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  1. I'm getting a new guitar soon either a Lake Placid Blue tele, or this Gretsch: https://www.long-mcquade.com/192988/Guitars/Hollow-body-Electric-Guitars/Gretsch-Guitars/G5227T-Special-Edition-Electromatic-Double-Jet-BT-with-Bigsby---Two-Tone-Surf-Green-White.htm
  2. Bunch of old guys yelling at clouds in this thread.
  3. That's a great tune! Really like it.
  4. I like her side project stuff a lot, Boygenius and Better Oblivion Community Center better than her pure solo stuff, which like you I find too mellow. Boygenius is especially awesome.
  5. I like the magazine too. They also have a good podcast, good interviews with artists as well as audio folks.
  6. Pfft...since when has logic come into guitar gear? 🤣
  7. Cool stuff! Thought the drums could have been up in the mix a bit and also beefed up, maybe with some compression. Guitars and bass sounded really solid.
  8. Off topic. But related, now that Lovepedal is no more, I wonder if Hermida will start up a company again? Really nice reverbs and delays.
  9. Hey guys! My tune is called "I don't know". Here's a breakdown: I wrote it during the Covid lockdown for my wife. We were both really frustrated and saddened because we had to delay fertility treatment because the clinic was closed. Anyway, the recording: My friend played drums on his electronic kit, I took his midi tracks and used the samples from Native Instruments for the drums. Bass was another friend, he send me a DI signal and I manipulated it with Guitar Rig and some other effects. I played and recorded acoustic, electric, keys, sang and mixed it. It to
  10. Thanks for putting this together Kiz!! Super happy to have been included. Haven't had a chance to check out everyone's songs yet, I will as soon as I can. Happy new year folks!!
  11. I remember those Modern Vintage ads. There was one with a studio custom with an outrageous top that got me interested in Hamwr in the first place.
  12. I find Sweetwater annoying. I've never even bought something from them, just a free download. I told directly that since I live in Canada and shipping is a hassle, I'll never buy from them. Hopefully they won't call again.
  13. Is that where he said that Dylan made them wait around forever until he was inspired? And then whenever he asked him if he should try "x" Dylan would say, "I don't know man, what do you think?" I did some googling and that's what I found, but I was curious if you had read something more in-depth? Thanks!
  14. Yeah, I'm curious too, at this particular time why he did it. Is he going through divorce? At any rate, it's none of my business, even though I'll gossip about it. ha. Maybe we'll be hearing more Dylan songs in movies and tv now.
  15. That's not a treble booster though. It's a replica of the preamp in an echoplex.
  16. Just from your description, it seems like I'd have some reading to do for sure. Sounds like a fun platform! It's definitely on my radar, but more of a long range thing. I've been spending cash on recording stuff lately, so have to cool it for a while. I think I know what's on my shopping list for next year though!!
  17. I've been interested in that. How hard is the "designing your own effects" aspect?
  18. Every song is it's own thing, there's no rule that will apply to everything. As the writer you'll be the only one who knows if it meets your vision. It can help to work on a song, let it rest for little bit and come back to it with fresh ears to see what you like/dislike.
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