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  1. HamerJammer - please contact me - I can't send you a PM.  I would like to talk about your Rand guitars.  Thanks!  PM me here or email me at darreno27@hotmail.com.

  2. I would like to get the Pigtail from ya! ? Please send me your PP address.... Talk to ya soon!

  3. I had to purge most of my gear this year, But the Steve Stevens was one of the few that I couldn't bare to let go... Steve Stevens are my #1 Hamers and the only things close would be a Watson or KK Mini-Vee(Turbo era).
  4. Good eye, I don't think I'd have picked that one as brilliant chartreuse from the group pic. Sadly, in a fit of stupidity and because I had others on the way, I sold that one to a friend who'd been looking for another Roxie. It actually looks more like this, like you said one of the most unique colors I've ever seen on a guitar. I'm also partial to their ocean spray and leopard finishes, very unique ... probably with good reason. Jack - Yes, one and the same. I've liked Hamers for years but don't know enough about them, I mostly lurk here to pick up a few tidbits. Oh no, pure torture! Guess I missed that one.....if your friend ever decides to let it go,please give me shout. What price did you sell it for? *preparing myself for shock* That Ocean Spray looks great, really digging it!
  5. Cool GMP's AzCat, in the last row of Roxie's second from the Right, is that Brilliant Chartreuse? That is one of the most unique colors they put out, that and Brilliant Sky Blue I saw one time just kicked ass!
  6. hmmm.... we think alike! Damn, all kinds of different images are running around in my head.
  7. If their is anyone here with a SN Cali they almost be crazy NOT to sell it for $35-4,000 right now! Ok, who has them? LOL
  8. Classic eBay asshattery! Yep! You got that right! Ebay can be its own "bizzaro world" sometimes....
  9. That bidder won't pay for that, I smell fish! Look for this guitar to pop-up for sale again in a week or two....Hilarious!
  10. HAHA! MOTHER OF GOD! What's up with that guitar?? Is their some hot,busty chick included with it! WTF!!!!!!!!
  11. Hmmmm.... I'd let that zero bidder win cause it'll probably go down in one of two ways. He probably won't pay or the guy will be caught in a shill....
  12. The suspense of this auction is torture! > *insert worlds longest drumroll* If I were into Cali's, this would be the one I'd chase down due the Mahogany vs. Solid Maple tone differences. Good luck atquinn! Got my fingers crossed for ya... school those ebay light-weights, show them how its done! lol
  13. I'm with ya! I guarantee, you have better luck than me.
  14. Sounds like a plan! I'll give a P.M. when the timing lines up. It'll be cool to talk with ya
  15. That should be a event, a Les Paul shootout! Rearrange it to take place at the revamped "Ghost Town"! just did this thisafternoon, you dont wanna know LOL ( '01 standrad w/ mystery PAFs did a really really good job against R9 w/ real PAFs ) It's already over?! Man, wish I could have been there to witness it.... maybe next time. I have some "mystery" PAFs also in a R8 that I would like to compare to some real deals.
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