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  1. No worries. I have a s**t load of great basses that aren't Hamers.
  2. Well it is faster if you use a SSD hard drive and at least 8 meg of RAM😀. I do have a work sheet from work that tells you how to turn off the various features but unfortunately it's in German language. I am sure there'S someone here how has a similar work sheet in English. HRR
  3. OK, here's my 2 cents worth. I don't care at all for Crapple and while Linux in it's various distributions is a nice toy to play around it cannot substitute for Windows. Like Gorch said there are many features that can be disabled in Win 10 for it to be less of a spy tool. I use Cubase for a recording software and do not plan to upgrade the OS on that PC right away when the support stops. But this is a seperate recording PC apart from my "work horse" and will be taken off the internet then. If ever I need to install or license a new plugin I will use the offline method. I will also wait with the upgrade on that machine until all the bugs between Win 10 and my Version of Cubase are solved. HRR
  4. Never mind. It's back working properly.
  5. Hi, for some reason I can't send private messages. When I click on "compose new message" I get this: In the message field I can't write anything. Any suggestions? HRR
  6. I am selling mine for a fraction of that price. OK, mine has no reverse headstock and no boomers, but hey.
  7. This baby is still looking for a new home. I am willing to enter very interesting price negotiations. Any Euro HFCer? Cheers, HRR
  8. Just out of curiosity, what would be a reasonable price for a mint Impact?
  9. Watched it twice. I think you gotta see it for what it is. A flashback to the 80s (at least for me). They will not win an Oscar with it. Then again, there were movies that won an Oscar that were far worse. Liked the Tommy and especially the Mick Mars character. I must admit I am a fan of the Crue. But when they fired Vince and got Corabi my dream band was born. That album was their White Album (as Mars always points out). And I felt betrayed when they switched back to Vince at the pressure of their record company and managers. And about being historically correct, not only plays Mars an Epi Les Paul but also a BC. Rich Warlock with that 3+3 horn headstock that didn't exist back then and they had Sixx play an Epi T-Bird (without the swastika). At least you could tell the Mars character plays guitar compared to the Sixx character. I always hate when I see actors play instruments and you can see instantly that they never had a guitar in their hands. I think part of being an actor is if you play a musician, learn how to play or at least be as good as possible in pretending so. That's what you get paid for.
  10. I saw them 4 times over the last one and a half years. Never disappointed me. They like playing Germany.
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