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  1. 18 hours ago, LucSulla said:

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately, probably because YouTube is my primary form of entertainment. There are so many ridiculous players of all instruments there. 

    But then again, I do have a somewhat Hegelian disposition toward historical dialectics. 

    I don't know what half o' them words mean, so I figger you might be makin' sport o' me, and me n' the boys don't like bein' made sport of.


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  2. I only saw them once, but it was shortly after their first album came out and they were playing a tiny place in Richmond, VA.  I dragged 3 work friends who had never heard ANYTHING by them along.  After the show they all just came out and stood on the sidewalk hanging around so I got to talk to them for quite a while.  I told them I had convinced several other friends to buy their album and had brought 3 extra people along to see them that night.  Vernon asked what he owed me and I said "That green Hamer guitar will do."  I had the Vivid CD cover with me and they all signed it.  Vernon, on the inside of the cover drew a picture of a guitar and wrote over top of it "IOU".  They were all super cool.

    Side note: Prince had played a show in Richmond that night and one block away from where the Living Colour played was an after hours club called Ivory's Uptown Lounge.  While we were standing there talking, a white limo pulled up in front of Ivory's and Prince and several others jumped out and went inside.  The Prince story has become Richmond legend, but nobody remembers that Living Colour was playing a block away and all of us including the band standing there when it happened.

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  3. Vectors are the same.  Years ago I decided I wanted a korina Vector and started looking.  They were listed fairly often but the prices were hovering around $2500 and I had a "less than $2000" limit in my head.  After a year or two of not finding one at "my" price, I upped my expected cost to $2500, but by that time $3000 was the norm.  Some time later I adjusted again, to $3000, but by that time you'd be hard-pressed to find one at an asking price of less than $5000.  After being behind the pricing curve for all those years, I realized the good ship Vector has sailed for me.  I'm not a $5000 guitar level player and due to a recent medical issue I've yet to post about, I never will be.

  4. Congratulations on the retirement and move!  I love the southwest US and really envy that backyard view pic (if that's what it was).  I think it was in Sedona that I took some pics just like the one you posted looking down into the city.  Just beautiful scenery.

    I am coming up on 3 years retired myself.  When I pulled the trigger I thought I would do some reorganizing/purging for a few months and then get some little part-time job.  Still haven't done it.  I have two bands, neither of which is very active but both of which are a lot of fun and I'm traveling more so that's enough for me.  My retirement gift to myself was going to be some kind of Nash guitar (my wife's maiden name) but I never even looked for one.  Now I have hearing problems and arthritis so I doubt I'll ever get another guitar (that makes it sound like I'm ancient - I'm 59!).  In fact, I should be getting rid of them but I haven't started that process yet.

    Enjoy your guitar, your new home, and your retirement!

  5. All I need is an FRFR amp.  I'd like to SELL at least 3 guitars and some pedals.  I've figured out a few things I could let go; now I just need to, you know...let go.  That's the hard part for me.

    However, I WILL buy a korina Vector if I ever see one for $350!  lol   Hell, you can even tack another zero on there and I'd still consider it, but I can't go for the $6k and up prices I've been seeing.

  6. 2 hours ago, Steve Haynie said:

    Your opinion on Ace Frehley is totally understood.  Because he is a hero there is a reluctance to say something bad about him.  His playing has gone downhill far and fast.  His band is top notch, though.  Ace totally blew the song Snow Blind in February.  No one has posted a video of it on YouTube. 

    Zebra is that band that should be playing bigger venues.  They really do still "have it." 

    Thanks.  I've always been able to state my honest opinion about Ace (and Kiss) because I was never a "fan".  I am exactly the age that SHOULD have been but from the first time I heard them I didn't think the songs were that good and when I saw them I thought they were a joke; a kid's band (and I was just a kid myself!).  Almost all of my musician friends around my age LOVE them.  Sometime in the '90's a friend of mine who knew I was not a fan played me Ace's solo album and I loved that for the meat and potatoes songwriting.  This will probably illustrate how little I like Kiss more than anything: my favorite Kiss album is Creatures of the Night and second is Lick It Up.  After that, I don't care much about any of them.  Vinnie Vincent, baby!  lol   And you're right - Ace's band held the show together.  Ace himself - not so much.

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  7. I would have thought I had seen quite a few more shows than this in 2023, but some I was thinking about were in late 2022.


    Ace Frehley - I had seen him solo twice before, but I will never see him again.  He has gotten progressively worse over the years, and this was one of the worst shows I've ever seen.

    Hoodoo Gurus - fan-damn-tastic!  Had not seen them since 1987.  I had tickets for two shows that were cancelled during the pandemic.  Already have tickets for another show in September 2024.

    Andy Summers - not terrible, but I wouldn't go back to see this kind of show again.  I think I posted a review here if you're interested.

    Kix - final show.  Bittersweet, of course.  One of my favorite bands, but they recognize that there is no money in making albums anymore and several members have had health scares/issues.  I've probably seen them 12-15 times and IMO they are the best live band ever, but unfortunately this show was the worst one I've seen them do.  They brought out old members throughout the show but the whole thing felt awkward and somehow off (probably due to it being the last show).

    Zebra - a bucket list band to see live for me.  They played on 12/23 at a theater my own bands have played many times.  Front row tickets, and they BROUGHT IT!  If you've thought about going to see them live, I would advise you to go if they come to your area.  I would certainly go again if I got the chance.

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  8. I had heard that song before, but never the original version.  I'm embarrassed to say here's the version I knew:


    As a massive AC/DC fan, I can't help but notice that Bon Scott had a similar vibe and voice (at times) as Alex Harvey.

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  9. 5 hours ago, Ralph said:

    I appreciate it. But I have a hard case.

    I realized you bought a FB bass and I have a FB guitar bag so it wouldn't fit anyway.  I edited my prior post.  I dig the bass BTW.  I like a good bit of wear.

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