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  1. Great that he wore something appropriate. It'S just every promo pic I saw from that formation was him looking like a jock.
  2. I never really followed Raven. But I do remember their Hockey Drummer.
  3. Thank you and you are not wasting my time. I know that website and have copied the pics a long while ago. I just need more detailed pics of the neck joint and measurements. I am building a guitar that is pretty close to the SS-3. That's why this info is needed.
  4. There's no reason to make fun of my comments. I just think a band (be it a real band or solo artist and backing band) should look like a unit on stage. So when I have PT standing there in jeans and shirt and the "mr. Basketball" next to him. That does not appeal to me. btw, except maybe from his early days as a 3-piece I pretty much prefer the Travers, Thrall, Cowling, Aldridge formation or the one including Jerry Riggs.
  5. Actually I was in Dublin shortly before Philomena died and called her house if I could visit one more time not knowing how serious her condition was then. Her nephew Graham explained to me that she was not in the condition to have visitors over anymore. She sadly passed away some months later.
  6. That's it! Was looking for it, couldn't find it.
  7. I don't care how good that Pastorius guy is. I am not paying for a band where members go on stage dressed like jocks. That's why I would not go see Boston. That doofus Scholz with his basketball attire annoyes me. Don't get me wrong. I love Boston and I like Travers but if I want to see sports clothing I am going to a basketball court. If you want my money go dress up like a musician.
  8. Been there various times. They moved the stutue. That'S what I can see from the picture. Originally Phil was facing Grafton Street. The stutue was vandalized once and run over several times by delivery vans and had to go to repair. I visited Phil's mom twice, had tea and cookies and took photos. I actually think I posted them here back then but did not find my old post. In Cork I only saw a Gallagher plaque on the music store where he bought his famous strat. That store still existed when I visited Cork. I also went to Rory's grave site in Cork.
  9. Guys, not quite. The SS-3 had 22 frets, not 24 like the Centaura. The neck joint might as well be different. And that's why I need all the info. The pics I am asking for should only be from the neck joint. Also, elaborating on the subject rather than supplying the requested info does not help me. Sorry.
  10. Hi y'all, does anyone here own an SS-3 at the moment? I need some close up pictures of the neck joint. I could use pictures from front, back and the sides. Additionally I would like infos about at which fret the neck joins the body (relative to the upper cutaway) and which fret is closest to the end of the neck pocket (in the direction of the headstock). If no fret is exactly alligned with bespoke end of the neck pocket what would be the offset and which fret would that be? I hope it is clear what I mean. Thank you. HRR
  11. What's spinnin? Well, the Dead Daisies. The best "new" hard rock band in my opinion. Allright!! HRR
  12. Hey, I still have my Scarab Bass for sale, but nobody made a fuzz like that about it. Well mine's not going for 200 Euro, but it's also in better condition and has the OHSC. But I don't want to hijack this thread. HRR
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