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  1. Yeah buddy.. I'm rather fond of that era, myself... 😎
  2. Too bad about the price. That guitar's an unfinished canvas -- would be quite incredible looking with a few mods like boomers, body & head binding.
  3. Here's a similar but non-buggered 'for dig-it' at a Wyoming pawn shop... 1981 Hamer standard explorer body Sunburst #0625 in original case Nice Nice | eBay
  4. Ahhh, yes.. the warm-up album to SABOTAGE ðŸĪŠ j/k Brooks.. SBS & Sabotage are the two Sabbath albums I've listened to most.
  5. This thing was $1200 USD "local pickup only" when I first saw it on ebay a few years back. At that price I may have even considered some fretboard work and a nice refin... 🧐😁😉
  6. And speaking of nasty smacks, bumps & dings... Some time ago when this first appeared for sale, I asked if there was any damage to the exposed wood on the upper bout. I never got a response...
  7. Interested in another one for cheap? Here's a '95 on craigslist in Orange County, CA... (no affiliation)
  8. I wonder if Spirit had Cheap Trick's blessing on this re-release... ? I Got A Line On You - 1984
  9. Did he ever get back to you? Multiple emails & possibly PMs not getting through...how did he manage to get your original offer? How incredibly anticlimactic... ??
  10. Yep, I noticed that red strap as well. Both patterns line up identical to my eyes -- highly unlikely unless stenciled.
  11. Yeah, I totally get it -- enjoy it myself sometimes... just thought it a bit much for this thread. ?
  12. Our HFC discussion board IS, without doubt, THE BEST electric guitar & music related site on the internet! Gentlemen, let's keep it that way... shall we?
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