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  1. I wonder if it is because they want to sell the new gear rather than the used stuff. They borrow to buy new, but pay squat for the used gear. So maybe they would prefer to sell the stuff they are paying interest on and took the used stuff down to encourage us to clear their shelves of their debts.
  2. No. That guitar was on CL here in Anchorage and I helped Nathan with the purchase and shipping. TRUTH: That one taught me not to post PSAs here on local stuff. Guitar listed Cl price was fairly low. I did a PSA here and the seller got hammered with e-mail from Hamer guys and the price went up a bunch. Probably cost Nathan half again as much as if I'd just kept my keyboard shut and gone and got it.
  3. I knew somebody around here would want them. Glad it worked out for you.
  4. When I 1st saw these I never thought they would make it a week on Reverb. When I posted the link here, I was pretty sure they wouldn't make it through the night. Many thanks to whoever bought them. You have restored my faith in Hamer nuts.
  5. Almost hen's teeth for so long. These saddles have been on Reverb for a week and only gathered 4 watchers. https://reverb.com/item/32879326-hamer-vintage-sustain-block-bridge-saddles
  6. Aw shucks I missed it. Did they have the Hamer 12 Bass sitting in the corner?
  7. I like using a 5-way switch that gives me all the tele sounds plus a humbucker/P90/mini-hum whatever in the neck.
  8. "Hey, i'm only 41. I need you guys to tip me off to the stuff that was good" Looks like you got the word on this one and chose to opt out. At your young age, I imagine you will get the opportunity to realize where you went wrong.
  9. Several that will do that. I like the Low Gain Mosferatu. Or most of the Zens, Eternity COT. So many flavors. My advise would be to find $50.00 and pull up a chair at the next SNS myshopify sale. Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page https://lovepedalcustomeffects.myshopify.com/ Fair warning: They are a kinda like a Lay's potato chip. P.S. @Montelovesco, I had forgotten that you are in Germany. Shipping to Europe is more than the $6 USPS special that LP gives us. So I would suggest that you dive in for 3 or 4 pedals.(if you get the $50 boners it's a heck of a good deal) They should all ship for the price of one. And you can tell your wife you "saved on shipping!"
  10. I'm sure you are right. It came to me 2nd hand in that box.
  11. Here's some pics of the SSB from #7 0124. It has the pick guard shim that is 0.0930" thick. I am sorry for the pics but the darn thing is not cooperating this morning.
  12. Seems like a couple months ago I read that Etsy had bought Reverb? IIRC the general consensus at the time was that Reverb would be going to the crapper. Looks like all those negative nellies were right. Bummer for sure.
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