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  1. I bought one when they 1st came out. Given the same option today I would probably buy the Reverb Deluxe.
  2. I never really collected comic books. But I bought a ton of them and kept most. They went missing after I went into the air force in '69. My folks moved. I never thought about it much. Years later, while back in Michigan on a visit, my nephew was bragging up his comic collection. While looking through it, I couldn't help notice how many of his comics were just like the ones I had owned. I can't prove it or even say that I really care. After all, I did pretty much abandon everything I left when I left. But I doubt I'll ever get passed the thought that my brother, who never spent a dime on comic books and laughed at me because I did, may have snuck off with a couple hundred books and never admitted to it.
  3. Happened to catch the beginning of Top Ten Revealed with Katie Daryl on AXsTV this week. I found the new set appealing Sorry about the lousy pic. I stole it off of YouTube and it didn't transfer well, you can see it better here. 1st ten seconds is all you need. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-Zz2Qq4cd0&list=PLWJWxlMjElu3qeTYMB2qCBUFl7QJNdOCI
  4. Not mine. On eBay. Pricey but looks good. Get it while you can. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HAMER-USA-STANDARD-HARD-CASE-ONLY/113892494015?hash=item1a84858abf:g:xOkAAOSw7OVdgV4R
  5. When I was a kid I collected rocks. When I got older guns. Then guitars. Now dust.
  6. I can hardly wait to show my friends the beat to shxt Fender Custom Shop Relic that I paid over 4 grand for... at walmart!!!! NO THANKS. I may not like GC all that much but I don't buy from walmart. EVER!
  7. Here's one that trips all my Po'd buttons. PLEASE don't tell me or show me anything about what you are selling. It makes it so much easier to not contact you. electric guitar - $500 (Anchorage) condition: excellent delivery available guitar looks & sounds amazing! lots of sustain & tone beautiful abalone & mother of pearl inlaid block accents low action & easy to play very good condition with a straight neck never gigged with rare model to find looks & plays like a Gibson with nice dual humbucker pickups includes a soft guitar case / gig bag & a stand
  8. TTT Because I heard they were doing it again this week-end.
  9. So much going on with CITES issues and Rosewood lately. Here's a story from the morning paper. Good news for some probably not so much for one dealer though. ANCHORAGE (KTUU) The Anchorage School District got a pleasant surprise earlier this month when the US Department of Fish and Wildlife donated a set of electric guitars to the district. But these aren't the cheap plastic ones you might expect to find at a school. They are hand-crafted, unique guitars, made out of Brazilian rosewood, a wood you can't make guitars out of anymore. Owen Parduhn plays guitar in the West High jazz band, and his new guitar is changing his sound. “Feels a lot more easier for me to play than my stratocaster, and this one actually has a lot more frets and stuff so I can go higher up on the fret board." Parduhn says. That's just one of the 10 Paul Reed Smith guitars donated to ASD. Ten guitars with a very unique history “They were sold to a dealer, then sold to another dealer, who then tried to ship them overseas,” says ASD Director of Fine Arts Bruce Wood. “But because they have rosewood in them, you can't do that without special permission, and these guitars did not have that permission, so on the way to Hong Kong, they were seized by US Fish and Wildlife, brought back to this port of entry, and... so they sent me an email asking if we might be interested." And they were interested. The guitars were given to all of the high schools in the district. “In our jazz programs, high school kids will get to use them, and we hope to have some absolutely rocking jazz bands because of it." Wood says. The guitars are worth quite a bit of money. Their estimated retail value is $54,000, but it's hard to put a price on the memories they'll make. “I'm definitely gonna remember this thing when I’m graduated." Parduhn says. D
  10. "The 2006 version also has a mahogany control cavity on the back. " Damn! That would sure be handy.
  11. Good deals on amps Bubs. But I'm waiting for that Princeton.
  12. I got a "Special Offer" from eBay on that one. 10% off! I'd be happy to pass it along if anyone is interested. Because you showed interest in this item, the seller sent you this private offer. A few other interested buyers also received this offer – it won’t last long. Hurry and take advantage right away! Offer: $13,500.00
  13. I'm sorry, but you probably won't be happy at TDPRI either. I'm pretty sure that both TGP & TDPRI are owned and operated by the same group. https://www.tdpri.com/search/86184231/?q=scott+peterson&o=relevance
  14. Having been an asshole for most of my life and clueless for only the past few years I won't take affront to anything said 0n forums. I guess that's why I haven't been banned here, there or anywhere. A quote from the TGP thread I frequent. "Don't get out of the boat."
  15. What a bunch of whiners! This place is starting to sound like The Gear Page. Bottom line is the same as it has always been. If you don't like the Fn content don't click on the Fn button.
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