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  1. I first thought the ebay purchase had gone through and the new owner was already selling again it but: Exactlly the same images in this ad and description including typos. I'm assuming it's the original seller with a new account (and seemlingly a different location in Germany). Doesn't sound right to me. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/e-gitarre-hamer-sunburst-usa/2295659352-74-2564 no affiliation....
  2. As of now, 12 more hours to go...currently at EUR 432,-. People still want this even though it's pretty beat but it's b&c, doesn't look like it's got any breaks (than again, not the best photos of course and the seller doesn't seem to know about the guitar). It looks like he's running a thrift sotre or something. And it has the sustain block bridge...I can see the appeal🤩
  3. someone had spare back plate and made good use of it...oh wait, it's on the wrong side? would love to see a picture of the seller's car....
  4. Is it this one? a black b&c sunburst from 79, if I can make out the numbers correctly. No affiliation..... https://www.ebay.de/itm/144777035125?hash=item21b5623d75:g:~pcAAOSwTI5jUu7S&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAkIxOlymKgwl%2Fc6cJMNlp2XX%2BPCvGiCju7DYk%2BQj8V8IxrDPMOTgA0z7Lz6LrvMMXRaPRBprbOCpd%2FVS%2By6vqJ4juD%2FZMEEBFFHQcBL4FQjD9wyPDYqwRadQCyzY80%2F7I%2FDGMeeGlBYVyWzaM4DcxFTCQbLkSmOkgzbllHFMtf%2FJoKk8pCv1qFvRlPAlnDWsj2w%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR6SZzoqCYQ
  5. That's cool! Interestingly enough that was availabe at guitarpoint in Germany for a long time. I would have thought it was still there. I just checked their website. It's listed as sold now. It is exactly the same guitar that's now being offered on craiglist in the US. What a journey...or is it possible that someone just lifted the images? Just wondering...Here's the link to guitarpoint. They have a reputation for good documentation of the instruments in stock and apparently they'll include their images with your purchase which is great. I like the way they photograph guitars. Lots of detail. https://guitarpoint.de/product/1982-hamer-sunburst-red/
  6. I‘m a big fan of Justin Hawkins, he’s a bit of a guitar hero too, but his voice goes better with Queen songs than VH. DLR may not be much if a singer but his voice always sounded great with Van Halen, Sammy was great too. Wolfie seemed incredibly relaxed and confident at that show and played really well. That white EVH guitar (a semi-accoustic?) looked awesome too😍
  7. What a journey! It‘s a beauty and has inspired my Huber, which is currently in the making I was told. To quote Mike S.: Play it loud!
  8. Effing beautiful that is!!!! What do they say about blue guitars again?
  9. It might be a string showing in the photo of the back. The seller must be getting a ton of emails right now😁
  10. Congrats Mike, this looks great! I hope I get to try one somewhere down the road. The saddles seem pretty similar to the sustain block ones and I'm a big fan of sustain blocks :-)
  11. Sounds about right. To my knowledge CITES is now (since 2019) only an issue when Brazlilian rosewood was used (not the case here).
  12. Haven't looked into shipping yet but will do. As far as I know there shouldn't be any extra costs as it's a US made instrument that would be returned to the US (correct me if I'm wrong). here are a couple mor photos....
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