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  1. Yep - I think Mini DC is hot too. Two minis flanking a reg'lar.
  2. If you somehow haven't seen this, you can correct that now.
  3. Why? That's not a joke. I'm curious as to the answer, and it may be revealing of something. I consider myself the opposite, no matter how much improvement I make, and I doubt I can change this opinion. ETA: I'm 52, with a pretty good amount of self-discipline to study and practice, but I still find myself in ruts that frustrate me enough to stop. I do my best with a good teacher. Not all teachers are good of course, but my current one checks all the right boxes for me and what I want. I'ts like buying a guitar friend, who is better than you but is willing to help, and sees the stuff you don't, and all of the other blahblahblah that I could have simply written as "get a good teacher." It's enjoyable and rewarding.
  4. I like it. I guess you have to remove the ToneAntenna to close the case.
  5. Ooh - I can join. Must see and hear.
  6. Red - Check, Gold - Check. What else is there to know?
  7. Thanks for the advice. Do you mean that I should obtain a larger quantity of expensive guitars, or just higher priced expensive guitars? I want to make sure I actually get better so I don't want to make an obvious mistake here.
  8. You always inspire me @Brooks, with your impressive musical ability and interesting budget guitars. I find that a lot more impressive than my expensive guitars and shameful amateurhackery. I want to be more like you but can't seem to break the cycle. Would actually playing the guitars on occasion help me?
  9. I love that one (and we know and love the seller though he hasn't been around here in a while).
  10. That's awesome, the whole story. I'm jealous. It looks good against that Tele too.
  11. But what if they got John Mayer?
  12. YouTube just recommended this to me, though I'm not sure why. I'm not mad at them though.
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