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  1. I’ll never forget the 1st time I picked up a Yngwie style guitar. My 1st thought was WTF did they do to the neck!! I still can’t get used to a scalloped neck, but I’ve know and played with others that just tear shit up with them!!
  2. I gave a Peavey Firenza to my son. But not till after I put custom built minibuckers in it and reworked the neck with a fret level an dress and rolled the edges. Neck was wide and fat! He likes big necks and it quickly became his goto rock machine. All in all the Firenza’s are damn good guitars!!
  3. I don’t have a Hey What but in the EL34 amps I have had 6cA7’s have biased nicely after switching from EL34’s. Sonically the 6CA7’s broke up later but tighten up the bottom end. I sold some 1959 Holland Mullards a while back that where incredibly smooth and creamy compared to RCA or GE 6CA7’s. But... The amercan tubes had a tighter bottom and midhigh and high that just ripped. This was in a Rienhardt Storm. Sold the amp then sold the tubes.
  4. I’ve found the older ones with a lot of wear play and sound better, and are lighter than others of the same type. It got used because a player found it to be a good guitar!!
  5. I like building pedals, well just stuff in general. I looked at the site and their stuff looks good. Lot’s of satisfaction in building your own gear and doing show’s with it. I use an amp I built and a breadboarded fuzz I configured live right now!!
  6. Ok... I watched the video of the ? Artist. Bloody nose dripping, whisper vocals. The whole song reminded me somehow of “Luca” But Luca had a melody. I’m old and saw nothing there that impressed me except the guys with bigger bellys than mine...
  7. Love Pete Yorn but I thought there was to much reverb on his vocals that took away the dynamics. The songs where good!!
  8. I seldomly capo, I like to have the whole neck available. The Singer/songwriter capo’d most songs. He did seem to like Ab and Eb alot though.... I have used the partial capo that covers 3 strings like and A chord for bluegrass and that can be a lot of fun!!
  9. This just happened Wednesday night. Throw together band no rehearsal just winging it. The vocalist/acoustic guitar player capo’d almost every song and would use the “normal” name uncapo’d for the song structure. The bass player and I did a lot of signaling back and forth as to what key he was playing in!! I couldn’t see him but the bass player could. Quite a challenge, but turned out ok, crowd didn’t notice and his voice was awesome!! But for those whom capo it’s really helpful to know what key the resulting capo position puts the song in. Lol!!
  10. If Dave the yodeler gets in and Thin Lizzy doesn’t we’ll know all is lost to the demon pop (brainless shitty pop non the less) weasels!! WTF is next Taylor Swift???
  11. This ones from Croatia and way cool!!
  12. There’s an HFC member that gigs there frequently. Might want to give him a shout if he’s performing anywhere!! http://www.geoffhartwell.com
  13. How bought Uncle Doug on Youtube... he really gravitates to those kinda amps. The worse the better for him. I think he’s in Arizona.
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