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  1. I like the stone Raven in the backdrop in the first pic. Also like the guitar, it's a great deal for what you get and they don't come up often. I'd like to know what the trem is as well.
  2. https://reverb.com/ca/item/30619179-2005-hamer-newport-spruce-mahogany-natural If Canadian Hamer Newport fans want to avoid cross border taxes and hassle this might be the one you are looking for
  3. https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/22130-atquinn-gets-updated/ Proper link.
  4. Do this https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/22130-atquinn-gets-updated/
  5. Jon Butcher. Either solo, with his band Axis, or as the Barefoot Servants. All good, check it out...
  6. Some singers adapt their style well to aging vocals, some not so much. Last time I saw Steve Miller, he sounded great but took breaks by sharing singing duties with a buddy. David Lee Roth, not so great....but I'd still go see VH if they toured near me
  7. No Doors? The End, Been Down so Long, etc. Lots of sad lyrics in the Doors stuff
  8. I bought a Gibson SG 2007 guitar of the month, week 10, because I always wanted an SG with single coils. All due to being inspired by Frank Marino's mods. I still play my Mahogany Rush albums on occasion.
  9. Maybe quality assurance will be better controlled at Echopark. I sure do like the look of their V. The last Gibsons I bought were in 2007 when they had the guitar of the week launch. I got the SG 3 standard and the reverse flying V. The SG was poorly finished and had a completely mismatched 2 piece body. The V on the other hand was excellent. I had also bought one of their Canadian made guitars (Newfoundland, old Garrison guitar facility). It was poorly finished inside with glue and rough wood showing. The venture did not last long....
  10. To add clarity re my use and understanding stadium: All 3 early 80's concerts that I noted at the top of this post were held at Frank Clair stadium in Ottawa Canada during exhibitions. Home to the then Canadian Football League Roughriders team. Capacity approx 20,000. The arena concerts I went to back then were actually held in the hockey arena below the outdoor stadium. First concert there for me was Ted Nugent with Loverboy opening. Memorable and friggin loud!
  11. All of my top 3 are still from the early 80's when I had no real responsibilities and was still quite impressionable. We had limited access to bands in Eastern Canada. Stadiums here are the semi pro hockey arenas. My top 3 all reflect the bands that frequented us at the time.... 1 - Neil Young. I didn't know what to expect, he ended up doing a largely acoustic set and had the crowds undivided attention 2 - Triumph. Allied Forces tour. Great show. Pre-legal cannabis, the arena was full of smoke.. 3 - April Wine. Harder Faster tour. Thanks to Canadian radio content rules, everyone knew the words to all songs Most surprising concert from the same era? REO Speedwagon. A girl I was dating wanted to go, I ended up being blown away by Gary Richrath. Still one of my favorite guitarists. Conversely, I went with a date to see The Cars and was underwhelmed, good thing she was hot... Today I mostly go to small venues to see local talent but am still kicking myself for not clearing the calendar to go see Springsteen's the River tour...
  12. I pretty much avoid radio except the classic rock station. Rock is alive and well, just not on the top 40. I live in Canada. Take a listen to: The Trews, The Sheepdogs, Matt Mays....
  13. Duck Dunn Gary Tallent L. Sklar Suzi Quatro John Paul Jones
  14. Dave I always like your posts. USA Dean's are great, getting one is on my list!
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