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  1. I have a P90 Korina and a Humbucker Artist’s. That’s pretty much all I play due to the weight!! They both sound awesome. The p90 has Lollar vintage wounds in it and the Humbucker model has custom wound pup’s by Josh that kick ass!!
  2. Definitely Tim Pierce, he’s on so many records it’s crazy!! He has been a LA session guy for the last 30 years... and he rip’s up a guitar with the tastiest stuff. Smooth stuff!! Live at PRS jam...
  3. This looks like you could get tune-o-matic perfection. Just wondering if anyone has tried one. Adjustable string height for every string!!
  4. Man... the Cobra is a dream guitar for me... I love my Artists!! Timing’s off right now... dang it... GLWTS
  5. I’m in the same camp! And while I’m playing around with the new toys I’m looking at the next new toy to buy. It’s an addiction....
  6. Altho it’s not a guitar for me now, to old and fat. But there was a time I’d of been tickled pink to rock a guitar like this one. Great job on the build!!! I enjoyed watching you build it!! Thanks for sharing that and GLWTS!!
  7. No Aff. https://reverb.com/item/27162109-vintage-1994-hamer-t-51-natural-tele-style-electric-guitar-made-in-the-usa-hard-shell-case
  8. It’s a cool idea!! But...If you’re cutting vinyl from a CD why not use the CD as the source? I gotta be missing something here. Anyone able to explain the benefit of putting the audio on vinyl? I’ve been out of the home audio stuff for quite a while. My newest piece is a 80 watt Onkyo (2003) receiver I bought for surround sound. Speakers are Infinity and JBL Studio Monitors from the 90’s. (Since they where studio monitors I could write them of on my taxes)
  9. Honky Tonk Dance band!! Love it!!
  10. Some of the first songs I learned as a boy and they where always bar favorites. Love Steve’s tone on that clip!! Sounds like musician/guitar/cable/amp!! Tone to the bone!!
  11. Prayer’s for you Jamie!! I hope you have a speedy and full recovery!!
  12. I wish Joe B would come back to Sioux Falls... and many others!!
  13. Cool!! How did it feel?? Awkward?? Fairly balanced?? I’d be afraid to play it....
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