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  1. A testament to Greg's abilities, for sure, but I'll bet Ace isn't doing any 200+ gigs a year!
  2. I'll try to find this out from other sources or reviews, but if anyone gets one of these I'd like to know how well it reads homemade DVD's in various formats, and if it can read DVD's with different Region Codes.
  3. A USA Standard, trans yellow, bound and crowned. Covered pickups and inlaid logo preferred but not a dealbreaker. Just look at this picture. OOF!
  4. I'm one who started with Eliminator, although I knew their previous hits. I think the next thing I bought was the ZZ Top 6-pack. Having never heard the original full albums, I didn't know if they were different. Having heard them since I think the biggest thing you'd notice is that all the drum tracks were beefed up considerably on the 6-pack versions. Oh, and then I bought Deguello which became my favorite ZZ album.
  5. http://richmond.craigslist.org/muc/1606117789.html
  6. Weird goings on. He had several bids and it was up to $4400 yesterday. Today all bids are gone and it's back down at $4100. Did he reject all the previous bidders or did they all cancel their bids? Either way, something doesn't smell right.
  7. Here's mine. I really got it for its graphic, but I can't play guitars with trems worth a damn. If anyone wants to take it off my hands, make an offer.
  8. I'll be interested to see the last 15 minutes of the auction.
  9. A list exists, it's officialness is subject to "the wind" as it's a company only document, and one of the reasons for that is due to the length of the list (pages, and pages, and pages, and pages...). What is this, 1972? It doesn't matter how many pages it is, I'm sure that 'list' is in electronic form, and could be edited and sent out fresh to their dealers every day if it changed that often. From what I've read, even the folks here (who are here because they love these guitars), are frustrated that they can't get a straight answer on what's available or they get a "no" when someone else gets a "yes" for the same thing. It behooves Hamer to be a little more customer-oriented if they want, uh... customers! That one little improvement would seem to be a no-brainer and good for business.
  10. I'm with you bro. It's a part of why I like Hamer, they're not into endorsements. One quick note ... anyone in advertising here? I believe endorsements (like advertising) are more about brand recognition than it is directly influencing someone to buy. I think endorsements have been VERY effective at times. I don't remember Kramers flying out the door until this guy started endorsing them. Next thing you know, everybody wants some!
  11. I passed a link to this thread along to my bass player (major Kiss-head) but he wasn't bold enough to be the God of Thunder. I'm sure they'll get plenty of these sold at that price.
  12. Around '84 or '85, a little second junk/consignment shop opened in the town where I was in school. They had a 60-something cherry doublecut LP Special for $150. I went in and looked at that thing every week for months, trying to talk the guy down to $100. I never got him down, and I never could pull the trigger at $150 because it didn't look enough like an SG and I was (still am) a huge AC/DC fan. I eventually got a cherry singlecut and a TV yellow doublecut so it worked out OK but those were the 90's models.
  13. As a guy looking for his first Standard, I'm speechless. I am without speech.
  14. For those with this situation, that's a case in point for keeping your previous DVD player in the system as well-- for the DVD-Rs and imports--if you have the shelf space and I/Os available. Otherwise, the Oppo would be the smarter move. Universal compatibility is a primary Oppo performance value. The problem is when your old DVD player dies and you decide to take the plunge on a Blu-ray only to find out you have disks that won't play.
  15. The only problem with the Panasonics is they're finicky as hell about what they'll play. They say they'll do pretty much anything, but I have a stack of about 15-20 home-recorded and/or imports that used to play fine on my old Sony and won't play at all on the Panasonic.
  16. Man I just bought the Zandard or I'd be all over it. I'd like to get a Studio of some sorts sooner or later. The Oceanburst is just killer. I'll buy you the OceanBurst if you'll trade me the Zandard for it!!! You buy me that Oceanburst then talk Hamer into building me my C/O and them pay for it and its yours. I think i'm safe unless your plan on holding someone by gun point. Should have added on more clause. ( Fogive the Dry Smile) I'm thinking... Don't forge Lord of the Thighs Blue Standard. OK, I've done everything you asked. I'll just PM you my address for the Zandard. I can get your address from the shipping label and I'll just use the same box to ship your OceanBurst back to you. Cool?
  17. Man I just bought the Zandard or I'd be all over it. I'd like to get a Studio of some sorts sooner or later. The Oceanburst is just killer. I'll buy you the OceanBurst if you'll trade me the Zandard for it!!!
  18. Years ago, before any of these were widely available, I bought both Phil Lynott solo CD's and a couple of Thin Lizzy for about $40 each at a CD show (remember those?). And this was at a time when I had NO money. I remember agonizing at the booth with them in my hand so no one else could get them. I was so scared I'd never see them again, and I still have them all.
  19. See you in Hell, my friend See you in Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllll!!!!!!!!!!! (Em meedly meedly meedly)
  20. Thanks, guys. I found some reviews and other forums where Teese pedals were discussed and pulled the trigger on an older RMC3. The consensus seems to be "totally worth it", so I figure if I don't like it I can at least get my money back out of it.
  21. I'd like to get a Teese RMC3 Wah and wondering whether I should go for a new one or an older used one. The ones currently produced have "fuzz friendly" circuitry. I would guess that means they work well with a fuzzbox as opposed to tube amp distortion, but I never use a fuzzbox. I've read some reviews on the RMC3 and quite a few people say the older ones sound better, and I wonder if it's attributable to the change to "fuzz friendly"??? Anyone with some experience with Teese wahs have any advice or opinion?
  22. I agree. I saw the Darkness at the 9:30 in DC a few years ago and they were great! The show reminded me of a Kix show: funny frontman, killer guitar work, hooky tunes, and crazy high energy. Justin has a new band called Hot Leg that is basically the Darkness Redux. They have a MySpace site and there are numerous videos on YouTube. Check 'em out.
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