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  1. Is this one of those rare rosewood topped lp customs?
  2. This is my current #1... PRS HB2 artist package with rosewood neck and brazilian board:
  3. well, my father was a professional country musician waaaaayyyy back when in the 40's and 50's. in fact, he appeared several times on the old Midwestern Hayride program (which was later replaced by Hee Haw). somewhere in the 60's he started managing music stores and from there went on to run his own store for many years... it was a really cool place to hang out while i was young and growing up... all through the 70's... i ran into a LOT of cool musicians (it was in the college town of Muncie, Indiana and was called Rocky's Music Center)... many of which were kind enough along the way to give
  4. mine is a reference to john lennon's reference to paul in "how do you sleep"... the sound you make is muzak to my ears... but i spelled it a bit differently
  5. you were correct sir! you should be able to send me something now.
  6. well, you could just wire it to where you have Bridge humbucker... Bridge and Neck single coil... and Neck humbucker... then no mods required and you got a great "quack" in the middle position! a bit limiting... but still getting some use out of the unbuckers!
  7. well, Jon Herington (Steely Dan) certainly changed his pickups out on his Tally Pro... i believe he went with Fralin unbuckers? that gave me more Fender-esque tones... which made me wonder... why didn't he just go with a regular Tally? but, he does get some pretty good sounds out of it the way he's got it set up. check this out... there was another video of him onstage with Jol and talking about the mod's he made to his Tally Pro... but i can't find that video for some reason.
  8. OMG so YOU'RE the one! LOL... i remember when that hit their website and i was getting ready to call in and ask how much... and before i knew it - GONE! looks amazing! how does it play/feel? congrats my friend!
  9. Thanks guys! i see my custom built Tally made it into a couple of posts here. i've been out of work for a little while now and i honestly thought i was going to have to sell it for a while there... but i'm glad i did not! the one killer thing that stands out on my guitar (at least to me) is the DARK brazilian fingerboard! i remember when i ordered it... i asked them for a dark brazilian board with consistent color and no "odd streaks" running through it. so, when i first saw them post the guitar on their work shop blog (which is where the 2nd pic above came from) i was shocked... because
  10. now THIS guitar deserves a TRIPLE WOW! very nice sir!
  11. my Triple Threat may not count... but my Talladega is a true custom order... and she be loaded... even the case!
  12. man!... great score! and i think it's gonna look just killer in natural! a single neck PAF would be since too! i'll be anxious to see what it looks like when it's all done and comes to life! congrats!
  13. If you like Hamer enough to be a member of this board, why do you have other non-Hamer guitars? (I know why I do, but I want to know why *you* do) i don't mean this in a disrespectful way... but this one - to me - is a bit of a silly question. simply put... we are all lovers of guitars here right? and hamer isn't the ONLY brand... but it is a very good brand! also, not all of my "other" guitars are big brand names... a "vinetto" for example. Do you want more Hamer USAs? yes... i'd LOVE to have more... and i'm currently thinking about another custom order... OR i've also had my eye on thi
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