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  1. Sometimes the mysterious YouTube algorithm gets it right. Thanks, algorithm.
  2. Thanks, everyone. That should keep him busy for a while.
  3. My friend has a couple of vintage non-reverb Fender amp restorations on his bench, and he mentioned that he'd like to check out a good reverb pedal or two. I told him I know nothing, but I know just the folks that do. All advice and experience appreciated. Thanks!
  4. ^ Three (Sir Shark has the other). --- The distinguished provenance of the FACKYO* lineage must be carefully preserved. As the rest of us die off, we need ensure it remains in good hands. ArnieZ is a longstanding member of HFC royalty, and he graciously inherited these responsibilities henceforth. I couldn't be happier with its new steward, and also that it will no longer sit here, mocking me in its neglect. For all of my best intentions, I must admit that I'm just not an electric guitar player. A hard pill to swallow perhaps, but an honest one, and I swallow. ___ * FACKYO Guitars, a division of MuZanski Enterprises, Inc. --
  5. I can feel your excitement from here. Happy new guitar day.
  6. It couldn't happen to a better person - congratulations. Don't forget about us normal folks though, Mr. Big Shot.
  7. Feynman


    That's perfect.
  8. Sometimes I don't get us. We spend all this time complaining of the insane asking prices from strangers, the pitfalls of Reverb and eBay crap, on and on...the glory days of excellent Hamers at good prices gone... And then, here's one. A superlative example from a superlative seller at a more than fair price. Same with the orange Newport. Why haven't they both sold immediately? Are we not men? Are we the HFC??
  9. Was CE -> Now UKCA, for Brexit reasons that I'm sure make perfect sense
  10. Try asking them a question that's been already answered somewhere on their awful website. They'll treat you like you're an idiot, and send you the text and position on the website - rudely. And you'll still buy their pickups. Because you are, in fact, an idiot.
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