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  1. singlehum

    Carolina Discount Music?

    I'm told it was in Franklin (?).
  2. Anybody remember this shop? I believe it was in North Carolina.
  3. "Item no longer available"
  4. Pics of Junior also, please. Unfortunately, I don't know the one. Thanks!
  5. Lefty. Damn. There was another similar lefty one of these that turned up here not long ago. Edit- it is the same one.
  6. Sad news. I've liked the Smithereens since I first heard them in the 80s and have caught them live a whole bunch of times. They seemed to play pretty steadily over the years, even after original bassist Mike Mesaros left around 2006 (apparently to focus on family). Within the last couple of years, Mesaros rejoined the band for a handful of shows, and I was fortunate enough to catch three of them in 2017; one at Daryl's House in NY and two consecutive shows in July at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ. I'm pretty sure those Asbury Park shows were the last gigs the original lineup played together before Dinizio's passing (get out and see the bands you like when you have the chance...you just never know when the last time might be). I'm glad I made the effort to get out and see those shows...Mesaros was amazing and the entire band just killed it. Mesaros did say that the band was working on new material, implying maybe it may be out sooner rather than later, stating "Well, we're not getting any younger". As someone here mentioned, Dinizio had some persistent health challenges - over time, he'd gained some weight, and had taken a couple of serious falls in recent years resulting in him having a tough time getting around as well as the loss of mobility in his arms. At this years shows, someone had to hold a cup for him to drink out of with a straw. He hasn't played guitar on stage in a long time, but his voice has remained strong. The Daryl's House show from this year was recorded and can be seen here: Smithereens - Live at Daryl's House 5-27-17
  7. I'm looking at buying a guitar from Canada. Guitar was originally made in the US, and contains maple and rosewood (not Brazilian). (Private) seller has no real knowledge of CITES regulations, and I've found differing info on the web as to if or how the regulations would apply. Anybody here dealt with buying from Canada and/or know the facts? Thanks.
  8. singlehum

    1992 Hamer Special???

    What's the mini toggle for?
  9. I believe there were 777 of the LNGs with the signature. The hand rest on the trem was only on some and is more sought after. The matching number case is a plus also. Stories are out there that some only had signed back plates and non numbered cases for various reasons. A similar one recently sold in that range...was described as being unplayed.
  10. If I have this right, it looks like Atomicwash is the next USA recipient...PM sent for your address.
  11. Are we all in agreement that the loaner book should make the US rounds first and then on to Europe?
  12. singlehum

    How Tubes Are Made

    Saw this a while back on TV....this one has a narrative. Here's a couple of other music-related episodes from the series;: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDiHtN3sg_c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhDG5lVw640
  13. singlehum

    Really Thorn?? Happy Bday!!

    Have a good one!