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  1. He was a great guy to talk with. I met him at Bruce’s place back in 2010. He fought a similar cancer to the one I had and we chatted a few times about it in recent years. RIP Ray.
  2. There’s a thread going off the rails and down an embankment over in the Outer Circle if you’re interested. Still, that is pretty crappy news. The prognosis is good but the treatment SUCKS.
  3. I thought it was Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  4. I know what he’s in for. It’s not a smooth road. It hurts like hell to swallow your food and the radiation burns are very uncomfortable. Bruce Dickinson got through it and came back. Hope the same goes for DM
  5. He was a good guy, for sure. RIP. 😔
  6. Just some unplugged riffs. It was after the show, so no time for a real test. He thought it could be set up as a cool slide guitar and was fascinated with the case as well
  7. Thundernotes


  8. This is the amp section of a 5F6A I built for a friend of mine back in '06. It's a Weber kit.
  9. Damn. If that Powerball ticket pays off tonight, I'll give you a call. What a beauty!
  10. I just had an artistic idea pop into my head - can a "boomer be reworked into an "S" while maintaining the lines of the lower portion? I wonder if that would be legal. I wish I had photoshop…. As far as the rest of this goes, I think it's a fantastic idea. I wish Mike all the best of success. I'll have to sit out this round, but maybe someday…….
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