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  1. I strongly disagree with some of the comments here. I ONLY want to see hard rock performed by seasoned, grizzled rock vetrans in their 50s and 60s. I don't want to see some green kids on stage who think that Fall Out Boy is classic rock. I've seen some of you guys at Jaxx and you kicked ass. I want to see the lines on your face, the hard luck and disappointment written all over it. That's my form of rock and roll.
  2. It's kind of touching that Eddie is so close with his son. Do you think he taught him how to play guitar?
  3. Another good source of info is the "Small Luthiers Forum" on The Gear Page. Lots of Grosh posts there.
  4. I'm sorry to say that the local sheriff found a packet of heroin in John's guitar case. He didn't make it.
  5. No there is no troll about me. Phoenix, your points are well taken.
  6. You're right Dave, we are making two different arguments. All I am saying is that the modern small production Strat will feel better and sound better because of the work, care and attention put into it. Forgetting for a moment investment and resale value, EVEN IF I could get a vintage Strat for 2 grand, I would go with the Suhr or Anderson.
  7. Here is a description of an old Strat at Southworth guitars: " Shaller tuners removed, a couppla changed pots and two extra string tree holes. Minor (less than 2") body crack on bass-side cutaway (ain't no capital crime) otherwise, this 50's spaghetti logo/slabboard Strat® is all there and sounding like a warm fuzzy angry dog. The original worn frets could stand to be replaced, but we don't know your repairman or what fret wire you prefer. So, we'll knock $500 off of our asking price and you can figure it out. Also, see our refin blonde '59...choices, choices, choices. The beauty or the beast? Have a great day" This guitar is selling for $22,500! Gee, this one or a John Suhr Classic sunburst for $2300. It's a no brainer!
  8. I agree the modern luthiers I mentioned idolized Fender and Gibson. I think, however, that they have improved upon the old vintage guitars. The new ones, made one at a time, have flawless frets, impeccable neck pockets, less harsh sounding pickups, and plek finishing. I don't think anyone will argue that the old Fenders were mass production models, produced in a large factory. The only argument that holds water is, "I have played a '55 Strat and it sounded more beautiful than anything I have ever heard."
  9. I'm only expressing my opinion and my preference. I would rather have a nice, gleaming John Suhr or Anderson than any vintage ax in the world.
  10. I'll be the first to confess I've never played a vintage instrument. But it's hard to consider that a crudely made 1950's instrument will be playable and sing and sustain all over the neck the way a lovingly made modern strat or tele will that comes out of the small production guitar companies. There, you have one man, usually the owner, going over these guitars, playing them, before they leave the shop.
  11. Hi. I was browsing the famous Southworth guitars website and came upon a 1955 Strat going for $90,000. I'm just wondering why. During the early vintage days of electric guitars, Fender and Gibson didn't know what they were doing. They were winging it, playing by ear. If a strat or a Les Paul happened to sound good, it was an accident. Today, guys like Tom Anderson, Don Grosh, and John Suhr know what they're doing, they have researched and refined the art of guitar making. Their guitars sound good because that's the way they planned it. I would rather buy a new boutique Strat for $2400, than that 1955 Strat for $2400. I feel the modern small luthiers make better guitars today than the vintage instruments.
  12. Please disregard my question about the blend control; I did a google. I guess maybe Indoorstorm might be a great dealer for Suhr? The Pro series sounds like a great deal, what do you think?
  13. I'd really like to get a Suhr classic. Can anyone recommend an excellent online store to order from? Can anyone explain how the blend control works?
  14. Yea, position 4 should be neck only. That does not make sense at all.
  15. I would like to know how the pickup selections work. What combinations, settings, etc.
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