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  1. Been using these for years! Stage and studio. https://www.glsaudio.com You order they build. It’s a family business!!
  2. I like the Swamp Thang for the tight bottom end. I have one in an open back boogie and one in a closed back Ear Candy SOV. The closed back is ported and literally kicks you in the chest. That’s my nickels worth!!!
  3. I hadn’t checked that! Thank’s for the tip!! I figured it wouldn’t be worth the parts I put in it since it’s from the late 50’s. I like projects/fixing old tube stuff. I’m still working on the old leslie speaker I posted a while back. Trying to make it 100% variable speed vs 2 speed to work with tempo.
  4. It was covered in bird shit when I discovered it. I thought those look like transformers and dug it out of the pile. Thinking amp build project with old iron! I’m glad my buddy talked me into restoring it instead!!
  5. Found this in the garbage. I initially thought I’d strip it for parts. But a friend of mine told me they are incredible stereo amps. So I rebuilt it. I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do with it as I have a great sound system, but I enjoyed bringing it back to life!! I’ve only played CD’s thru it, sounds incredible with great speakers!! It’s a Dynaco ST-70.
  6. I change over from singles to humbuckers and don’t touch it. With the new one and strat style single coils there’s some fairy dust there!! Clean humbucker it’s good too. For fuzz/dirty tones I turn it off. Barbers dirt pedal are awesome too. Quiet a variety of dirt from many pedals. I’ve tried them all and for me it’s the flavor of the week. So I can’t say I have a favorite....
  7. Just a guess, vibrato bar got up there right before they took it white water rafting. Or a trip thru UPS...
  8. I top wrap all my TOM’s! To me the strings are slinkier. One thing I do is add a extra ball end on the string so your not bending the wrapped end just the string. I think I hear longer sustain also, but I’ve never tested if there really is longer sustain. Or louder. I’ve been restringing my guitars like this so long I can’t remember when I started... Decades...
  9. Did you pay thru Reverb? Or Paypal, credit card?? I would think any of them would help you get your money back!! I’m in agreement w @Currypowder, his financial situation is not your problem. I think it’s time for no more mr nice guy!!
  10. Lot’s of great P90 tones on many Def Lepard songs. I think he’s playing a junior!!
  11. I’ve been using an ASUS for 4 years. Solid State, so it’s fast. Never an issue. I carry it in a leather over the shoulder case and it’s pretty beat up. But the laptop has never given me an issue. Just another option. I think the case is aluminum it’s a little on the heavy side.
  12. I’ve used the Reverb shipping for around a year now. Their shipping is a hell of a lot cheaper. One thing I have discovered is, if you have a guitar box that is longer than it needs to be it’s noticeably less expensive if you shorten it up.
  13. Possibly like 1/2 of the Newport? I’ve never heard of a chambered Studio!! What do they weigh? I might be interested!!! Loved my Studios but my back didn’t....
  14. Those are actually nice playing guitars. The one I played was anyway’s! Didn’t care for the pickups but it was a nice neck and good fretwork!
  15. It’s missing the decision shot, no pic of the nut area! Looks like it’s been rocked!!
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