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  1. Is it a swimming pool route? Should be a drop in the pickguard then... I think the SSS should drop in with a bridge bucker route too!!! I’d check to make sure all of the pot’s are 250k for the SSS configuration. I don’t know how they come from Fender but the humbucker may have a 500k
  2. Thank You for doing this Vic!! Looks like you’re doing a great job!!! Just curious do you use the new aluminum radius blocks or the old wood ones? I’m still using the old wood ones from Stewart Mac, I haven’t heard enough about the aluminum radius blocks to invest in them.
  3. I’ve been the band boss in several bands owned a sound and lighting company and booking agency. It depends very much on the level the band seeks to achieve. With that said at every level everyone has to be all in. One slacker will ruin it for the rest. If your lead player is butting heads with the person who is attempting to get your band employment then you need to find someone that wants to work “for” the band. Not diminish it. If someone can’t be there to set up their pay is docked accordingly and that goes for every member. Someone has to become the leader!! And the rest need to respect that person as the leader. Bands are not democratic. It’s more so like a club with rules and a leader. So choose someone to be the boss!! I’ve hired and fired many musicians. Yes... fired!! If the where tearing the band down or apart they earned a trip back home. You’ve got a lot of people in your band. To me that means you have a lot of different personality’s. Someone has to manage all those personality’s!! My favorite band playing in was a 3 piece playing straight ahead balls out Rock. Everyone sang and where incredible musicians. I thought I was the weak link in that band, playing guitar and cover most of the vocal’s. Surprisingly talking to the other two years later they thought they where the weak link. And within that we had a smoking band that played every night with everything we had. No ego’s!
  4. I was going to build a 5E8A as my next build. I can’t build one cheaper than the price he’s got on this. Great amp at a great price!!
  5. Man oh man .... drop one tree and all kinds of wood shakes out!!! I hate myself for my inability to buy any of this awesomeness....
  6. When they create an app that allows someone to play guitar without spending the time and the discipline to become proficient at it guitars will be in again! Guitars do not give immediate gratification... you have to work at it! Back on topic I had never heard if Echopark before either. I would have imagined it was a park in the Grand Canyon that had great echo qualities....
  7. A heavy set older guy with long gray hair broke the necks off of around 20 ES custom shop guitars by stomping on them at the neck heel and then band sawed the bodies in two and whacked a portion off of the tops of the neck. Summarized 🧐
  8. Holy Shit, m chops has got the stuff!!! I’d of loved to have bought everything he’s brought to the table.
  9. It was that video that lead me to contact Bob and the result was this amp!! I can’t find that video any longer. For those unfamiliar with this amp I found a demo video from a few years back. It states in the headers when he switch's between the EL84 version and the 6v6 version. Both are killer amp’s.
  10. If they would only realize they don’t need to reinvent the wheel, they just need to make the best wheels available. The ideology of more/faster/cheaper may work in other consumer goods. But it hasn’t for Gibson Or Fender USA. There are some Asian guitar manufactures that are putting out some high quality great playing guitars. As a brother of the Great Society of Cork Sniffers I insist that “Made In America” alway’s means “The Best” It used to be that way, pride in craftsmanship was synonymous with the Gibson and Fender brands. When that changed to pride in market earnings things really went to hell!!
  11. The only change is $350.00 is no longer a relevant number!!
  12. From what little I understand about it SD keeps all the tax. Reverb sends it to SD. I really need to educate myself on these new tax laws. They kinda said they taxing Amazon and a short time later they used that legislation to tax all internet sales.
  13. Great price on that!! Keep us in the loop on your thoughts of the new Nash!!
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