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  1. Well I know this must appear I've been slow on the uptake, mainly because I have but I hadn't been aware there's 3 new variations on Ernie Ball Super Slinkies I'm going to try out. Either the Cobalt or the 'M-Steel' that are a bit brighter sounding and the pure-nickel wound that are warmer. Going to try the Cobalts & M-Steel on the archtop as the bottom end can be a bit mushy and going to try the pure nickel wound on my custom with the Pau Ferro neck which is a tad brighter than I'd have liked but feels amazing to play, never felt anything quite like that, oil-finished maple is a mile off so I don't have another reference point to use as a comparison other than 'bloody great'
  2. Hi, I know this isn't strictly music-related but I figured someone might have an idea or be using their own DSLR for video too. I'm planning on using my old Canon EOS60D to shoot video. It's getting on a bit I guess but it still has 18 Mpixels and I have a fair selection of Canon's better quality 'L' series lenses for it. When I used to be more mobile I used to shoot quite a lot of photos, never got into video now it's just something else to combat boredom. So if anyone can recommend a reasonable quality microphone for it that's not going to cost a packet, I'd very much appreciate suggestions. it doesn't need to be some top-end super-sensitive condenser or anything.
  3. Exactly. you don't need to be playinga million notes an hour going up and down endless scales & arpeggios to be good. I sometimes think this is lost on guys like Steve Vai, although as you say some of his work is great, I loved watching him play in Frank Zappa's band and I bought 'Passion & Warfare' which in places I found kind of overblown and a bit too busy for it's own good. A bit too much technicality and lacking emotion, whereas Billy Gibbons has this briliantly dirty guitar sound and it's full of soul & emotion. I remember watching a documentary about blues and more modern artists were describing their American peers, mainly from the Mississipi delta. Keith Richards was talking about B.B King and saying how he was economical with his notes but he always hit the right note at the right time. I sort of feel like that about Billy Gibbons too.
  4. I saw VH with Sammy Hagar singing at Sheffield arena in 1993, a sterile & joyless venue where we were kept in our seats and with a security guard posted at each corner of the blocks of seating, ready to pounce on anyone even for lighting a cigarette, I couldn't believe it. I always considered getting baked at gigs part of the fun back then. Anyhow it was a very forgettable experience and the lack of DLR only added to the tedium. In the footage above it's obvious the band are holding him up with his vocals, he appears barely capable of holding on to a note for any duration and the backing vocals only serve to make it more apparent. DLR was a brilliant front man in his early VH days but what I've seen of him in recent videos is kind of embarassing and a bit sad. That bullshit he talks in between some of the songs is particularly painful I don't live in the USA but if I did I wouldn't part with my money to see this, well, whatever it is. Some performers get to a certain age and should just stop, they become past it, this is a perfect example. I remember reading somewhere recently that he's still doing coke, if that's true maybe that's the reason for this, he's blown his savings and needs the money for nose candy. Maybe some time in the next year or so we'll read that his heart exploded. I hope he has a few real friends who might get him to stop the coke if he is doing it and stop embarrasing himself with these sorry displays off past it-ness too.
  5. Nice To see ZZTop returning to their guitar-based roots for this album. I love Billy Gibbons' playing for his technique, playing mannerism and tone, I rank him among the best, even if he's not as technical as Satriani, Vai, etc.
