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  1. I had a Peavey Mace that sat on a Mesa 4/12. Not quite a double stack but so loud standing in front of them it was like a guitar heaven aura, every nuance of the guitar was alive!! Lynard Skynard fun stuff!!
  2. Tube mic's but they gotta be low noise, guitar guy's not so much..
  3. Boy, keeping us in the loop on those tubes would be great! There's gotta be some incredible finds there!! Parts to!! I think it's incredibly exciting!!! But I'm a tube freak!! P.S. here's a sight with a bunch of tube info! http://www.tubedata.org/
  4. He'll need those for his Reinhard 18, I used those in my R-18 and it was heaven!!!
  5. The second box picture is a huge score with all the 5751's Rob! They're 12ax7 family 70mu! I agree w @Jeff R there's probly lots of TV tubes there. Snatch those RCA 5751's tho!! Shit after a closer look they're all 5751's with some command models in there to, I just wet myself!!!
  6. The model I was talking about had a birdseye maple and pearl dots. I think a 9.5 radius neck. If it would of a 12" radius neck I'd of kept it!! Like this one https://reverb.com/item/39162017-fender-special-edition-light-ash-telecaster-2005-2008-natural?bk=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJqdGkiOiI5NDY0MDYxYi1kZTYzLTQ2NDItYmNlNy1kZmVmNDFkMGFlMWQiLCJpYXQiOjE2MTQ4ODcyODMsInVzZXJfaWQiOiIyNzk3NjgiLCJzZXNzaW9uX2lkIjoiZDNlMmM5NTYtOTQ2NS00NmNlLWE5NWEtZjdhY2I4ZTA3NDY3IiwiY29va2llX2lkIjoiYTE0YTBhYjQtOGZmNy00NjlhLWI0ODUtOGM3MDFhMWI0NzQxIiwicHJvZHVjdF9pZCI6IjM5MTYyMDE3Iiwic291cmNlIjoiTk9ORSJ9.q-lgzZKzedjW
  7. I don't want my springs to resonate. And if that is supposed to help with sustain... they'd have to resonate!
  8. Just a standard A5 single as far as I know. Make noise, not a lot of bell harmonics, you get a loud note. With Josh's pup's it's like they brought the choir in!! Very chimey, open, you can hear the swirl!!! And in my world swirl is cool!!!
  9. I bought an ash body maple neck Daytona in mint condition for $900.00 a year or so ago. Transparent blue, the duncans got replaced with some Gravelin customs for that guitar. It's a keeper!! I switched it to 1 vol 1 tone, i like that better, kinda tele-ish
  10. That is crazy beautiful!! I like his tools too! That is not a playing instrument... more like a museum grade piece of art!!
  11. This Floyd Rose will will work! https://floydrose.com/products/rtn?variant=29880817426 There's a bunch off great new ones being made. @Travis put a new model on his, hope he chimes in!
  12. A few years back Fender made a Tele Lite Ash. They where made in Korea but hit way above their import status. I picked one up in a pawn shop and played it for years. Got an offer I couldn't turn down, and it left with a new owner. I think it was 2007 they made them.
  13. I bought a 18 watter here a while back. The build quality is excellent. Nik responds quickly. I've been doing more with my old bandmaster lately, but it's a great amp for when I need plexi tones@
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