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  1. I didn't realize that was him singing until I came back to this thread. For some reason, I thought he has said he was having guest singers. I'm even more impressed now. I agree with Jakeboy that it sounds like modern rock, but modern rock I actually like. It gives me high hopes for the full album which I'm sure I would have bought anyway but now there's more excitement about it than trepidation.
  2. That's exactly the reason. I play in a Cheap Trick tribute band. I'm not a complete Rick about it changing guitars on every song, but I do take 5 or 6 to every gig and use them all. Menehune, I think the Nux system is the first I can recall seeing ads for and becoming interested. That was a long while ago and I ended up getting the Relay because I didn't trust bug-style systems yet. I give every "new thing" a while to improve before jumping on it. Thanks to everyone for your input. I'll see if any more suggestions get posted but it's encouraging that so far there are no complain
  3. In the Stone Age I had a Nady 201, and now I have a Line 6 Relay G30 but I'm thinking about getting a wireless that doesn't have a pack as a transmitter. I think when I first saw the type that I'm talking about, they called the transmitter a "bug" or something like that. There are plenty of options (adding one link so you'll know what I'm talking about) but I want to make sure before I make that move that it's not going to be a step down in reliability or sound. Does anyone have any opinion or experience they'd care to share? Here's one of the type I'm thinking abourt: Carvin version
  4. Really decent song and yeah, the video and the little phone message part at the end choked me up. Looking forward to the full album. I suppose all the intrusive questions about the future of VH are understandable, but I really admire Wolf's handling of them. I wish people would just leave him alone for a while.
  5. I don't know, but it's been a loooong time since a "what's the Hamer of..." post. Cool to see that again.
  6. I like both of yours @hamerhead. I have a white LP Custom that is not as yellowed as yours. The gray Hamer looks almost mint green. I think it's cool.
  7. Like the others have alluded to, I think it's the clearcoat rather than the white paint that is becoming discolored. I love it when that happens to a white guitar, but everybody has their preferences. I wonder if you could get just the clearcoat removed and redone? Probably wouldn't stop it from happening again though, unfortunately. I'm sure one of the paint wizards around here will chime in to help you out.
  8. Echoes of his song Damn Good Times.
  9. In Richmond, VA GC and Sam Ash are right beside each other, maybe 200 yards away. You can park at one, check it out, and then walk to the other in a minute.
  10. My survey of one person says 0% of people do.
  11. A radio station in my area switched to Christmas music 24/7 10 DAYS AGO!!! I deleted their preset on my car radio. I'm not a complete Grinch, but WTF???
  12. I just posted this in the "C'mon man" guitars ad thread, but it probably belongs here more. Craziness from FB marketplace:
  13. The only album I ever bought by them is Perfect Strangers (which I love). I read a few positive reviews on Whoosh! and gave it a shot on Spotify and I thought it was really good. A couple of the reviews mentioned they were on a roll with Bob Ezrin as the producer and that the previous two albums were good too, so I checked those out and was pleasantly surprised. The old Deep Purple had too many "two verses and everybody solo for 7 minutes" songs. They were all stellar musicians but it was like a hard rock jam band to me.
  14. I bought a new board and power supply over 6 months ago. The board, the power supply, all my pedals, a roll of velcro, and connector cords are still in a pile on the floor.
  15. I have 2 of the original Gretsch Malcolm Young II's (one natural and one red; the MY II's were the ones with two pickups) that I use in an AC/DC tribute band. They came with Gretsch Filter'tron pickups in both positions. I decided to get one of the newer MY sig models with one pickup and the holes and buttons where the other pickups and controls were pulled out for a more authentic look. The new one came with a TV Jones Power'tron. The older MYII's with the Filter'trons get a great Mal sound but the Power'tron in the newer one was not the right pickup for that sound. It was a bit too beef
  16. Yeah, I know that but I still think it's stupid. I understand wanting to hear some of a recently deceased artist's music, but not rushing out to buy it if you didn't already have it. Did them dying make you like it more? Sirius dedicated a whole channel to VH music for a while and every classic rock station (and other formats too) was playing it in heavy rotation. But I was really more tying it to the previous comment about the signature gear going up in price. It's just temporary hysteria if you ask me.
  17. Agree. VH album sales went up 7600% in the week after he died, and VH is all over the streaming charts. If people liked VH music so much, why did they wait until he died to buy it or stream it? Estate and property laws vary from state to state and I have no idea what they are in California, but I would think Janie would get everything. I would hope she would keep a couple of guitars to remember Eddie by, and give all of the rest of his gear to Wolf. I would hope that Wolf would then give a few special pieces to people like Alex, DLR, Mike, and Sammy for the same reason.
  18. I accept your challenge! This was like having a fun homework assignment. Sorry it's long, but there were stories to tell. Van Halen Released: February 10, 1978 I've told my story about this album many times over the years, and I think I may have posted it here too but here it is again: Although this album was released in Feb, I was not all that familiar with it. I was only 13 and had not yet developed any specific "likes" and was not buying albums yet, and I didn't start playing guitar halfway seriously until about 1987. A friend of mine got it for Christmas that year an
  19. Literally choked up. I am in shock right now.
  20. My '59 Burst Standard has a cool (IMO) "flaw" in the top. It's the dark line that looks like it 's coming out of the tailpiece at about the A sting. I love stuff like that! If this guitar got away somehow, even without seeing the serial number I could tell it was mine just by looking at it. I call it the "loose thread".
  21. lol. Yeah, you got me there! OK, maybe A dozen in 35 years, not dozenS.
  22. I used to joke that I was going to form a band called TP and the Shits.
  23. Never thought about it before, but the guys who are left in the two bands do form another correctly: bass, drums, guitar, lead vocals. Roger can play a little guitar and of course Paul can help out singing.
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