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  1. Found this little ditty with the Ramones and some Hamer action on YouTube:
  2. James Williamson Vernon Reid Mick Jagger (less known for his guitar work)
  3. Be careful what you say, there may be TGP double-agents on this site who will report you!
  4. I think you must as a matter of principle.
  5. Silverburst, black, and "natural" are OK in my book.
  6. Isn’t Nielsen one of the owners of Piece?
  7. Were they still making Sustaine Blocks in 2005? Or was it NOS?
  8. John Entwistle Bootsy Collins (I can't believe no one has mentioned him yet) John Paul Jones Noel Redding Lemmy
  9. Looking for a triple coil pickup ring for a Prototype. Anyone happen to have one that they would be willing to part ways with for a reasonable price?
  10. Your wife must be very happy that you're making every effort to sell this. 😉
  11. Nice. I've been eyeing this model for a while.
  12. I was considering including that one too but ultimately decided not to mention it because there's so many excellent imports out there now. I do have to admit, though, that it does get my gander up when I see what some are going for.
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