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  1. You DID try your local FedEx Office outlets, right? None of our local FedEx shipping hubs stock the 50x20x8 box, but ALL of our local FedEx Office outlets do -- about $13/box... FWIW
  2. No-brainer... Wish I could justify it right now.
  3. One of the Standard Customs was subsequently 'Kahlered' & then listed on a so-cal craigslist for about a year or so @ $8000.
  4. You never know -- with the "Make an Offer" option, it just might... What a beautiful, desirable guitar!
  5. Un gran homanaje… @ 27:11 y 36:10 son mis partes favorito… 😎
  6. Oops, now I'm embarrassed... ' Nevermind '... lol
  7. Here's an interesting example some of us would've loved to have seen coming... Recent Mahogany Standard on Reverb Same Mahogany Standard on The Gear Page On the surface, this one doesn't seem to make a whole lotta' sense -- It was listed well below what it should have brought, on a fee-charging site, followed by listing on a general discussion board other than the HFC... and the dude is a long-time member here! It took all of about 4 minutes to sell it for about $100 in fees. For whatever his reason(s) being, I hope it was worth the $500 he likely missed out on by not listing it here first. (my apologies to the seller if it was a deeply personal matter)
  8. I tend to believe it's the combination of improved economy (as mentioned) & the perception of improving value/collectability (Hamer's closing). That being said, mine's been up for sale here @ $3k for two weeks with no interest. I've had some interest over on ebay & reverb, but they've wanted me to give it away to them for less than that (before fees & shipping). Must be the hardware... I'm about ready to pull it & hang on to it for a while... like most everyone else.
  9. I was fortunate enough as a young man to have my sister introduce me to Frank backstage at a show in the old Veterans Memorial Coliseum in PHX, AZ, back in about 1980-81. After a brief yet subdued chuckle, the dude was totally cool to this bug-eyed, tongue-tied, fan boy who soon after couldn't help blurting out questions about his gear. That was the day I first learned about the LPB (linear power booster) as Frank explained how he used them to get his 'sound' from the Ampeg amps he was using at the time. Fun stuff!
  10. Looks like Frank's been holding up pretty well all of these years & that I'll be purchasing a new DVD soon... https://mahoganyrush.net/dvd/
  11. Looks like the lower binding has shrunk, you cans see where it has 'shortened/pulled away at both ends. Has it come loose & been re-glued?
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