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  1. I thought I had seen that one before. It was sold on Reverb by Mahar's Vintage Guitars Hamer USA Standard 12 String Explorer 1 of a Kind 2007 Sunburst
  2. Put a '07 Standard 12 string on my Reverb watch list this morning. $5400 + so figured I'd get popcorn and wish. Gone in 3 hours! I agree. Prices are up on US Hamers.
  3. The only thing I can say about getting old is that I seem to be doing somewhat better than my friends and family that didn't.
  4. Big news this morning The Foo Fighters are coming to Anchorage in August! I wonder if they will be doing "I started a joke."?
  5. Not for no $110! If the letters are 'mostly' gone $65.50 is as high as I'll go. Please send pics of front and back and closeups of pits.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I tried but got the Won't ship to Alaska note. Contacted PaulC and he said "No Problem" But all had sold out by the time I got back. Boohoo. Maybe another time.
  7. @Bennyboy-UK Do your homework. Get your pounds in a pile and be ready. The good ones don't last very long when they come up for sale.
  8. Did you get a chance to ask the big question? Is the Timmy really just a copy of the OD Eleven? Inquiring mind really doesn't care
  9. Only 2 Artists. Only 2 Newports. Only 2 Studios. Does that make a trilogy of not quite enough Hamers?
  10. Electric Guitars Solid Body Hamer Hamer Chaparral 1993 red Good $1,200 + $499 Shipping Listing Sold
  11. Glad to hear the Newport has arrived and is a player. Newports are such great guitars I'm glad that one found a home where it will be enjoyed. "it rapidly all went downhill from there with US Hamer’s." That hill can become a slippery slope quickly. Watch your wallet.
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