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  1. Hi, here is a special one. I have a couple instruments that I obviously never play. And this, mostly because of lack of opportunity. Secondly because I always tend to pick up the same instruments for rehearsals, gigs, etc. Yet I am not willing to part ways with those. I always ask myself: why should I ? I am not in dire need of the money I would gain from a sale. Also I would not want to be in a situation where I would kick my own a** two weeks later for selling something off. Actually I feel pretty comfortable having those instrumnets just sit in the closet and be there if I ever feel the urge to take em out and play them. What say you? HRR
  2. What's spinnin? Well, the Dead Daisies. The best "new" hard rock band in my opinion. Allright!! HRR
  3. Hey, I still have my Scarab Bass for sale, but nobody made a fuzz like that about it. Well mine's not going for 200 Euro, but it's also in better condition and has the OHSC. But I don't want to hijack this thread. HRR
  4. Mind you my question concerning the headstocks is specifically about basses. A hockey headstock is not necessarily a good choice for a bass. Plus I am also speaking of 2by2 headstocks. HRR
  5. I would really like to know how the headstocks (especially for Bass) will look like. Will they look like the Hamers (although being a bit risky from the legal side)? Will the Shishkov logo stay as it is (using the Hamer font)? And will there be a stadium sized logo? HRR
  6. So, this is it? Makes me cherish my Hamers even more. I do believe that this all went south because of the constant "No's" to all the shapes and features Hamer was famous for in the past. If it wasn't for that they would possibly have survived in their niche. I am also sure there would be a market for guitars build by Ex-Hamer luthiers using the techniques and supplying the quality Hamer was famous for. The word just needs to be spread. Oh, and how about a crowd funding to buy out the Hamer brand name from FMIC? HRR
  7. I didn't know you guys are taking this that serious. Give me a break. I thought this is a cool forum. I just find you didn't get it at all. Yeah, Halford and maybe also guys like Kerry King are true R'n R but they have an appearance and attitute even if they are bald. But there's people that just look like morons if they didn't have long hair. And in my opinion Wolfie is one of those. Plus I differentiate between the people who have unfortunately gone bald (by nature) and the ones that have short hair on purpose. If you like it or not I'd much rather see a EVH or Dave like they looked ca. 1979 than what they looked like on their 2007/2008 tour. If I go see a live show I want my money's worth. In comes the stage show. And I haven't seen that much from the videos on youtube of this last tour. So at those ticket prices they better have their act together not only plying-wise but in terms of looks. HRR And yes, you have to explain this Chad thing to me, because I don't know what problem you Americans have a with Nickelback. I am not what you would call a fan of this band but they are definitely not as bad as some do make em look like.
  8. Why are you guys bringing in Chad Kroeger on this?? Just because I moved to Canada? Anyway, mind you I was talking about Wolfgang in the first place and not Eddie. You are also refering to the Eddie pics from the 2007/2008 tour. You all saw the cafe wha? pics and video. The hair is back on on Eddie. HRR and FYI Kroeger does not have long hair (well was it ever really long?) anymore but at least he looks a little better than Wolfie ;-).
  9. = bank clerk impersonating a short haired Eddie Van Halen . HRR
  10. Well, we can't all look as good in a bikini as you Well, it's not that he couldn't change that. Lose a bit of weight and most important let his hair grow. He even looked more Rock 'n Roll on the reunion tour. I just hate if rock musicians look like bank clerks. HRR
  11. Let's be serious, did anyone really think we'd hear a kinda reincarnation of VH I that leaves a similar footprint ? This is as good as it gets. Like it or not. I am curious to hear the rest of the album. But I am sure I won't be going to a concert. Not at those ticket prices. Plus VH back in the day was also about an energetic stage show. Well I don't see Dave doin' the splits from the drum riser these days. And their looks are a far cry from their heydays. And Wolfgang, that dork had to stand behind the stage if he was in my band being so fat and ugly. HRR
  12. I just ran into Doug at Musikmesse. Always good to talk to him. Great guitarist for sure. HRR
  13. Hardrockracer is a combination that describes my two favorite hobbies/interests. Hard rock is my favorite kind of music and the racer part comes from my interest in auto racing especially the 90s Indycar / CART series. Unfortunately that series is defunct. I sometimes sign with HRR which is basicly abbreviation of Hardrockracer. HRR
  14. Isn't there anybody on this board with personal contact to Jol who could call him and get the whole (real) story? HRR
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