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  1. Boss Katana all day long. The 50 is great. Bigger footprint but songs great
  2. Near Mint Mesa Boogie Mark V 25. Super light powerhouse amp, great cleans, IIC mode, etc. With foot switch and cover. I have original packaging $1075 plus shipping/insurance CONUS
  3. Keller chapifornian or whatever we wanna call it...
  4. I have played many EBMM guitars and own several. They are very much like Hamer. Underrated, excellent quality USA made guitars.
  5. Sucky. Hoping things turn up. And justice is served.
  6. If I recall, that cali was in for a refin. Not a new build.
  7. Nothing says 'bad ass' quite like that. And the name is menacing is well.
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