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  1. No extra charge for the bugs, Doug! Enjoy the music guys.
  2. LOL did I tell you that? I got stuck at 8 and then the last song just parachuted in from my 2014 band....to make it 9.
  3. Yeah, I’m hip to Twitty’s rocking early years but not George Jones. That is cool.
  4. Love the Corky Jones stuff! Is that it? Just two songs or did he record more rockabilly in that vein? I love that stuff!, Thanks for posting this!
  5. Some Girls, Stranger in Town, Darkness on the Edge of Town, The River, Budokan, VH1 &2, Live Bootleg, Get Yer Ya Yas Out, Sticky Fingers, Night In The Ruts, FoGhat Live, MuddyWaters Hard Again.
  6. When I had my Junior Korina Special I used the newer Faber @cmatthes suggestion and found it was perfect. Plus it affected the tone in a good way.It added some zing and increased sustain.
  7. @Travis, when I had one in a dedicated ext cab for use with other amps, I used it with a Jensen P12R, Weber C30, G12h30, Red Fang, and a Jensen C12r
  8. Subscribed. I have found the Texas Heat sounds good with any amp. Not my #1 choice as a primary speaker except in a Traynor YGM3 where it was gloriously good. It sounds great in an ext cab that gets used by multiple heads. Just a great sounding speaker.
  9. The Brown Deluxe breaks up with buckers almost immediately, but that #2 input allows for some clean tones. Pedals react differently when hitting that input too.
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