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  1. One thing I've never quite understood about the volume pots on this Hamer is that statement in the accompanying manual that states that there is a sudden volume increase to be found from “9” and “10” on the volume pots. They sort of claim that Hamer came up with the idea for it. However, I own two Les Pauls that don't advertise this, and volumes on both guitars do about the same thing between “9” and “10” on their volumes. Granted, I can take advantage of the fact because I play usually at home only, but many others who play out may not being using this “feature” as stated in the Hamer manu
  2. I have the certificate that was shipped with the guitar. It is a 2005 Studio Custom # 5 55103. The color is Aztec Gold and the avatar photo is more like the color under sunlight.....a gold hue to it. Under the lights that I used to take the photo makes the tint more brown than gold. This one below is of the headstock portion of the fingerboard. Of course it's possible the certificate was prepared in advance and then signed later by Frank and Jol. The serial number on the guitar matches the one on the certidicate. Studioplayer
  3. This is the 2005 Studio Custom of mine in Aztec Gold! Studioplayer
  4. Yesterday, I brought my '05 Studio Custom and restrung it for the first time in over four years. Why I have not been paying more attention to it is a mystery because it does play so well and sound even better. Do any Hamer experts know perhaps how many of these Studio Customs were finished in Aztec Gold which is a stunning finish on this almost mint guitar. It is completely stock and only a light fret dress has been done on it. I believe the body wood to be Honduran mahogany and the fingerboard looks like ebony, but may be a really dark Indian rosewood. Any owners o
  5. Just curious about this because I play an Orange Dark Terror and have yet to try it with my 2007 Studio Custom. The guitar features Duncan ‘59 pickups. Which Orange amp have you tried with your Hamer? studioplayer
  6. For those players that use the Ernie Ball Hybrid or similar strings, how would you think they must perform when playing Jazz? I tend to switch styles using just one guitar. I try and get a balanced sound and a full sound from my Studio Custom. It has the '59 Duncan set on it, so I'm calling it a versatile guitar for my needs. Studioplayer
  7. Just had to correct my spelling and not insult anyone's intelligence........ So, again...... I've been using 10s by D'Addario on my Studio Custom. I like the big full tone I get from them, but sometimes the tension feels a bit too tight. How many here string with 9s and get the sound and response that they desire, without compromising their tone significantly? Studioplayer
  8. I've been using 10s by D'Addario on my Studio Custom. I like the big full tone I get from them, but sometimes the tension feels a bit too tight. How may here string with 9s and get the sound and response that they desire, without compromising their town significantly? Studioplayer
  9. I have just one Hamer. It is a Studio Custom. Of the three electrics I own, it is has the best workmanship and attention to detail. It does not cover all the bases as far as tone goes. I look at it as an individual piece from an excellent American manufacturer. I look at my Strat and Les Paul in similar regard. I don't prefer one over any of the others. The Studio Custom has a wide range of tones, but it does have its' own voice. It does not sound like a Lester or a Strat. I enjoy listening and playing all three.
  10. DavidE It's not unreasonable for you to get the duration you refer to from your strings. It also depends on your style of playing too. Do you have a light touch with the pick? Do you play mostly rythmn? I get pretty good distance with a set of strings I think, in that I have a light touch with the pick (or pick and fingers) and I don't have alot of skin oil and persperation getting on them. Wipe the strings down before putting the guitar away can help too. With respect to the set you are referring to; don't change them just yet. Play on further until you think it gets more difficult keeping th
  11. I have been using D'Daddario XL110s for some time now, and I get them to last about two months with regular playing. By that, I mean playing almost daily perhaps one to two hours each time. When I detect that the guitar starts to get out of tune (usually around week #8) and tuning becomes difficult, that is when I change to a fresh set. I also note that the 1st e string is usually the one that gets out of tune first, and will not tune up easily. That means that it is time to get new strings on. YMMV Studioplayer
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