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  1. Not too many out there that I know of ... those of us that have them prob are not likely to part with them ...
  2. https://annapolis.craigslist.org/msg/d/churchton-tech-21-power-engine-60/6963922226.html
  3. #1 - KISS ... Roosevelt Stadium Jersey City July 10th 1976 Destroyer Tour w/ Bob Seger & J. Geils Band ... My 1st concert, never forget #2 - Rock Super Bowl VII Tangerine Bowl Orlando, Fl. May 27th 1979 ... Boston, Doobie Brothers, Poco, AC/DC #3/#4 (Tie) - Rock Super Bowl IX Tangerine Bowl Orlando, Fl. July 5th 1980 ... ZZ Top, Rossington Collins Band, Triumph, Pat Travers, Point Blank, Johnny Van Zant Band Rock Super Bowl lll Tangerine Bowl Orlando, Fl September 4th 1977 ... Peter Frampton, Kansas, J. Geils Band, Rick Derringer
  4. The '76 Deluxe was at one time ... restored by BCR
  5. I did adjust the intonation after putting on 9's .. everything is perfect ... plays like a dream
  6. Its a great guitar ... Thanks again DaveL for passing it to me. I did change the Super D in the neck pos for a Super 2. And that nut is perfect .. wouldn't mind having more of those on my guitars ...
  7. Nice Score Dave ... USA Dean Zs are nice. I got this one from Dave several years ago ... I know he was Jonesin to get it back someday ... but I can't seem to part with it ...
  8. My '78 Greco Destroyer ... came out of the same factory (Fujigen) as the Ibanez .... Great Guitar
  9. Always good to see CMatthes and ElDuave ... My good friend Geo's band PUSH played before STARZ who were great and very cool. and down to earth. I felt bad for Angel, who seemed to be grasping on to fame of the past, Especially Punky Meadows bad wig and Botox ...
  10. Len

    Barrel Jack

    What is the trick to tightening the barrel jack on my Hamer?
  11. I've tried different brands and gauges over the years ... always go back to my favorite ... Pink for life ...
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