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  1. Hi group, Anyone in the Denver area that can help with getting an item shipped to Chicago? Thanks
  2. If you're selling an Ecstasy please contact me.
  3. Hello, Anyone passing through Cleveland and heading towards Chicago anytime soon?
  4. Interested in the TA. Where are you located?

  5. Is one better than the other? Judge only by craftsmanship, materials, etc. Not by collector value.
  6. Does that have the stock Duncan SH-5 and Sh-11 in it? How do you like that combo? Side note, the Monaco was made first. It had a small porch that sticks out in the cutaway. When you play up the neck, your hand runs into it (drives me crazy). When they made the first Monaco Elite's, which is a scaled down body size, they didn't scale down that porch, so the first 4-5 Monaco Elite's had a fucking big ass wide porch sticking out! You could fit chairs and a grill on it.Bm Stock pickups which I like a lot. If you like an amp with gain, they're a good choice.
  7. My song 'Drive-Thru Girl' with my Monaco Elite, through a James Peters Wolverine. http://youtu.be/Tq0-Xul9tTA
  8. Look at the reception i would have got if i would have posted it here....do you blame me for not posting it here? don't know about that, because it didn't happen. as far as I'm concerned there's nothing wrong with the buying/selling aspect. but you've been active on this forum, and by not listing it might rub some the wrong way.
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