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  1. Silverburst, black, and "natural" are OK in my book.
  2. Isn’t Nielsen one of the owners of Piece?
  3. Were they still making Sustaine Blocks in 2005? Or was it NOS?
  4. John Entwistle Bootsy Collins (I can't believe no one has mentioned him yet) John Paul Jones Noel Redding Lemmy
  5. Looking for a triple coil pickup ring for a Prototype. Anyone happen to have one that they would be willing to part ways with for a reasonable price?
  6. Your wife must be very happy that you're making every effort to sell this. 😉
  7. Nice. I've been eyeing this model for a while.
  8. I was considering including that one too but ultimately decided not to mention it because there's so many excellent imports out there now. I do have to admit, though, that it does get my gander up when I see what some are going for.
  9. Generally not a fan of: relics; black hardware; Les Paul copies with bolt-on necks; Flying Vs with square or LP style-headstocks; scalloped fingerboards; guitars with Grateful Dead stickers/graphics on them; bs artist models that you know the "artist" doesn't actually use; and the fact that I'm not a better player. Did I miss anything?
  10. Not THIS thread again! I've been lusting after a Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster for a while, and every time I see this thread it makes me want to go out and spend money on something I really don't need.
  11. Why would you want a chorus pedal when you can get a really nice A/DA Flanger Reissue from me? ☺️
  12. Havent' tried those, but I've bought these GLS Audio cables off Amazon and they've suited my needs: https://www.amazon.com/GLS-Audio-Guitar-Instrument-Cable/dp/B00XQEH5P0/ref=pd_sbs_23_2/147-2338588-0709560?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00XQEH5P0&pd_rd_r=7011852c-3c4f-11e9-9741-2bc3fc200bcc&pd_rd_w=kSl4g&pd_rd_wg=iOkVJ&pf_rd_p=588939de-d3f8-42f1-a3d8-d556eae5797d&pf_rd_r=PKAYE84S8B4G0BDK6CDY&psc=1&refRID=PKAYE84S8B4G0BDK6CDY
  13. Used A/DA Flanger Reissue in great condition. Comes in original box with manual and 120V AC power cord. Was USD 230 , now USD 210 shipped in Continental US. I bought this about a year ago. It's a great flanger pedal, but I've hardly used it, so it's time to declutter. In the spirit of full disclosure, the pictures are from the Reverb listing I purchased it from, but they're still accurate. Come get your Flange on!
  14. Of course we're not saying that. Now how much would you be willing to pay for a 1959 Les Paul Standard?
  15. I like the transition from the neck to the headstock. Good way to save the serial #.
  16. I can't say that I have an opinion one way or the other, but just about anything is better than basswood.
  17. Here's a nice little piece on Spectra Sonics: https://guitar.com/review/tv-jones-spectra-sonic-supreme/
  18. VC's net worth is $20 million if you believe this website: www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/rock-stars/vivian-campbell-net-worth/
  19. Hey man, that was me. Good luck with your search!
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