  6. Bad Idea? my best ones usually are..
  7. I thought the test was flawed for the reasons others have mentioned, i.e. they didn't vary playing styles or make any kind of allowances for difference styles and merely chugged out a few chords on an LP through an overdriven amp, not exactly a thorough cross section of what gets done with guitars & amps. I thought they should at least have included an F scale guitar in the test too as they tend to inherently sound brighter than G scale instruments. I've found since returning to playing and being basically twice the age as last time around that my hands aren't as supple as they used to be and I wasn't blessed with long fingers so G scale guitars now suit me better, whereas I used to be happy playing either. The test still left me with some food for thought though as I'd been using 9.5-44 on all my guitars whereas I'm now using 9.5-44 on the G scaled guitars and 9-42 on the F scale ones. I've also just purchased a 25" scale instrument that I'll do an NGD on when it arrives. when I was younger and had easy access to decent music shops I'd started putting together my own string sets consisting of the equivalent of the bottom 4 strings of a 9 set but then a 10 for top E and a 12 for the B, as I started noticing the top E in a 9 set sounding a tad anaemic. This also had the unexpected benefit of there being less tuning variances on other strings on a Floyd equipped guitar as when you alter the pitch of one string it often alters the pitch of others in a floating trem situation which is why they're such a PITA when it's new string time and you have to spend some time to really get those new strings stretched in before any real tuning stability can be acheived, but this is the price exacted for having good tuning even after you've been a bit rambunctious with the whammy bar. Having to make all my purchases by mail order meant I'd made the compromise of using 9.5-44 and I'd been happy enough with that but now I'm going to try some 9s on myG scale guitars and maybe 8s on the F ones just to see what's what to my current day ear. Last time I tried 8s it felt like I might have damaged those poor fragile things but whats good enough for the rev.Gibbons, really should be good enough for me. Maybe there's some HFCers out there who could do a more thorough test than the guys in this video using a more varied range of guitars and playing styles?
  8. I had somewhat prolonged nerve pain in my middle finger from a slight mishap I had with an elctric hedge-cutter. I was cutting the hedge one day and I forget what distracted me (probably a couple of our menagerie of cats having a disagreement) but I stopped concentrating on what I was doing, just for a moment and then I felt a sudden pain and there was my middle fingertip dripping with blood and a thin straight line of a blood splatter mark going up the front of my grey t-shirt from just above my navel right up to my face. After I got the bleeding to stop I could see that luckily it was a 'clean' straight cut to the left of the centre of the fingertip and it had't been torn or chewed up by the contra-moving blades. After the initial healing of the cut I was left with a small scar. It was painful to play at first partly as I'd not played for the best part of a month so my callous had thinned but it was still uncomfortable to play for months afterwards. I found something that did help was aiding the hardening my fingertip by immersing it in 'surgical spirit' (I don't know what that might be called in America but it's a clear solution of 90-something percent alcohol, I don't know if it's the Ethyl or Ispropyl variety, with some other sort of very strong-smelling antiseptic mixed in, it's certainly a very distinctive smell) for about 20 minutes every day for a few weeks, it certainly contributed to the thickening of my renewed callous, it seemed to dry and harden the skin from the prolonged immersions, also luckily my callouses form just to the right of the centre of my fingertip so I'm not sure I was directly pressing down on the damaged nerve ending. Still it's an unpleasant thing to happen and I hope it passes soon for you.
  9. I just discovered the news of this on another site, what a huge loss to music this is, I've been a big fan of Rush since my early teens. I had suspected something like this might have been wrong when they retired from touring, but of course had hoped not, but that aside obviously playing a usually 3-hour long set of music as complex as theirs would be hugely demanding to anyone, but more so to people who are in their 60s. I only saw them live once on their 'Permanent Waves' tour in 1980 when I was 15 and not really mature enough to fully appreciate their music. There are a couple of long books I've read every few years since my 20s and each time I read them I find more things in them I hadn't noticed or appreciated on previous reading; it's a bit like this for me with Rush too, only it's music instead of literature. A life sadly curtailed by an awful disease but he acheived so much and did so much, he fulfilled his potential, lived his dream and gained huge recognition for his abilities. I'd hoped there might have been one or two more studio albums to come from Rush even though they'd stopped touring but I obviously I have an answer to that personal question now. RIP Neil.
  10. Thanks Benny, strange how it didn't appear on my own search then I click that link and Bob's yer uncle!
  11. I couldn't see anything on that link you posted re the Jazzmaster, so do you think maybe the Teles are MIJ or MIM? btw sorry for being dense but what does the 'GAS' abbreviation stand for?
  12. On the subject of gear resolutions I'm not usually a fan of Telecasters but these look rather nice, I guess they'll be made in Mexico: https://www.andertons.co.uk/fender-special-edition-custom-tele-flame-maple-top-amber
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