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  1. I don't know if there are any left but I was able to get some from Big Sammy's House O' Gear on Reverb a while back. If not, you might try Mann I think his parts would fit. Big Sammy's House O' Gear | Reverb MannMade USA Hamer Sustain Block Bridge - Nickel | John Mann's Guitar Vault | Reverb
  2. Back again. Looks like Wolfe's bought it, bumped it and are eager for you to jump on it. 2005 Hamer - Monaco III Grand Ole Opry Anniversary - Shiraz Red | Wolfe Guitars | Reverb
  3. I just went from a 17 string something to a 1 string Hamer in 2 clicks. I'm going back to bed. This dream is too intense for Thursday.
  4. "Happy to be surprised" "not the kind of stuff that turns up that regularly" "Happy to buy from anywhere in the world. " https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-Slammer-Guitar-Custom-Star-Wars-Millennium-Falcon-Body-Estate-Find-Music/233953965056?hash=item3678be3400:g:RH8AAOSwpK9gaa5D
  5. Looks like one more step on the road to recovery. www.Love Pedal.com
  6. Looks like it didn't pass inspection. Now available at GC Tucson. Used Hamer Artist Standard Korina Hollow Body Electric Guitar 2 Tone Sunburst | Guitar Center
  7. Steve's singing Copperhead Road on Oprylive, Circle TV this week.
  8. Electric GuitarsSolid Body Hamer Hamer SATFW-DCB The Archtop Double Cutaway Dark Cherry Very Good $1,050 + Shipping Listing Sold 5 Offers 8 Watchers
  9. Switchcraft Mono Long Input Output Jack. 152b IIRC
  10. Don't look all that good. But I'm guessing they look better than Jim, Jimi or John.
  11. Towards the end of the last SNS. (The real LAST one, not last night) Sean said that some reseller on the East coast had bought all of the remaining Red Moon Tchulas. I guess he must of reneged on the deal cuz Sean seems to still have a few. Hmmm.
  12. After reading the description for this guitar I have a pretty good idea of what they took out of their name and replaced with the -(dash) Hamer Vector Flying V Sunburst Flame Electric Guitar and OEM Sculpted Case | eBay
  13. That's the one I remember. Came up local CL and I sent it to Nathan.
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