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  1. The snow in front of the stage say’s it all!! I drank warm green on such occasion’s. No beer....
  2. I’ve spent a lifetime playing for people! Large and small show’s huge ballroom’s and chicken wire around the stage dives. There’s just something about a crowd or single person getting into the noise your making!!! Enjoy it and to heck with the critic’s!!
  3. Currently the 5E3 circuit is my tone of choice. From sweetness to just awesome overdrive. Bet this one sounds great!!!
  4. I watched both video’s!! They are enlightening and the second one down right humorous. It appears that they have great tech’s doing the builds of the amps and each and every Friedman is tested with a guitar for tone by Dave. They have an unusual business model, but it certainly looks like if you want handbuilt quality they have it in spades!!!
  5. It’s a shame that there seem’s to be less interest in playing guitar in the younger generations. It’s a fun, challenging instrument! I started out listening to Chet Atkins and graduated to the Beatle’s etc. Seemed like everyone had a cheap jap guitar in the 60’s! Now you can buy an app for your phone and make music. I admit I have a drum app on mine I use for practice. There is a need for a new guitar star to inspire the next generations!! There is just so much more to do than there was 60 years ago...
  6. Makes me wonder when somebody is gonna build a 24 fret acoustic!! Those guy’s would use the whole thing!!
  7. I used Beta 57 and 58’s for years until I sang into a Sennheiser e935. I liked how it sounded on my voice. And that is an important thing to look at with vocal mic’s. Different “colors” sound better with certain voices. If I could afford to do a front line with Beta 87’s I’d do it in a heartbeat. That mic sounds good on everybody’s voice!! They’re durable too!! For now I’m diggin my e935’s !!!
  8. I was right at Reverb’s 1099 threshold last year as a “hobby” haven’t bought much yet this year. I sold some really nice pieces for far less than what they would of brought when the market was hot but still made a little money on them. Last year was a forced collection reduction. This year I’m hoping to build it up again. So low prices are looking good to me right now !!!
  9. That’s a great Idea!! I’m gonna try it!!
  10. I’ve been Jonesing for a single pup rocker. These do look like an option. I can’t find a price! Anyone know the how much??
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