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  1. Holy Shit!!! There’s Guitar stores with less inventory than that!!!
  2. Could be... they look like the same kind of holes my micro pinner leaves.
  3. I got a leather one made with a name on it from ebay. Excellent craftsmanship and not suede but softened padded leather. I can’t remember the seller but if ebay still has the sale (it was a while ago) and you’re interested I’ll look it up. Definaltley a custom cuz this player’s name is “Gebo”
  4. What the hell are those ???? Nail holes?? Tape and nails and just keep on rocking!! That just indicates a no sale for sure!!
  5. Congrat’s to your Mrs’s!! Now you can kick back and play guitar!!
  6. Dang this shit is horrible!! To many lives lost already ... so so sad!! RIP JOE!! GET WELL JOHN!!
  7. I sold my Rienhardt 18 a while back. I never thought I’d miss an amp so much. This is a GREAT DEAL!! Just out of reach right now. GLWTS!!
  8. That would make it rare?? No? I’m not smart enough to know how to decipher the 80’s serial numbers. that does look like some deformed wood and a crack in the finish.
  9. That White single pup is awesome!! What model is that called???
  10. Thanks for the report!!! I’ve tried several in strat’s and the Mann’s will go into the next strat creature I put together!!!
  11. That hurts to see that!! I got a Special a while back with a broken headstock. I know the feeling you felt!! I took pictures went thru the BS and returned it. So sorry you have all the hassle and expense to deal with... bummer just a f’n bummer....
  12. While we’re all in our homes it gives us time to learn a new song, technique etc, just challenge ourselves! My Chickin Pickin sucked, It’s right hand heavy stuff and having alway’s been a Rock/Blue’s flat picking player Hybrid picking has always been a challenge for me. So what’s everyone else’s challenge for themselves to keep from going stir crazy?
  13. I’ve been getting offers from the sellers on Reverb discounting the price 15 to 20%. The last one was for a Suhr Classic SSS, 2018 model, new for $2,067.00 shipped. The price listed on Reverb was $2,400.00 plus shipping. I declined, but I sure thought about it before doing so! So I guess the offer tool on Reverb works both way’s!
  14. Awesome!! Love how that all came together!!!
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