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  1. I am interested but even though i keep deleting messages It still says I have too many, Just email me at roane@cox.net to talk.G

  2. Is it with Brent? If so, the video clips should be soon to follow... Actually, 0004 should be going over to our Fearless Leader, Ted. I won't belabor the forum with the simple logic of that conclusion, but you can find it for yourself in the "Other notes, algorithms and mysteries" section at the bottom of the Shishkov Ultimate Registry. That said, a "Brent's Guitar Emporium - Shishkov Ultimate Edition" would be a welcome addition to the narrative! ETA: it seems CMatthes beat me to the punch. I wish I had ordered one....I really missed the boat
  3. Thanks man. It is a killer player.I would like to find another someday.
  4. Nice JR!! I love the Pigtail wrap bridges...there is one on my Korina H137 and its the shit for perfect intonation and sustain.
  5. That is awesome....I wish I still had the one I used to own
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