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  1. Damn, I'm of two minds on this: Part of me thinks I have enough friggin' pedals and why did I buy another? The other part is excited to try my new toy!! haha
  2. Has anyone tried a Princetone Reverb? Is it supposed to give you the overdriven sound of a princeton, or can you get clean sounds out of it?
  3. Interesting stuff. I only know a little of his stuff with Tom Waits, cool to hear him in a different context.
  4. The Playing and Technique section is pretty cool. Some knowledgeable folks there. (even they get into arguments though, nothing like a fight over the proper way to name a chord, ha!) I also like the effects section. Lots of people to ignore, but it's cool to learn about how other people use their effects. I find the Sound Lounge is the worst, a lot of threads there go downhill quite quickly.
  5. Wilco does a great cover of 13, beautiful wistful tune. I love both the original and Wilco versions.
  6. Big Star is great! What really surprised me is how Alex Chilton children sang so differently in the Box Tops and Big Star. As far as I know, in Big Star, he didn't use that low growly voice. Unless I missed it on a few tunes?
  7. Super blingy but at the same time tasteful. Wow!
  8. I've tried some here and there. I liked a model called the P-90 core. Basically like a LP type. They're older stuff had a real emphasis on ergonomics, which on one hand is good, but a lot of the body shapes in my opinion were pretty fugly. The last 4 or 5 years they've put out more traditional bodies. They don't have a lot of cachet that's for sure, I've heard resale is horrible. Popular in the jazz world. They also do a lot of innovative things with some models with pickup switching with a lot of options. They're Canadian.
  9. G Man, have you heard Nels Clines Singers? I really liked that. Nels is certainly talented, and he does so much stuff he's hard to categorize.
  10. soli'd, I have mixed feelings about Nels' playing in Wilco. I love it on Impossible Germany though!! Sometimes I find it's over the top and doesn't gel. I think that Pat Sanstrome actually is a better fit, I find when he does the odd lead here and there it's nice and melodic and he doesn't overwhelm the song like Nels sometimes does. Still, I'm not all down on Nels. For the stuff that works for me, it really works. Wilco has been a favourite of mine for a long time, they always bring it live. Can't wait for the new album!
  11. I saw it, found it super depressing. Respect his music, but he just struck me as a lonely alcoholic.
  12. Never toured, but for gigs around town, I played my Hamers. My acoustic is actually much more expensive than my hamer, play that out too.
  13. Sounds awesome. Don't kill your ears though, be careful! 😎
  14. Sounds great, is the gain all from the amp or do you have a pedal going too?
  15. It's all bullshit, plenty of awesome music and specifically rock being made. Just have to dig around a bit and not expect stuff to sound exactly like it did in any given specific era.
  16. Wow! I like that one. Not everyone's cup of tea for sure. For some reason these days I'm drawn to more unique designs. It would be nice with some pelham blue or seafoam green.
  17. Oops! 🤣🤣🤣 Edit to add: is that your band? Sounds great, I'll check out some more stuff. My reading comprehension is shitty while skimming on my phone. 😱🤣
  18. Sounds kinda like Cinnamon Girl but with a better singer. Actually a lot, i think they totally stole that riff. (not putting them down).
  19. Thanks for the tips! I just checked, Dirty Nil is actually playing the 12th: https://www.songkick.com/artists/3468641-dirty-nil/calendar Checking them out online right now, little heavier than normal for me but sounds like a good pop/punk (in a non annoying way) so far. PUP! I was confusing them with a long last band CUB, who kinda sucked, ha.
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