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  1. Agreed. Great track. Does the guitar still smell like fish?
  2. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I kind of wish I had a Monaco III now.
  3. That's what I said! Edited to add: Took a 4+ year break and still have two thousand more posts than you...man, I had a problem.
  4. Thanks, all. It's nice to see some old friends still around, and I always appreciated the advice I got here more than all other forums combined (except TGP of course - that place is the best).
  5. Ha! Has it been so long that you've all forgotten me?
  6. Hey - new guy here...looking for some quality advice. My daughter seems to have some emerging interest in picking up a bass and amp. I don't think she's very serious about it, but I generally try to be supportive... I don't want to spend real money on this, but I also don't want to buy junk that would discourage playing. I don't know anything about bass really, so I'd love to hear some advice on what I might be looking for. She seems to like the look of anything retro (a P-Bass is a good look to her). I hope everyone is doing well. I assume it's pretty quiet now t
  7. I miss this guy!

  8. Ha - the wall switch labels are from my daughters - the left one says "Don't Touch!" They kept forgetting and shutting off important things I had plugged in to a switched outlet. I have long since moved all of those things to their own dedicated circuit, but I left the labels there since they went to the trouble of making them.
  9. It doesn't get more rock and roll than my lifestyle. Merry Christmas, WyldBil.
  10. Okay, I laughed. You beat me to a funny idea I had, but I deserve it. It's here, safely with me. I'm trying to arrange a photo release from the Army, but it's not looking good. Fingers are crossed though. I should know soon.
  11. I believe you're being too modest. You clearly have the skills and ear to make any of it happen. Marty always throws a few curveballs compared to textbook pattern players, but Symphony is easy compared to most everything else I've tried. Peace Sells is a fine choice to tackle, but can the rest of your band do it too? They had no slouches on their stage. Edited to add: I can't believe I used the word 'easy.' Maybe I should have said 'straightforward' or 'conventional' or something. Edited again to remind myself that I have nothing useful to offer here. --
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