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  1. Thanks! That's pretty old though. I hope Ted or someone else will chime in to say whether that is still the best way to do it, or to advise of any other options that might be available now.
  2. I've contributed in the past to the support/maintenance/upgrade or upkeep costs of the HFC but I don't remember how. I think I just PayPal'd Ted? Anyway, it seems like a long time since anyone made a post saying "don't forget this site isn't free to run" so I guess that's what I'm doing now. If someone could refresh my memory on how to contribute to the operating costs, I would appreciate it.
  3. Did you see the price had dropped to $2300? I'd be surprised if he wouldn't take $2200 now, or that you wouldn't just pay the extra $100. A stalemate over $100 on a $2000+ guitar seems a little ridiculous.
  4. "Gibson Brands, Inc., the world’s most iconic guitar brand, today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Cesar Gueikian, Gibson’s brand president, as president and interim chief executive officer, effective immediately." This reminds me of Alex Lifeson't R&R HoF speech. "Brand brand brand, brandy brand. Brand brand BRAND brand brand! Brand? Brand!" They might as well be making f'ing peanut butter or weed whackers. How about getting back to making great quality instruments that people can afford? They should keep all that "brand" talk amongst the executives; their public communication should be "we sell the great guitars that you're heard on thousands of your favorite recordings, played by hundreds of your favorite artists." All that "brand" shit turns my stomach.
  5. It's beautiful as so many PRS's are, sounds great, plays great, in excellent condition with hard case but I'll never play it in either of my bands (an AC/DC tribute and a Cheap Trick tribute) and I am overrun with guitars right now. I had never even played on before in all the time that they've been around, so I finally tried it and I guess I'm just not a PRS guy. I tried to post some other pics but they were rejected for size. I'll reduce them later and come back and post a few more. $3000 shipped CONUS, Zelle or PP F&F
  6. Are you talking about pickups or some weird sexual position?
  7. That is the plan after I sell all I can. They wanted to make back some of the money they spent for funeral and legal expenses. The standard deduction is now so high they wouldn't be itemizing though, so no tax savings.
  8. I have a shload of pro-level video and audio production gear that I'm selling for the family of a close friend who died in Dec 2022. They've had this mountain of gear sitting in their dining room ever since and contacted me a couple of months ago to help them sell it. Since I never worked in the film industry or anything close, I don't have local contacts for that. Some of the stuff is too large to ship but there is plenty that isn't. If you work in that field and would like a list, send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you a spreadsheet of the gear. It's things like location mixers with bags, harnesses, and headphones, light banks, specialty mics, carbon fiber booms, LED floods, light/camera stands, etc. There is some music gear too, but I know more about that and have a lot of local contacts for that kind of stuff so that's moving fairly well locally. I'm sure I will be listing some here as well in the next few weeks. I listed some guitar processors before but they were kind of dusty and still had tape and labels on them so that might have been a turnoff - they didn't look great. I've cleaned them up since. Mods, I hope this is OK. You can delete it if not.
  9. I watched every one of those Jimmy Kimmel performances, and I've listened to every Metallica album as they were released. I'll listen to this one too but what I've heard so far is so generic (or as Lars says "stock") I don't think it's going to appeal to me. My collection ends with the Black Album, and my favorite is still Ride the Lightning. Remember when people used to describe bands like Boston as "corporate rock"? Except for the first few albums, Metallica sounds like "corporate thrash" to me. It just lost its edge. I'm glad they can still play like that at 60-ish though.
  10. If an Xotic EP Booster counts I have one, and I don't use it.
  11. I can see the color. It's like it's barely there, but I can see it. It actually looks great that way.
  12. I used to think you HAD to have it, then I bought a couple of amps that didn't have reverb and it didn't matter a bit to me or anyone I've played to.
  13. I'm selling this Epiphone for a friend and it's strung with 7's! The high E feels like a spider web.
  14. Damn, @tomteriffic, I wasn't thinking when I posted those pics of me playing your guitar. I didn't mean to devalue it. Let me know if you want me to take them down. 😆😆😆
  15. If I lived close enough and liked festivals enough, I'd go. This could literally be AC/DC and Ozzy's last shows.
  16. Well, dang. Over 200 views and no interest. Are the prices too high or the processors just not what anyone wants?
  17. Tom sold me that Beatles Special a few years ago and I played it at quite a few gigs of my Cheap Trick tribute band, always on Day Tripper and usually a few more songs. When my guitar inventory became unmanageable (which is really still is) I sold it back to him. Nice working band guitar.
  18. Mooer GE300 - with power adapter. There are no defects on the display. It actually still has the protective plastic from the factory one it. $400
  19. Line 6 M13 - with pedal and power, has some light tape residue from the the labels he made for each button. $260
  20. A close friend of mine passed about a year ago and his family has been sitting on a roomful of his old gear ever since. They recently asked me to help them sell it. I'm going to make a few posts here before going the eBay/Reverb route because 1) I want to get the family the most I can and 2) all of the sales on eBay or Reveb would be on my account, so I would be the one it's reported to on a 1099. First up are a few guitar processors. All prices are PP F&F, shipped CONUS. Please let me know if you feel my prices are out of line, or DM me if you want to make an offer. Behringer V-Amp - with power adapter, pedal, and original bag - $OLD Boss GP-10 - with pickup and power adapter - $OLD
  21. I really like Mammoth's videos but so far the music hasn't grabbed me. I want to support the guy/band but the first album sounded like generic 90's angst grunge, and the song is pretty much more of the same. Killer production; the guitars are HUGE and everything sounds great but I think of the Foo Fighters when I hear most of his stuff. YMMV. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/mammoth-wvh-another-celebration-at-the-end-of-the-world/
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