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  1. Ooops! Sorry! I was thinking you had gotten the green one. I gotta learn to keep my keyboard shut until my meds kick in.
  2. Am I missing something here Dave? Didn't you return that guitar to Sam's for not disclosing a ding on the neck?
  3. 1. For now? 2. Till the end of the month? 3. Till Christmas? Maybe I should have started a poll.
  4. Wanna make a deal? What color would you like?
  5. Hbom

    Explorer with EMG pu´s

    EMG makes a number of different pickups. I would need more information to answer your question. Active/Passive? Style? Size/shape?
  6. I got some from Sammy on Reverb last year. 152b or something like that. He is only listing black today but I'd send him a request and see. https://reverb.com/shop/big-sammys-house-o-gear
  7. I won't win any prizes cause my memory is bad about those days. But I went to The Grande Ball Room in Detroit pretty regular from '66 to'68. Saw lot's of good acts. Janus, The Doors. Nugent and the Dukes played there a lot. But B4 there were concerts we went to The Roller Rink! The Beach Boys, Reviaras, Jan & Dean, The Ventures, The Kingsman. All of them played the Hamiliton Lake Skating Rink during those early years. Just a few hundred kids banging there hips together. Good times. Sometimes I wish I could remember them better.
  8. Hbom

    OLD Guitar Finish Ideas

    WOW Chris! That one always makes me green with envy. That is one fine Standard. And probably the one that lead to this; Me "I've been told you don't do checkerboards and I don't like metal flake. Other than that I am wide open and looking for suggestions." He "I do checkerboard. " Me "Little surprised to see you still do checkerboards, I thought I had read that you didn't want to do those anymore." He "I think the no checkerboard thing is from Chris Matthes teasing me because it is a bit labor intensive. :))" So color is still undecided but we are moving forward.
  9. Looking for Truss rod and Cavity covers for 82 Vector Also interested in early '80s Floyd Rose. Prefer HAMER marked in gold but black might be OK. Thanks Doug
  10. Hbom

    OLD Guitar Finish Ideas

    Thanks Chris. PM sent Wow! That would look awesome! But I think it's a little beyond my skill set. Painted checkerboard has been discussed....
  11. Hbom

    OLD Guitar Finish Ideas

    Thanks Steve. I'm thinking the switch will go away. But still too early to make any definite decisions. Maybe I'll take away the switch and put in a blue LED that blinks every time I play a Gsus.
  12. Hbom

    OLD Guitar Finish Ideas

    So it looks like the consensus is that I couldadonebetta. Not surprised. Got 2 more pictures from the seller. Shows the guitar before it changed. Looks like it was red and the owner wanted purple. Seller says he bought it as is with plans to put it together that never developed. I don't know if he got the hardware or if he sold what he bought. Seems like a good guy, has more Hamers and has been upfront with good answers to my questions. @Dave Scepter "Cool, You gonna keep that splitting switch?" Too early to tell. Still looking for answers and suggestions.