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  1. I wasn't in a position to read the GP thread before I previously posted on this thread. I still think Mojotone caps are great cap but selling them as something they are not is fraudulent! Illegal? I don't know, but having had an account with Mojotone for as long as I can remember and had nothing but first rate product and customer service makes me think there may have been a change in management. For those who got screwed I hope you get your money back. For the Tech's that have been involuntarily involved in this scam I am at a loss. You represented what you where told and charged accordingly. So my final on this is. : SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!
  2. Import serial numbers are screwy. Add a Gmaj7 to that D and you'll be started on your first jazz song !!!
  3. Look at the wood and type of construction. I used mesa's 12" theile cabinets for years on the road. The amp had an anvil case but the speakers had steel grills covering the speakers and that was it. They where beat up but rock solid. Great sounding box too!! I think they where 3/4" 8 layer Birch plywood. I'd paint them from time to time. But they saw no mercy from roadies!!!
  4. In person it looks kinda green. Or Aqua.
  5. I got to play my Cruise Bass and was asked what color is that. I don't know but I know Love playing this Bass. So does anyone know what color this is?
  6. I have really liked the mixers that Presonas has. The others mentioned are all good. I used a 12 channel Peavey rack mount w effects that really surprised me and their around $200.00 used. Good luck!
  7. Now there's gonna be a rush to buy up all the old Dean Markley stuff when they hear that little box rippin!!
  8. I've owned many USA Hamers. My pick for the Sweetest would be the Newport Pro. Followed by The Artist series. That's just me and my style of playing. Hamer built incredible super strats that I've loved playing too. It really is a loaded question because Hamer USA built some of the best guitars of that time period!
  9. Instead of dummy coils I can highly recommenend the Mojotone Quiet Coils. I had the 58?? Set. They sounded great!! And dead quiet! I think they have a 69 set also. I have not tried those. https://www.mojotone.com/Mojotone-58-Quiet-Coil-Strat-Pickup Diagram for dummy coils
  10. If it where mine I'd leave it as is. Just my 72 cents (inflation)
  11. I've been watching this with a great deal of interest as I've decided to winter in Jacksonville. So Back to the top
  12. I can't remember how many effects loops I've fixed just by cleaning those goofy inputs!
  13. I had a twin for a while. It was my second SC. Loved the way it played and sounded, my back said too heavy, so I sold it and bought another Artist. Great Score!!!
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