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  1. Hi Dirk, I tried to PM you but I cannot compose new messages (see my other post). Look on eBay Kleinanzeigen. There's a Blitz Bass. Cheers, HRR
  2. There's something wrong with the messages feature, neither can I compose new messages nor can I answer to existing conversations. The window for new message only let's me chosse a file or a URL to add but not text. Same with existing conversations, I can't insert a text. HRR
  3. Not sure I can make it Thursday even if it's in the building I work. Thurdays is always full of appointments after work.
  4. There is a Steve Jones solo album "Fire and Gasoline" from the late 80s where he goes Rock 'n Roll.
  5. Judging by that song they will probably revert to being an average band (even with all the bundled talent) and Hughes will be out after one tour because he can never hold on to a band. Major setback πŸ™„. PLus Corabi was per se the voice of the band. Can't imagine Hughes singing their back catalogue.
  6. Oh, line up changes in the Dead Daisies. Corabi out, Mendoza out! Glenn Hughes in! I don't know how this could work......
  7. Just to make sure, you're only playing those weekend shows with that quartett and not the date on Oct. 17th? Because that gig is actually in the building I work. HRR
  8. No worries. I have a s**t load of great basses that aren't Hamers.
  9. Well it is faster if you use a SSD hard drive and at least 8 meg of RAMπŸ˜€. I do have a work sheet from work that tells you how to turn off the various features but unfortunately it's in German language. I am sure there'S someone here how has a similar work sheet in English. HRR
  10. OK, here's my 2 cents worth. I don't care at all for Crapple and while Linux in it's various distributions is a nice toy to play around it cannot substitute for Windows. Like Gorch said there are many features that can be disabled in Win 10 for it to be less of a spy tool. I use Cubase for a recording software and do not plan to upgrade the OS on that PC right away when the support stops. But this is a seperate recording PC apart from my "work horse" and will be taken off the internet then. If ever I need to install or license a new plugin I will use the offline method. I will also wait with the upgrade on that machine until all the bugs between Win 10 and my Version of Cubase are solved. HRR
  11. Never mind. It's back working properly.
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