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  1. Simon Phillips has some CD’s that have different patterns/techniques that loop. Speed adjustable and loop forever. Start slow and build up technique to learning or use as drum tracks on demo songs in the studio. All great sounding stuff!!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to All!!! No Turkey here tho. Made Roast Beast instead, Delicious!!!
  3. God I love that look!!! Makes my plain Korina Artist just look.... well... plain....
  4. Find a tech and have all the caps inspected and tested before any juice to it. Replace any bad ones!! Have the tech Bring it up with a variac and watch the current draw. If there’s a lot of amps stop and look for shorts and burnt resistors. If you want it to look original hollow out the old caps and stick the new ones inside the old shells. A good tech know’s all this stuff!!
  5. Firebirds for quite a while. Not sure about amps.
  6. Wow!!! Actual Threefity deals again!!! I’d bite but I’m holding out for the 1st Monaco lll that appears!!
  7. When you get to my age reading about wood is about as good as it get’s!
  8. I’ve alway’s liked the Jazz burst on Korina look!! Great Score!!! Hopefully pic’s soon!!!
  9. I’ve had one of these on the bench for years. Not a drill but I have a set of hex head drill bit’s that work great with this driver! 1.5 Volt 4 AA’s and very handy for guitar/amp/speaker work! https://www.lowes.com/pd/BLACK-DECKER-1-5-Volt-1-4-in-Cordless-Screwdriver-4-Batteries-Included/50056307?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-tol-_-google-_-pla-_-129-_-soshandheldpowertools-_-50056307-_-0&placeholder=null&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIk8yb8pGb7QIV5eHACh0iiwEjEAQYAiABEgLetfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  10. Trombetta Mini Bone. I got mine for $150.00 their crazy priced now!! Love the low voltage spatter! And then the crazy trumpet sound it does!!
  11. Barber! Launch Pad boost, Tone Press and every dirt pedal he’s ever made. I fell in love with his LTD Silver a long time ago! Still on my board as well as his Direct Drive(green) and newest tone press. They’re quiet and just sound good. The LTD Silver is a minimum gain peddle that just add’s fairy dust!!
  12. I can remember when those where Threefity too! That’s a nice one!
  13. I’ve had both, I still use a DD. My thought’s are the Burn Unit has less drive than the DD, but you can flip a switch on the DD and get very close to what the Burn unit does. The DD set up right has a very nice thick drive with some creamy harmonics that allow pinch harmonics to just fly off the neck. I sold the Burn Unit and kept the DD (Green) because it did both very nicely! Hope that helps!
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