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  1. Hey Curt! The expression is: “When life throws a bunch of lemons your way, pick them up and make lemonade!” It sounds like you have done just that. Studioplayer
  2. Studioplayer

    Amp and Pedal Reviews

    My own pet peeve is so many demos where the gain side of the amp(s) featured is the main focus. Granted, many who are contemplating buying the amp want to hear what it can really do, but others (as myself) who appreciate that style of playing are just as interested in the cleaner side of the amp. I tend to do way more than 50% of my playing using cleaner tones. Withinin the past two years I purchased two Orange amps known for their high gain value as an amp. First was an Orange Micro Dark and later, the Dark Terror. Only a very very few of the demo videos showed the cleaner side of both amps. I had a hunch before I bought each one, that there might just be a very good clean side to these two amps. When I finally took delivery of each, my suspicions were confirmed. It was not difficult to find a clean or "clean" tone in each. Of course each amp has several versions of the "Orange clean". It was up to me to search them out. My point is that videos online can be of some help, but unless you can preview the amp before purchase, (and I could not); sometimes one has to go with a hunch that the amp will do more than just the higher gain tones. Studioplayer
  3. Studioplayer

    Posting 10 KB Images?

    I'm having the same issue when trying to,post a picture of my Studio Deluxe. I use an iPad camera function to take the picture. I get a 1003kb limit message when trying to upload it. Studioplayer
  4. Studioplayer

    9's Or 10s on Studio Custom?

    For those players that use the Ernie Ball Hybrid or similar strings, how would you think they must perform when playing Jazz? I tend to switch styles using just one guitar. I try and get a balanced sound and a full sound from my Studio Custom. It has the '59 Duncan set on it, so I'm calling it a versatile guitar for my needs. Studioplayer
  5. Studioplayer

    9's Or 10s on Studio Custom?

    Just had to correct my spelling and not insult anyone's intelligence........ So, again...... I've been using 10s by D'Addario on my Studio Custom. I like the big full tone I get from them, but sometimes the tension feels a bit too tight. How many here string with 9s and get the sound and response that they desire, without compromising their tone significantly? Studioplayer
  6. I've been using 10s by D'Addario on my Studio Custom. I like the big full tone I get from them, but sometimes the tension feels a bit too tight. How may here string with 9s and get the sound and response that they desire, without compromising their town significantly? Studioplayer
  7. Studioplayer

    Hamer Brand Loyalty

    I have just one Hamer. It is a Studio Custom. Of the three electrics I own, it is has the best workmanship and attention to detail. It does not cover all the bases as far as tone goes. I look at it as an individual piece from an excellent American manufacturer. I look at my Strat and Les Paul in similar regard. I don't prefer one over any of the others. The Studio Custom has a wide range of tones, but it does have its' own voice. It does not sound like a Lester or a Strat. I enjoy listening and playing all three.
  8. Studioplayer

    How Long Do Your Strings Last?

    DavidE It's not unreasonable for you to get the duration you refer to from your strings. It also depends on your style of playing too. Do you have a light touch with the pick? Do you play mostly rythmn? I get pretty good distance with a set of strings I think, in that I have a light touch with the pick (or pick and fingers) and I don't have alot of skin oil and persperation getting on them. Wipe the strings down before putting the guitar away can help too. With respect to the set you are referring to; don't change them just yet. Play on further until you think it gets more difficult keeping them in tune. You might come to the conclusion that you can get weeks from one set. Do you break strings alot? I have never broken a string in over 50 years of playing a guitar, both acoustic and electric. So, I guess I must have a very light touch. I use a small Fender Jazz pick (both the pointed and round ends) and use it along with the two fingers. Some players change their strings often just to keep that "new" bright sound, but I am glad when that "new" sound wears off. Just my preference I guess. Saves me some money too.... Studioplayer
  9. Studioplayer

    How Long Do Your Strings Last?

    I have been using D'Daddario XL110s for some time now, and I get them to last about two months with regular playing. By that, I mean playing almost daily perhaps one to two hours each time. When I detect that the guitar starts to get out of tune (usually around week #8) and tuning becomes difficult, that is when I change to a fresh set. I also note that the 1st e string is usually the one that gets out of tune first, and will not tune up easily. That means that it is time to get new strings on. YMMV Studioplayer