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  1. I think it's called granite. Not to be confused with marble, the hand painted finish by O'Connor.
  2. I've been angling to get a Hydrasynth since it blew onto the scene last Sept. Popped out of nowhere (albeit project lead is an industry scion). New company (ASM) with unheard of mature beta keyboard -and- desktop models; shipped within 4 months. Powerfull in terms of capability, but the interface is very intuitive. Yes, I've downloaded the manuals. Have been close to getting one a couple times already, but hit a finding rut each time. Was about to order one on Thursday; the day it was back in stock at Sweetwater after a month. Wouldn`t you know you it, my computer blew up on me Wed
  3. Definitely Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow w/Dio. Love the songs, plus I've got a career and can't take much time off.
  4. Where do you drop off your now-labelled package? UPS Service Center or will a "The UPS Store" storefront work? Am assuming a mom and pop shipping center won't do it.
  5. There are some notable exceptions. The Trainwreck Express/Liverpools start distorting at the -power- tubes first. As you increase the (only) volume knob, the preamp tubes then start distorting in -reverse- order. I've built one of each myself; same circuit topology, just some tweaks to accomodate the different power tubes (el34 vs el84). Set the amp volume at one oclock and control all from your guitar. The clean and distorted output levels are the same volume. As you roll the guitar volume knob up, you can hear as each gain stage kicks in. Its a unique, and some what limiting desig
  6. I second that. Got one brand new 15+ years ago and was just expecting a certain sound. It didn't have it. Was before I really discovered pickup swapping, so out it went. Would dearly like to give one another go with the stock pickups. Plus side is El Duave ended up with it (eventutally) as one of his main guitars, so it's still in the family.
  7. I can attest to the Studios being chambered only on one side. The tap test.; I have two. The non-knob side.
  8. Been away from the forums a lot recently. So sorry to hear of your loss. I can relate somewhat. Lost my Dad last month to Covid 19. Was in a nursing home in Gaithersburg recovering from a broken leg. Tested positive, but was asymptomatic for almost 30 days. Gone in 2.
  9. I've been a synth fanatic since I first heard an entire piece with synths; Switched on Bach. First taste was at Disneyland in 72, the Mainstreet Electric Parade and it blew me away, but was a kid and had no concept of what a synth was. Fast forward and was playing bass in a progressive/art rock band in the 80s. Guy on keys was fantastic, so just got a Korg Delta for occasional flavor. Out of bands since, but the fever has come and gone quite a few times over the years. Polysix, Matrix1000, VirusB, AN1X, MicroQ and a few others. Latest is a Novation Peak. Absolutely fantast
  10. It's a recognition of the recordings significance but also a separate, secure physical repository. Because of things like this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Universal_Studios_fire
  11. Still got my ADA Ampulator. Havent used it in quite a while, should probably fire it up. Rundown . . . basically what RobB said.
  12. For some reason, I've never found an Ash guitar that sounds right to me.
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