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  1. @donner Congrats. You probably know this but there's no need to fall for paypal's ridiculous conversion rate as you can always switch to your credit card and your bank's conversion rate (it's an "option" with your paypal account) which is always, and I mean always, cheaper. Great guitar!
  2. Two absolutely stunning instruments!!! I would love to have that Ultimate, a future pices of guitar history right there as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see what it will be. Went to see Mike and Trish in May and saw some fantastic builts in the making. Really made me want to order another one (and I pretty much know what I want) but I have to sit this out for a wee while. 😝
  4. Just realised I've got the same sox. Wish it was the guitar the I had 😄 It looks absolutely amazing! The bound body, neck and headstock are just killer!
  5. Wow...I'd say I like it enough but I fear it won't be able to bring it home (Cites etc). Probably has a thin neck too but I'd love to get my clumsy paws on it.... ...dancing on the ceiling....
  6. Sold for €2051,-. Wonder if it will make an appearance here?
  7. I love this!!! I keep thinking if there's another Shishkov for me and the more Shishkovs I see the more difficult it becomes to decide what would be the right choice but this is just perfect.
  8. Amazing story....and I dig the guitar!!! That shape is quite something and it's a one off. If only it had been painted black and white😈 but I guess that would have meant rebranding the company for the the sake of a guitar...but then angain there've been reasons much less meaningful for a rebrand as far as I am aware 🤣😃 Thanks for sharing this. Mike needs that car!
  9. Cheers! It's a cat's head and some fishbones. They are based on linocuts I had printed and Mike managed to turn them into inlays (amazing!!!). My DIY label is called evil river records for the occasional music I put out (is based on a mistranslation of my last name) my idea was to imagine the neck as as a flowing river (dead fish and one hungry cat 😉) Goes well with the blueburst me thinks... Really beefy neck which I had asked for when trying a couple of different necks at Mike's place before my guitar was built. It took some time to get used to but now I wouldn't want to miss it. The neck pickup is splitable which gives me some very intersting options soundwise. Best guitar I ever owned.
  10. cornjulio


  11. My wife and I went to see Mike and Trish two weeks ago. I'd never been to a luthier before and with Mike's long history at Hamer and now having started his on brand I just knew I was in for a treat. I got to see what he is currently working on and I have to say I was more than excited. Mike and Trish let me choose the top for my Shishkov, I got to play what I believe must be one if not the original DC-Custom prototype (signed by Mike on the back of the headstock as a pice of art should be ;-) and we all went for dinner afterwards. The whole experience was unforgettable. Thanks, team Shishkov! I hope he'll get to start on my order soon....no pressure of course
  12. Hi Cornelius,

    check mal die schwarze 81 Sunburst bei eBay. Scheint bei mir in der Nähe zu sein und preislich ein Schnapper. Ich könnte das Teil für Dich abholen und für Dich lagern, falls Du Interesse hast.

    Schönen Gruß, Thorsten

    1. cornjulio


      Oho...cool! Aber ich plane tatsächlich eine shishov ;-)



    2. HamerHamburg


      Was kostet eine Shischkov ?

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