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  1. I think that may have been the third time it was listed on reverb.. at very least the second time.
  2. The same beat-up 'hog Standard that's been batted around the block the last few years, just cleaned up and some of the dings hidden. Look closely at the upper bout and you'll see where they've tried to cover up the worst of the damage where a lot of finish was missing. The price keeps going up every time it surfaces (sold on ebay for $1200 about 3 years ago) -- I wonder why nobody wants to keep it?
  3. Hey, I get it.. They certainly aren't my first choice... But being more 'yellow' than 'green' I didn't think they looked that bad on my particular gold top. I don't think the yellower shades are intolerable on either gold or amber tops. On anything else, especially the ebony guitars, they can be absolutely hideous. I've liked earlier Classics for the reasons Murkat and others have given, especially for the price (since I can't afford to spend more than $2k+ on every guitar I want). If I ran across an ebony Classic I really liked for cheap but with the dreaded 'neon florescent fingerboard
  4. And another 50 million not so great.. Happy Hunting!
  5. I wouldn't let the nastiest of snot yellow/green inlays stop me from acquiring another pre-2005 LP Classic if it played/sounded as nice as this Y2K gold top does. Inlays can be replaced. And sometimes those inlays (and no pickguard) just seem to 'work'... I like your style.. Mine doesn't manifest itself much anymore... 😎 😉
  6. The headstock's been buggered with as well, appears shortened.. almost looks like somebody's 'build it from scratch' project. The seller's asking $1000 for that thing!
  7. Yeah, the other sunburst (also a '91) is pretty 'killer' as well, to the point I'm tempted to make him an offer...
  8. Is this some of Stike's handiwork? Nice choice of pickups, too. (No affiliation) Hamer USA 1991 Sunburst, Incredible Goldflake, DiMarzio Anniversary Pickups | eBay
  9. I didn't mention gluing/re-drilling because I didn't want to scare you off the guitar. Still an easy fix, but requires some care. If you do buy it and the hole is stripped enough to need glue, PLEASE allow the glue to cure before tightening the screw down. Removing those small screws once glued in place can result in a stripped head and having to source the correct new screw = PITA!
  10. Gee, please pardon my sarcasm.. you've expected us to pardon yours! I've tried re-assuring you this is no big deal to the point of listing tools & materials. The tuner hasn't "bent", it has ROTATED. If the hole has stripped, then use some toothpick. If you're still worried, ask the seller for a close-up pic of the tuner area to verify there are no cracks.
  11. Does anyone here have a 10mm wrench, a small phillips screwdriver, and maybe even a small sliver of toothpick I can borrow? Asking on behalf of a 'friend'... 😏
  12. Does a link exist for that episode? I searched some time back and couldn't find much. Was it the group's consensus he knew it was fake or did he just take the news badly? Inquiring minds want to know... 🤔🤓🧐
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