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  1. I miss my Kramer Nightswan. Bought one of the newer Buddy Blaze K2 imports with a 24 5/8" scale...not the same.
  2. I was kind of leaning that way........if it was 100% original, it would have been different. Thanks for your thoughts on it.
  3. Just started to work on the SS1 that was my gift to myself this Christmas. Everything is good on it, except 3 fine tuners are stiff and tight, with the one on the B string only moving about a turn or so. I used some of the penetrating oil we use at work (PB Blaster), and it helped, but it`s still not as free as I would like it. I`m looking at two options right now: 1 trying to back out the fine tuner completely, and cleaning up both threads with a tap and die set that I have access to. 2 get another baseplate with the fine tuners on it from Schaller, they have always taken care of my needs and
  4. This was the one I remember from Headbanger`s Ball, liked the song, but wasn`t sold on going out and buying the whole album.... http://youtu.be/0MFm8_4lujM
  5. Two of my faves: The snow white SS From 2:40 to 3:00....nuff said
  6. I bought a Robin Ford cassette years ago, never listened to it all the way through......
  7. Unless you have an over-the-stove style microwave, you can pick up one fairly inexpensively (not cheaply), a decent 1100 watter should be around $100 or so......
  8. 1) Hollowskull 2) Short scale Chappy....with some type of rare feature, color, pick up layout, etc 3)Short scale SS2 ...same deal as above
  9. Glad to see you are improving......chainsaws show no mercy......I have a friend who was seriously hurt in a saw accident 20+ years ago. He lived, but was never the same afterwards. Keep on healing up.....
  10. The "Nobody Said it was Easy" CD is still one of my favorites for the disc player in the truck. In the same vein is Nashville Pussy, Junkyard and Masters of Reality for me
  11. I`m big into the Steve Stevens, so: One from every year of production, both the SS1 and SS2 lines... I have a pair of 85`s so I have that year covered A custom SS1 or 2 in some way, shape or form, LED`s, graphics, something that sets it apart, ala the Tommy Williams one somebody has and then: a case/closet/underbed queen in mint shape, any style a Prototype or Phantom a 25th anniversary an early short scale neck-thru Chappy as a pipe dream, one of the first thousand ones made
  12. It`s been re-listed.......$100 more than before http://www.ebay.com/itm/1987-Hamer-Steve-Stevens-Rare-Pink-Finish-/110782436065?pt=Guitar&hash=item19cb25d2e1
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