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  1. I LOVE it! Gorgeous finish, but I would change the fade a bit so there is more orange and less cream until you get to the center. Dreamsicle burst rocks.
  2. I prefer low wind p90s...much more versatile with more character and yet they will still bring that grind if that’s what you want. I don’t mind the pickguard on this one. Good deal.
  3. What everyone else said...especially @0054 with point 2.
  4. Fender has released a 68 VibroChamp for $749....that looks cool, but I can have Lil Dawg make a hand wired head for under $600....
  5. That turned out very cool! And I love Tele bridge pickups at @10k....exactly as you described!
  6. I hope Hermida soldiers on....his pedals are GREAT...his TikiDrive is an underrated gem. And of course his delays and reverbs are amazing...as are the Mosferatu and Zen drives. Ya know, since Alf has been silent this entire year, that kinda gives me hope that Sean is coming back in some form or another since they are partners. One would think that if Sean and Lovepedal are done, Alf would have moved on with a new partner or on his own..,but COVID may have slowed down any effort to get a new business going in Michigan...,still, I am holding out hope...
  7. I was late to the Dolls party...In the 70s they weren’t on my radar until Joe Perry hipped me to them in an interview. Thunders was a huge influence on Perry. I love the first album and a live album called Viva Le Trash. I love the guitar sounds..,nothing fancy just cranked guitars into sweating amps.
  8. If the one from @tweed doesn’t work, contact me. I am sure I have a spare one button channel switcher somewhere that you can have.
  9. I find them to sound nothing alike. The construction is different as noted above and so is the sound. I always love Filters at first and then struggle....I love the middle tone as it chimes nicely and alone they have a distinct tone but it just doesn’t do it for me. Bird pups are prolly the perfect bucker. Single coil character with true humbucking power. Bright, snappy and rocking. Strangley enough, I have stellar sets of birds and filters sitting unused in a box right now. I will def have another guitar with bird pups at some point.
  10. ...and @hbom has even more than I do....
  11. Gary Moore—Still Got The Blues Jeff Beck Group- -Truth
  12. +1 on Foghat Live & Highway to Hell. And Done With Mirrors is an excellent slice of guitar heavy rock and roll that contrasts with the slick albums that came after. Here is one: Decoration Day by the Drive By Truckers. A desert island choice for sure. Stones Get Yer Ya-Yas Out...all it is missing is a live early version of Brown Sugar. Muddy Waters Hard Again. The title says it all. Mayall’s Beano album with EC.
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