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  1. I know it's off the subject but seems to me, that after all these years old Jim should be at least a 0007 by now. I mean don't those super spies ever get promoted?
  2. Strange indeed! I suggest you send a Thank You note to Amazon thanking them for the promotional material and ask when to expect the items you ordered.
  3. Depends on the day. Usually I have too many. Occasionally I have to have one more.
  4. I try not to believe everything I read, except when I read it in The Book. And The Book. says on page.49 paragraph 1 "The design was simple: Jol drew out a tracing of one of their 1950s Les Paul Juniors and added humbucking pickups."
  5. Current plans ate to hide and watch. Hopefully someone with more imagination and room will beat me to it.
  6. So... I guess most of you agree. It would be cool as is IF I had the right place for it But I don't. I started out thinking about the wood pile he has. That 100 year old wood might turn into an interesting guitar. But I have so many unfinished projects already. I think I'll let this sit for awhile and see if someone with more energy jumps in.
  7. I guess I've been self quarantining too long. Found myself trying to come up with a way to repurpose this; It came out of a piano in Nome Ak around 1900. https://anchorage.craigslist.org/atq/d/anchorage-old-nome-piano/7132191899.html
  8. I've played that tune way too many times. I don't do it anymore. Got too old. But I'm proud to say that when the Army/Air Force base national cemetery in Anchorage tried to use Taps from a can a few years back, there were enough veterans who offered to play live at every funeral that it's not done from a recording here. Mostly.
  9. I am suppose to be down sizing, not adding to my pile. So I don't rush into things as much as I used to. I usually let CL ads run for a week or so to give someone who can actually play guitar a chance before I make inquiries. After reading about your new guitar day I put this one on the watch list. But still gave the rest of the world a chance to step in line ahead of me. Then he jacks the price! I just don't understand the theory behind listing something for sale, then when no one buys it, raise the price by 50%! I guess that's why I never made it as a business man. I'll give him another week or so and if it's still available, maybe I'll give him a call. https://anchorage.craigslist.org/msg/d/anchorage-taylor-12-string-jumbo-855/7123829251.html
  10. About the time you 1st posted this, a 355 popped up on the local CL. For a grand! I decided to wait and see. Got some extra cash yesterday so went looking again this morning. Now $1500! Oh well.
  11. I had one almost exactly like that one. Except no binding. Except the sustain block bridge Except the 79 was backwards on mine. Well it was BLACK anyway.
  12. Well there you go Bubs. I live in a fantasy world of what a well built instrument should be worth and you are forced to trudge along in reality.
  13. I'm, sure you are right. I wouldn't argue with a guy who has probably had 10 of them. But for some of us newer types I think $550.00 wasn't bad. I call cheap most anytime I see a USA Hamer with no breaks and most of it's original parts sell at epiphone prices. And while the pick guard may cover a huge hole it wouldn't be any harder to repair than one that had been routed for a Floyd. So it may not be 350 but IMO it's not bad for 2020.
  14. Went pretty cheap and evidently damn quick. Anybody here know anything? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1982-Hamer-USA-Prototype-Electric-Guitar-w-Hardshell-Case-/283877435343?hash=item421869e7cf%3Ag%3ASioAAOSwV2hevIMQ&nma=true&si=Jdx28QfG3EJZpDbZ4Dn5bGgO%252F04%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  15. New guys, old guys, we all need to follow the rules Don't post your offers to the seller in the thread - use the PM or email function.
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