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  1. Dang, its pretty amazing all the shows you/we members have seen thru the years. Interesting that the majority seem to be back in the 70s and 80s. I'll throw one more out....Robin Trower , 1980, Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis. He stood front stage right in an electric blue spot light wearing a white pants suit for the show. And he was fucking effortless stunning great. A recent cool show was Tedeschi Trucks Band, 2019, Robinson Music Hall, Little Rock. I went nuts and spent $400+ for a pair of 4th row center tickets to be sure my gal would understand why being within 50' of the entire
  2. I once read a science fiction (or horror) sorta story where a guy at a stud ranch had two dicks and fucked old women in both holes at the same time. I recall the description of electric blue sparks flying. I bet the guitar was built for that dude. I'll send a dollar to the first person who recognizes the story and names the author.
  3. Ha! I had a shitty quality tape of that Dead show back in the day. Meramec.... aka "BBU" (Big Bend University), "MIT" (Mom, I Tried), "MIT" (Meramec In Town) and last but not least "Webster Groves High School's Thirteenth Grade". Half of my best friends went there (after flunking out at SEMO, party party party and no discipline). Meramec is perfect for lots of people for lots of reasons. Yes, the Opera House was wonderful for sure, saw a bunch of shows there. One was Charlie Daniels Band, October 20, 1977. An hour after the show was supposed to start Charlie came out and explained tha
  4. Encouraged by the responses to my recent post about disappointing shows (I'm ever so happy to have contributed something useful) I'm now going to ask about shows that just blew you away. The kind of surprise show experience so amazing that you hope to remember it till yer dead. Joyous level shit. For me... ELP in '79. Unfucking believable wonderful show. Not just me, the band got a standing ovation form the sold out arena for every song. Saw lot of concerts in that venue, the Checkerdome (STL Blues arena in the 70's), but never once saw a crowd sit for every song and
  5. Thanks for all the responses, folks. I'll add another.... Neil Young, Rust Never Sleeps tour. He started like an hour late and when he finally came out he was in a bad mood. He messes around on the stage by himself, ignoring the cheering crowd. Crowd quiets down and he's still fucking around looking at his gear. I'm pretty close, like 25th row, and I can see he's not touching anything, he's just bent over and looking, then he walks over and checks something else out. Like 10 minutes of this shit, crowd becomes silent. He finally grabs a mike and walks to the front of the stage, c
  6. Now, this is not to bash bands you don't like. The question is, what shows did you see that left you disappointed? Like really disappointed. The top of my list is the Allman Bros at a late 70's St Louis arena show. A local radio station, KSHE 95, had a "birthday party" where the band played third/last on the bill. Tickets were $9.50 so totally sold out. Show started late. The All Bros took the stage around 11:30 and by then the arena was hotter than hell. I mean, like 95* in there. Stuffy, smoky and it stunk. Concession stands were already closed. The band sounded horrible; they stumbled
  7. Most people don't know that Glen Campbell wasn't just a great singer and picker, he was also a country hippie, caught up in the new ideas in the mid-60's. A total believer in pointing out injustice and offering ideas to resolve the problems. He played "Try a Little Kindness" live a lot. Also, "He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother". He's a fucking hero, man. My hero, anyway. Try A little Kindness Written by Austin, Sapaugh If you see your brother standing by the road With a heavy load from the seeds he sowed And if you see your sister falling by the way Just stop and s
  8. Huge fan, lucky to see the band a few times in small venues. WFColumbus has long been my very favorite live album. Saw them in the tiny State Theatre in Kalamazoo and it was the fucking loudest concert I've ever been to and I've seen the Who 4 times. Ears bleeding level sound. Kinda messed up the evening for lots of us to be honest, people were sticking cigarette butts in our ears. Side note - arrived kinda early to a Feat show in early 80's Detroit and the opening band was some no name chick, Melissa Ethridge. She started right on time to a venue that was maybe 20% filled. We were abou
  9. Never mind about the skinny guy. I'm more concerned about the lack of guitars and the emaciated drum kit. Someone needs to send those guys cash. Fundraiser? Yea! Who's with me?!
  10. Tedeschi Trucks Band in Little Rock, 11/16/19, 3th row center and it was terrific. It also cost a small fortune for my gal and I, like $200 each. Fucking criminal prices to get excellent seats these days. Seems like just last week I was sleeping out to be in line for the 10am sale start at a Ticketmaster outlet, usually Streetside Records in Webster Groves MO. The overnight party was always almost as much fun as the concert.
  11. Uncle John's Band and New Speedway Boogie, Workingman's Dead. The first song sets life's goal posts and the second song has a good beat and it's fun to dance to.
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