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  1. I've owned this Line 6 Helix Floor for a couple of years. It has worked flawlessly. Currently updated to latest firmware 2.92.0. I will include a Mission expression pedal that is tailor made for the Helix that has never been used...I am including it free of charge since I haven't set it up and can't state for sure that it works (there isn't any reason why it shouldn't). I have never connected the expression pedal to the Helix and a patch cable will NOT be included. If for whatever reason the expression pedal does not work, no partial or full refunds because it has been included in the price fo
  2. Imagine if Instagram had been invented back when these guys were in their prime and staffed to handle quantity. Thanks everyone for sharing these pics including the ones with the craftsman! Although I missed their heyday, I'm very much a fan/owner.
  3. Stock. Classic 57s. I like them alot better than the BBs that were in the LP I used to have.
  4. Great condition SG that has been house-bound. I've tried an LP and now this SG and have found I prefer Strats and Teles. This is a really nice one setup with low action and no buzz. It has lived in a smoke-free environment. PM with questions. No trades. $OLD paypal/CONUS shipped OBO. Thanks Tommy!
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