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  1. Thanks for the info, it's certanly interesting to learn some more about the ESP brand but the higher-end models are a long way above my price range, as are Gibson's Custom Shop models unless my lottery numbers were to come up :O( . I was listening to a demo of a thinner-bodied E-II Eclipse and a hard-tailed E-II Horizon last night that are both fitted with the same EMG '57TW' & '66 TW' PUs on them which I liked the sound of, whereas I'd not really be interested in the the other more common EMG 81/85 combination that has been on some ESP models & other brands of guitars. I think
  2. This is a '93 Studio that was made for the German market, apparently. These pics were taken by the previous owner. The actual colour is somewhat darker than these shots make it appear as they were taken in bright sunlight, which is a pity as there's a very nice flamey top under that finish that you can barely see most of the time; I still love the guitar to bits though and wouldn't be parted from it. The blue case was a nice touch. This is my 2nd archtop, the last one I owned was in Aztec Gold and had a gold Floyd-Rose locking trem system on it so quite unusual I think, at least I've only s
  3. I've been a Rush fan since my teens, I bought 'Archives' when I was 15 and have a good number of their albums in my CD collection now. I haven't heard every album they've made but I'm listening to 'Presto' on You Tube as I'm typing this. My own current favourite album is 'Snakes And Arrows'. I've always been blown away by the technical abilities of each individual band member and only wish I'd been to more of their gigs. Maybe if I lived in Canada/USA whilst they still existed as a band there would have been more opportunities.
  4. I bought this '88 Chaparal for a good price towards the end of last year, which was very reasonable even after shipping, import duty & VAT I'd have posted a photo rather sooner but I caught a really nasty viral illness back at the start of this year that stayed with me well into March and I'm still getting over quite a long post-viral syndrome. I never thought it would go but then I started taking 2.5 grams of Vitamin C each day and it made a difference quite quickly. My GP doesn't think it was 'the' virus, as there weren't any respiratory symptoms and a lot of people in my village caug
  5. Hi Jeff and thanks for your comments, much appreciated. I'd been looking at LPs and then seen the Eclipse and the ESP brand which I'd known next to nothing about except for their very expensive USA custom shop models that George Lynch played/plays. The few web articles I've recently read about the MIJ Eclipses were very much along the lines of what you're saying. Given both guitars have mahogany bodies and mahogany set necks, I'm guessing I could change out the Eclipse's pickups if I thought it necessary. Overall the Eclipse appears to be a better-spec'd instrument, e.g. taller frets, lockin
  6. I've been looking at both these guitars, the LP Standard ('60's neck profile) in 'Unburst' and the 'Full Thickness' version of the E-II Eclipse, not the thinner-bodied version. What I'm maybe unsure about is the ESP 'Thin U' neck profile as I've not seen one. Although I've owned 2 different Gibson LP models previously, it was a long, long tme ago now and I think I'll prefer the taller frets on the ESP; also I've read that the MIJ ESPs rival or exceed modern-day Gibson build quality, (the price of the 2 guitars are just about the same in the UK) also the ESP's pickups are somewhat hotter, be
  7. Exactly. you don't need to be playinga million notes an hour going up and down endless scales & arpeggios to be good. I sometimes think this is lost on guys like Steve Vai, although as you say some of his work is great, I loved watching him play in Frank Zappa's band and I bought 'Passion & Warfare' which in places I found kind of overblown and a bit too busy for it's own good. A bit too much technicality and lacking emotion, whereas Billy Gibbons has this briliantly dirty guitar sound and it's full of soul & emotion. I remember watching a documentary about blues and more modern
  8. Nice To see ZZTop returning to their guitar-based roots for this album. I love Billy Gibbons' playing for his technique, playing mannerism and tone, I rank him among the best, even if he's not as technical as Satriani, Vai, etc.
  9. Another electronic group I happened across, 'Dreamstate Logic'
  10. One particular love of mine next to guitar-based rock/blues/jazz is electronic music. NOT commercial dance music, though I suppose you could dance to some of it. Nothing can pound on my chest or shake a floor quite like the low bass from an analogue synth, I was a bit shocked the first time I plugged a Roland Alpha-Juno 2 I used to own into an amp, omg, so powerful. I don't do drugs any more but I can still get pretty 'disassociated' on some electronic music like Klaus Schulze / Tangerine dream & others. On my internet musings I came across this chap called Madis. His sound is a lit
  11. I don't know if you're looking for a pedal type of thing or not but this preamp above will cover pretty much every Marshall amp sound, if that's what you're looking for. It comes with speaker-emulated and non-emulated L+R outputs, an effects loop and occupies a mere 1U of rack space. I got myself one in the 90s after having got sick of heaving around a couple of different heads with a 4x12 cab then a JCM 900 2x12 combo. It was a revelation to me. I bought another one this last September. You can switch between patches manually or with just about any brand of MIDI footswitch. Except for
  12. Also trailing behind somewhat with this but I have at least already bought it. Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons is oddly enough led by a chap called Phil Campbell, who spent 31 years playing guitar for Motorhead. After Lemmy's Death at the end of 2015 Motorhead ceased to exist and shortly thereafter Phil formed this band, and all the other band members except the vocalist are his sons, but as they were born in wedlock apparently Phil's missus wasn't too impressed with the band name. Really great energetic hard rock, but it's been taken in a different direction to Motorhead. I love it to b
  13. I know I'm somewhat behind the curve with this album but I stumbled into it on You Tube and it blew my socks off. Great southern-flavoured hard rock.
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