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  1. I just discovered the news of this on another site, what a huge loss to music this is, I've been a big fan of Rush since my early teens. I had suspected something like this might have been wrong when they retired from touring, but of course had hoped not, but that aside obviously playing a usually 3-hour long set of music as complex as theirs would be hugely demanding to anyone, but more so to people who are in their 60s. I only saw them live once on their 'Permanent Waves' tour in 1980 when I was 15 and not really mature enough to fully appreciate their music. There are a couple of long books I've read every few years since my 20s and each time I read them I find more things in them I hadn't noticed or appreciated on previous reading; it's a bit like this for me with Rush too, only it's music instead of literature. A life sadly curtailed by an awful disease but he acheived so much and did so much, he fulfilled his potential, lived his dream and gained huge recognition for his abilities. I'd hoped there might have been one or two more studio albums to come from Rush even though they'd stopped touring but I obviously I have an answer to that personal question now. RIP Neil.
  2. Thanks Benny, strange how it didn't appear on my own search then I click that link and Bob's yer uncle!
  3. I couldn't see anything on that link you posted re the Jazzmaster, so do you think maybe the Teles are MIJ or MIM? btw sorry for being dense but what does the 'GAS' abbreviation stand for?
  4. On the subject of gear resolutions I'm not usually a fan of Telecasters but these look rather nice, I guess they'll be made in Mexico: https://www.andertons.co.uk/fender-special-edition-custom-tele-flame-maple-top-amber
  5. Thanks for all your replies fellas, while those open-box items would be a good proposition to anyone residing in the USA unfortunately my being in the UK means that by the time I've paid shipping & import duty & VAT on these items, it would cost more than the new one in the UK for about £97. Please don't think for a moment that I don't appreciate your replies, I very much do - I'm just kicking myself now that I didn't buy a matched pair which I could have had for £178 from a shop in the UK. Once you put that PG on the bridge it sounds so much more lively than the '59 in the neck position. I guess you live and learn... On the plus side, the 'JB' I took off the bridge, it's one of SD's highest output Alnico 5 pickups so it now lives on my '86 Chap, where it sounds a lot more at home than on an Archtop! Ed, glad to say my bridge PG is a good one, but as I was saying just above, I'm regretting not getting the (coverless) matched pair they were offering for £178 at the time. It's so easy to get lots of harmonics and pinched harmonics from it just by slightly altering the playing position, I love it to bits. I'd put a PG on my last Archtop in 1992 and I don't remember it being quite this lively, or powerful, so I hear what you're saying re. the variability. I was looking up the price of a neck p'up on a UK store's site and they had a pair with nickel covers which was over £300, I'd been wondering if they were maybe SD 'Custom Shop' items as they had other single bridge or neck pickups with covers for £138 each. The uncovered ones I use are £97-£99. Anyway thanks for the advice, if I end up getting a badly matched neck one I could try returning it maybe. I know some people maybe turn their noses up at SD & DiMarzios these days but I've aways found them to be very good on the whole and prefer to stick with what I've known. There's other brands out there now that are said to be better but they're an unknown quantity to me so it's too much money to gamble. Anyway thanks for the heads up re. the PGs, much appreciated.
  6. Now that I have someone to help with the physical stuff I can't do for myself any more I can continue slowly turning my spare room into a VERY modest home studio. I now have some guitars and amplification, I'd maybe like 1 more guitar amp, then a small mixer, effects, monitor speakers, compressor, noise gate, (unless software versions are now available, it's 20-something years since I bought a copy of 'Sound on Sound') stereo amp to power them and then upgrade my existing i7 3770K/Z77 desktop system to something more current and maybe finally and very reluctantly relent to using Windows effing 10, as my beloved Win7/64 won't be safe to take on the internet after the end of this month. I'm still considering going totally over to Linux which I've used a fair bit in the past. Researching affordable recording / sampling / sequencing software (things have changed somewhat since I learned to use MIDI-only Cubase in the early 90s on an Atari ST with a 10" 'Hi-Res' mono monitor haha) I'd also like a couple of synths, etc, etc. that mental list we all have that never quite ends.. Main thing is I now have a little physical help, which makes all the difference for me. Also re-learning a ton of stuff I've forgotten, that's a current work in progress that never stops, e.g. learning more music theory & technique and putting it to work. My reasons for getting back into playing are maybe not quite the same as what motivates other players, e.g. I won't be able to gig again and my physical limitations are er, limiting. At best I can play/practice for about 45-50 minutes before it gets too painful and I have to stop, but at least now I'm not going out of my mind with boredom & depression and feeling like all the meds I'm on are destroying my mind & soul quite so much since I started playing again. It's been good to dispel some of the negativity that had been starting to encroach. My apologies if I've said more than I should have, or more than anyone might want to know, I'm certainly not looking for pity or feeling sorry for myself. I'm just trying to take something I used to be half-decent at once and use it to help myself cope with this not-great situation I've found myself in. I'm hoping this year will bring about some sense of fulfillment and as long as I've learned more stuff by this time next year than I can play now, I'll be happy.
  7. I clicked on the video maybe expecting to see an alternative tuning I'd not seen before instead of 3 rudimentary chords, but that aside I prefer the way Stewie Griffin Does it:
  8. So after just having had all 3 pickup selector switches replaced on my Chap, the bridge p'up volume pot on my Archtop has gone very crackly and there's a spot between the 6 to 8 - ish area where it goes completely dead. I've taken a look at the pot but it just says 'Hamer' on the back of it. Would anyone happen to know the correct CTS equivalent model number pot I need to get? I'm guessing it's a 500K one but there's a lot of different sorts of pots, I just want to make sure I replace it with one of the same quality. Incidentally I've been lucky enough to have been introduced to an instrument-maker in my own locality by my doctor, who I've got to know quite well. He took care of the switches on my chap (couldn't get the same paddle-shaped actuators the originals had, they're round, sort of cone-shaped, getting fatter towards the top but other than that they work fine) and he also did a really first-class job of re-fretting my Archtop with Jescar '55090' 18% NS which is the same as '6105'. He primarily specialises in early classical instruments, many of which are fretted and he did a beautiful job for me. I think it's far more preferrable to have a repairer in your own locality if you can find one and given my relatively thinly-populated location I consider myself very lucky to have been given this introduction. Happy New Year to everyone BTW
  9. I should have just bought the pair when I replaced the bridge pup on my archtop, d'oh! The '59 on the neck now sounds rather muddy in comparison when I switch to the neck. Anyhoo, if anyone out there has a black PG for the neck position that's surplus to requirements drop me a line
  10. I can't see anything for some reason I use the 'https everywhere' add-on for Firefox, would that be anything to do with it perhaps?
  11. It's still annoying that many of the gear-related sites I've seen recently have been crowing about the change and seeing that I've just taken the info in good faith, to then find out the situation isn't as clear-cut as they're leading us to believe. like you say, wait for the dust to settle some, I guess. This article seems to make things clearer for people from EU countries: https://reverb.com/news/cites-restrictions-on-musical-instruments-could-be-coming-to-an-end
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