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  1. And at less than the cost of a new one without having to wait for the next SNS. Great pedal! GLWTS
  2. Looks like GC still has some. Clearance priced. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Guitar-Accessories.gc#pageName=collection-page&N=45758+16374&Nao=0&recsPerPage=30&postalCode=75027&radius=100&profileCountryCode=US&profileCurrencyCode=USD And available on Reverb too.
  3. I was chasing one of those when I found my 1st Hamer Studio. A '95. Since then, I look at the Gibsons when they show up, but buy Hamer when I want another guitar. Here's a pretty one I saw on Reverb this week. I liked it... Until I read the story. I can buy a damn fine Hamer, unmolested, for a lot less than this fake double cut. But I did find it to be pretty. https://reverb.com/item/28670923-gibson-les-paul-standard-1974-turquoise-celebrity-owned
  4. Got this in an e-message this morning. For those of you into Schaller parts, now might be the time to buy. " We just received word that Schaller® prices will be going up a jaw dropping 40%. We highly recommend that you purchase ASAP before the prices increase and while supplies last. We will never see these prices again!"
  5. Everyone should own... ONE! But if you've got room, have one with Seth Lovers, Add an orange sparky so you can swap pickups whenever you want. Then get the one with 6 extra strings. It will really change your outlook on life. Just don't get that fn' arthritis. It makes all of the above pretty stupid. But on the good days that 12ver is just glorious!
  6. That's a good point but I think the 6"x9" and 4" would be part of the "charm" for this amp. I don't see a jack for an ext. speaker but a work around usually isn't too hard. Thank you! That was what I was looking for. They seem to have a good reputation. I may give the guy a call. He's pretty close and the price seems good. But I sure don't need another amp right now.
  7. Anybody have experience with Vintage 47 amps? There's a Cowboy Tonemaster by Vintage 47 on the local CL at what seems like a good price and I am being tempted.
  8. They do well with Filtertrons too.
  9. Rumor is they are going to ease the CITES restrictions this month. So there is hope.
  10. Great score! Congratulations.
  11. I hate to nitpick but I think on the Brit circuits it would have to be a tonne of output.
  12. Lot's of good choices already mentioned. I'd add a Palmer DREI if you can find one. 5-15 watts and clean to mean with choice of 3 different power tubes.
  13. Such a pity. But I'm safe. Shipping: Does not ship to Alaska/Hawaii
  14. Sorry, this listing has ended. Anybody fessing up?
  15. Pretty interesting. I might have to give him a yell about a 4 holer.
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