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  1. That was exactly the OTHER guitar I really wanted when I first joined the HFC, the first being some kind of light-colored yellowish (like Aztec gold) Standard. I love seafoam green too, and the T62 model just intrigued me. I did end up with a seafoam Daytona so there is that. Congrats on a great score!
  2. My mind is going 1,000 miles an hour and I still can't think of the "right" words to say; I don't suppose there are any. Even having had a life-threatening disease myself, I have a hard time imagining how I would have felt had it NOT been very treatable. I sincerely hope the rest of your time with friends and family is as happy and filled with love as it can be, and your final journey painless. All the good vibes I can muster coming your way.
  3. The MEMBER COSTS pdf doesn't show me anything. Anyone else? I've already contacted Rugby via message.
  4. Of course I loved Maiden when I was growing up and learning to play, but I've listened to this album twice and it's a slog. The last few albums it seems like they always have to have several songs with these little fiddly-dee atmospheric electric or acoustic intros, and most songs are mid-tempo with kind of a same-y feel. When I go back and listen to stuff from the first era up until Blaze joined, there is a ton of variety and loads of hooky guitar parts. Not anymore (to me). I'll probably end up getting it at some point down the line just because I have every Maiden album except the Blaze stuff, but I'll listen to it a time or two more and then I think it will just be in the collection. Overall, disappointed.
  5. Almost 4,000 subscribers! WTF?
  6. Ha! I was just going to post "$old pending payment" but you beat me to it! Pleasure doing business with you. I'll have it boxed and ready for shipping tomorrow, drilled and pickguard(s) added at no extra charge. You're welcome!
  7. Malcolm's guitar did go through some awkward phases on its way to becoming The Beast we all know and love. There was the "add another pickup" phase, and the "oops, don't like the extra pickup. Now what do I do?" phase.
  8. That is (was) super BADASS!!! I'm glad someone got to it before I did. I might have been too tempted to pass it up up I've been looking for a korina Vector for a while. I would have been happy yet unhappy at the same time.
  9. I looked all over for a description of the MY guitar it came out of and they don't say. I've read online that chrome looks brighter and has sort of a blue tint under light and this pickup definitely doesn't have that. Do you know a way to positively tell the difference? I'm 90% confident it's nickel but I'd rather be 100% if that's something people really want.
  10. Kids, this pedal is not for the faint of heart! This is one raunchy-ass sounding distortion pedal. I know a lot of you guys like all different flavors of OD and distortion so maybe this will scratch someone's itch. I just use tube amp distortion.
  11. Clearing out some unused gear. Barely used, with box and original papers that came with it.
  12. Finally clearing some room in the gear closet, as hard as it is for me to let anything go. This came in one of the newer Gretsch Malcolm Young signature guitars. For some reason, in the newer ones they decided to use the Power'tron rather than a Filter'tron and the former is (IMHO) a little too hot for getting the true grunt and snarl of Malcolm so I replaced it. It's a great pickup on its own though! The lead wires on it are just shy of 14".
  13. Finally clearing some room in the gear closet, as hard as it is for me to let anything go. I have some other smaller items for sale too. Because I am such a Mal fanatic, I ended up with THREE Gretsch MY guitars and that's just ri-damn-diculous so I'm letting this one go. I'm keeping a red MYII and the later "pickup holes" MY for use in my AC/DC tribute band. As you can see this is the 2-pickup model in natural, and it's in like new condition. The plastic parts still have the protective film on them and the case still has its hangtags. The original strap screw/pins have been reinstalled. These Gretsch MY guitars have the Malcolm grunt/clang tone DOWN. I'll try to answer any questions you may have.
  14. I just stumbled on this post. How are any of these folks going to know you're looking for information from them unless they do the same? Also, I had to read through 8 pages of back and forth about the shirts and I didn't see where you specified whether you were able to get preshrunk cotton shirts or not. I'll send you a PM too, but posting here and hoping the people you're looking for see it is not that solid of a plan.
  15. Now why could I sit through nearly 8 minutes of that mesmerized but I can't stand jam bands?
  16. Did one of you guys school him? He updated the ad with the correct year.
  17. https://richmond.craigslist.org/msg/d/midlothian-usa-hamer-flametop/7355536888.html No affiliation. Just wanted to let anyone interested know because seeing a Hamer for sale in RVA is so rare. This is only maybe the second one I've seen for sale locally in 10+ years. He only lists possible trades though, so I don't know if he'd sell it outright.
  18. I see some name jokes have already been posted, but Buzzy Shishkov sounds like the perfect name for a defensive lineman from the 1973 Chicago Bears to me.
  19. Ed, "they quit the world" is one of the saddest phrases I've ever read. Brought me to tears. Congrats on your own sobriety and thank you for all the help you have been able to provide others. I have never had the problem myself but I have a few family members that have.
  20. Cinderella's touring keyboard player, Gary Corbett, died either the same day or the day after. He had also toured with Kiss. Horribly sad coincidence. That interview with Jeff about the cruise is a tough read. He was so self-aware and didn't make excuses at all. He just owned up and basically said "my condition and my actions were my own fault" and you could tell he was very sad about it. They haven't released cause of death yet but I really hope it's not another Jani Lane "he drank himself to death alone" story.
  21. My brother-in-law's cousin is Mike's wife. Maybe he'll just give me a few of his guitars he's not using anymore. I wish!
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