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  1. What @scottcaldsaid. The Beatles had 4 track and laid down what many still consider as the best rock and roll records ever made. It!s all about the performance. Get it right at the mic and everything falls into place after that. Easier said than done tho.
  2. Back in 2011 on the Experience Hendrix tour I was front row in a tiny theater in KC. Vernon was on the edge of the stage a foot away from me. He was just flying… his frenetic picking style on full display. Dude was on fire and all smiles. All of Living Colour was on stage. I’ll never forget it. Only downer was he didn’t play a Hamer that night.
  3. Saw him in 2016 and he just killed it. Still had the golden voice, the stage energy, and all the licks and fretboard dexterity. Until 2019, he had aged far, far better than most of his 70s classic rock peers. Seems to be a great guy too.
  4. $2400? Wowzers! Mine has Rumpel’trons and non-Sparkle orange paint. That price seems a bit optimistic….that or I sell my stuff too cheap. Ain’t selling my Newport tho.
  5. I have always wanted a Silhouette since seeing Keith and Ronnie play them live for the first time on the 1981 Tattoo You tour. GLWTS. I love your customization on the pickup choices.
  6. Hmmmmm….those look like Phat Cats and not DDs….or am I mistaken?
  7. Well that’s making quite the entrance! Welcome to the HFC! I remember a guitarist in Krokus rocking one of those in the early 80s at the Wicomico Civic Center in Salisbury, MD!
  8. Routine maintenance I hope…
  9. If it was me, I’d have Rumpel or Gravelin wind me a beefier mid 60s pickup and I’ d have a baseplate installed while I was at it. Should result in a fatter sounding Strat bridge pickup witHout losing any Strattiness. Baseplate may not even be needed. Just overwind the pickup a bit to add some beef.
  10. Thanks! My rhythm lead and fills were Ultimate 0006. Amp was the Valvetech Vac on rhythm with jumpered channels. The fills and leads are the Ef86 channel of a TopHat Supreme 16 cranked with a Timmy pedal. On the rhythm track I used 2 mics and an old 70s recording trick…I kept the mics slightly out-of-phase with each other and I think it sounds cool. AC used his PRS into his lLil a Dawg 5e3 or Muleskinner amp. He prolly used an OCD on the lead.
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