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  1. I think that part of the problem is that you are not the only ones here that got into the Lovepedals. Your prices are great, but I have one. Or I had one and don't need another. You pay a price for Reverb, eBay, TGP, ect. But more eyes means more offers. It also has obvious security issues and all the related shit that goes on outside of The HFC. 2cents
  2. That's a beauty. But ya gotta have a number. Since I can't help much with current value, I would suggest you start really high and let the market talk ya down to a fair trade. GLWTS I wish I was able.
  3. Not a Saturday Sale but there are Purple Plexies and Amp11s on LovePedal Reverb. Lovepedal Custom Effects | Reverb Anybody care to teach an old guy the correct way to pluralize a Plexi?
  4. The case fit the guitar pretty well. Only issue was the cut out for the switch was off. I moved it over about an inch.
  5. OK. You asked for it. I A few years ago I heard about a '97 Standard for sale. It was in a town down the ocean from me and the seller couldn't sell it there but was reluctant to ship because he didn't have a case for it. Having never owned a Standard I was all excited and made several overtures to try to convince him. Eventually he agreed to sell to me if I sent him a case to ship it in. I'd all ready asked here, there and everywhere for a USA Standard case but couldn't find one. So I bought an SKB case from a big box store. It was made for an Explorer, and I thought should fit a Standard. I thought that would give him a safe case for the guitar and a box to ship it in too. It was advertised with "Free Shipping" so that was supposed to cover the 1st leg of the trip. Turned out it was "Free Shipping" except to Juneau Ak. So I wrestled with them for a while and they agreed to send the case USPS ground at my expense. Which really means USPS water, and the barge had problems with weather so took almost a month to get there. Seller was losing interest. He said the box the case came in was all f'd up and he didn't want to ship the guitar that way. Also the guitar didn't fit the case! The cutout for the selector switch was wrong and he was afraid it would break the switch. Didn't hear from him for about 3 weeks. Eventually we worked it out. I had him unscrew the switch and let it go into the body ( I had to move the hole over a little to get it to fit) and he rebuilt the shipping box and sent it on up to me. Great guitar. Lot's of rock and fun to play. Too big for me. Moved it on pretty quickly. Cost of the guitar- very reasonable for that time. Cost of case and shipping adjusted to 2021-way more than it was worth. Conclusion- IF A USA STANDARD DOESN'T HAVE IT'S OHSC -$500.00 I did end up with a story not worth the time it takes to tell.
  6. Nice guitar. Dave's is special. That's for sure. Just looking at the NEW LISTINGs, while checking out the Robin, and 3 nice guitars show up and immediately sell or go on hold. '79 Dean Z. 95 Korina Standard #47. And a gibby ES335 TD 12 string. All went in about 15 minutes!
  7. Can't remember his name, but I do remember wanting to wash my hand after I shook his.
  8. There be a lot of good music in that little box. Every time I think about buying another amp. I plug into my TA-15 and realize that I already have that base covered.
  9. Nice guitar. Wasn't somebody looking for a 1st fret inlay and gold hardware Hamer recently?
  10. Here's one on Reverb. 1998 Hamer USA 25th Anniversary Artist Cherry w/HSC | Loudmouth Guitars | Reverb also on ebay 1998 Hamer USA 25th Anniversary Artist Cherry w/HSC | eBay
  11. Bad Cat Unleash works pretty well. But it will never do what a large room and 12" speakers pumping air do.
  12. I'm sorry. There are so few N Ps available that I don't really consider color as part of the equation. Condition? Maple or spruce top? Seths or Phat Cats? Bigsby? Colors pretty much sound the same to me.
  13. I think, if you think $1700 is too much for a Newport Pro you are about 2 years too late to the party. GLWYS
  14. I don't gig so have nothing important to say. But I started using 3 monkey cables last year and Grandson #1, who does play out with his garage band of grungies, has been happy ever since.
  15. Seems like there's a new death notice of someone in rock everyday now. RIP Rickie Lee Reynolds. Black Oak Arkansas guitarist Rickie Lee Reynolds dies at 72 (nagalandpost.com)
  16. I fall on the other side of the fence when it comes to chrome and do my best to keep mine tarnish free. But I'm a sucker for Korina Artists and that is one fine looking guitar you have. Rawk on!
  17. Someone wanted the purpleberry. I'll be interested in how they feel in 6 or 7 weeks.
  18. Congratulations! Kind of an unwritten rule that you have to post pictures before you can get answers to questions.
  19. Saw this ad in the local CL this morning. Maybe it is time to sell some of mine. Overdrive Pedals (Anchorage) Overdrives Box and Manuals included Fireball 3 - $300.00 Cold Fusion -$300.00 Zen Drive - $700.00 Sold Dyna Drive 2- $80.00 Blues Driver 2 - $80.00 Over Drive Distortion -2 $80.00 · do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
  20. I'm glad I got to the business part of this thread before coffee break. Thanks Kiz.
  21. Looks like an ok deal, but for me, it's the least interesting of the four Hamers Robert has for sale. The Studio Custom is very nice, Hamer Studio Custom 1994 | Robert's Gear Locker | Reverb But the Monaco Elite is the one that is making me weak. Hamer Monaco Elite USA 2004 Trans Black | Robert's Gear Locker | Reverb Having 4 Hamers for sale prompts the question, Is Robert an HFC member? Anybody know?
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