retains nice articulation.  For tele fans this works out well as the "ice pick in the the ear" associated with the bridge pickup on teles and also strats is smoothed out.  The speaker also rounds out the tone and doesn't "flap out" on the low end like the Jensen.  It also makes the amp sound better with OD pedals by removing the harshness that is common with the stock setup.  If you look at posts on the web,the CRex is one of the most recommended speakers for the DRRI.

  7. Hello...if it's still available, I'd love to see pics...please? Thank you. Hamerfan50
  8. Hello...do you what pickups are in it? Thank you. Hamerfan50
  9. Hello and thanks Joe! I received and responded to both. Thanks again my friend. Sincerely, Hamerfan50
  11. PRICE REDUCED TO $575 & INCLUDES SHIPPING & INSURANCE or will consider trades for a Hamer Special or Studio. Please email or PM me. Thank you.
  12. Serial number Z5021988 Black with maple fretboard. Completely stock with form fitted case. Excellent condition, with one very small ding by the input jack. Professionally set up. New was $970, PRICE REDUCED TO $575 AND INCLUDES INSURANCE AND SHIPPING TO CONTINENTAL US. Will consider trades for a Hamer Special or Studio. If interested, please email me with questions or an offer. Thank you.
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