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  1. He was a great guy to talk with. I met him at Bruce’s place back in 2010. He fought a similar cancer to the one I had and we chatted a few times about it in recent years. RIP Ray.
  2. He was a good guy, for sure. RIP. ?
  3. Just some unplugged riffs. It was after the show, so no time for a real test. He thought it could be set up as a cool slide guitar and was fascinated with the case as well
  4. This is the amp section of a 5F6A I built for a friend of mine back in '06. It's a Weber kit.
  5. Damn. If that Powerball ticket pays off tonight, I'll give you a call. What a beauty!
  6. I just had an artistic idea pop into my head - can a "boomer be reworked into an "S" while maintaining the lines of the lower portion? I wonder if that would be legal. I wish I had photoshop…. As far as the rest of this goes, I think it's a fantastic idea. I wish Mike all the best of success. I'll have to sit out this round, but maybe someday…….
  7. I played this one today. Great tone and feel! (null)
  8. REO. "Tough Guys". Richrath used the pinch harmonic quite nicely in a number of tunes
  9. Speaking of chord progressions, did Van Halen's "Little Dreamer" rip off "Hotel California"? Try it!
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