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  1. Special J

    Special J

  2. Just heard the news and figured I'd stop in to grieve a bit with you guys. Tis a sad, if not unexpected day. I'm glad nobody up in New Hartford is losing their job. After doing the factory tour a couple of times, I know how dedicated those guys are. I've heard rumors about them tooling up for Guild electrics? Maybe just a rumor, but it could be a silver lining. If some of that craftsmanship could live on in a different resurrected brand? As a former Hamer USA dealer myself, my heart goes out to all of the authorized dealers here on the forum. You were as much a part of the company as anyone, and kept the line going through some tough times as it was. Best of luck to you all. To all the players, there are still lots of Hamers out there on the used market. Plenty of treasures to be found. Keep rocking them out. Play your Hamer a little more loudly tonight.
  3. Relatively few here. Crate (practice amp of some sort) Peavey Stereo Chorus Fender M80 Laney AOR100 half stack Roland JC120 Fender Blues Deville Squier 15 Trace Elliot Tube Tramp Music Man HD130 Fender Princeton Chorus Valvetech Hayseed 30
  4. Cool project! I'm also not a fan of gold hardware, but I can dig a white guitar.
  5. Wow, I don't check in for a few days and look what happens. This is a sad day for sure. I hope all goes well for Jol and all the guys at the shop as well. I'll be looking forward to future output from both. In the meantime, luckily there are still plenty of reasonably priced Jol-era Hamers on the used market.
  6. I rocked a CIJ JM for awhile. It was upgraded with Novack pickups and Tusq saddles. It sounded great. I agree that these are very unique instruments and not terribly versatile. That being said, mine was a lot of fun to play.
  7. Go see Willie Nelson! I've been a fan since I was a little kid, but didn't get around to seeing him until last year. He puts on a great show! I plan on going to see him with Dylan and Mellencamp. I'd just as soon skip the rest of the show though. +1 for Jethro Tull too. Ian Anderson is still a great performer.
  8. Well you guys have covered a lot of the good old stuff, but there are many more. And I think there are plenty of artists out now still putting out great rock albums. I think as long as there are guys like us around still, the album as an art form is not yet lost.
  9. '93 Special bought from Matt's Music in Middletown, CT. Center one in my avatar.
  10. Tough to nail down one, there were/are so many. Townshend, Gilmour and The Edge are definitely up there as are a lot of 80's metal players. Definite +1 for all the guys I've played with over the years.
  11. I had to vote Kramer. My first 3 electrics were a Striker, Pacer and Focus. I actually wish I still had the Pacer.
  12. I'm sure you guys have seen this stupidity right? Ed Roman's Rant
  13. I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but I've also always felt that there are 2 different schools of rock bass players too. There's the old school players, who are far more blues influenced, and then new school players who tend to add a lot more jazz and funk to their playing. Claypool, he's in a class all his own I think.
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