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  1. My tweed Champ clone would agree with 6&7s post...
  2. How does it sound in comparison to a typical Rangemaster type?
  3. I am obviously out of it....I gues I’d better google Rick Ashley....
  4. Little Willy and Ballroom Blitz Made me wanna play rock guitar ...Wig Wam Bam and Teenage Rampage were not far behind...and Fox On The Run was so perfectly pop. The Sweet looked like such rockers when I was a kid but they played pop with cool guitar tones. I loved growing up in the 70s with the music we had.
  5. Thanks. It is a cool speaker indeed and the Rumpel single coils in my Newport are really really nice. They make me play that guitar more.
  6. Here is a link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tcrk3v53s0som1v/Celestion G12-35XH test-001.mp3?dl=0
  7. I love that extra option on a Tele type..,I love cleanish rhythms in the middle chimey parallel position, then switch to the series position for the solo. Nice boost and thicker yet similar to the parallel tone.
  8. The Sweet were a HUGE influence on me as a kid in the 70s....though not a conscious thing, their rock sensibilitycomes out in my originals. People tell me all the time My songs sound like the Sweet. I wish I had Brian’s voice for sure, but I loved their songs and crunchy guitar rhythms.
  9. Look at the Chicago Stompworks site...he offers great clones of classic pedals at good prices, great if you snag a plain aluminum enclosure for 50 bones.
  10. I don’t mind the Mesa el84s in my TA15...
  11. Didn’t know they made ‘em in that color.....
  12. Oh crap...I accidentally deleted the link. If it is still on my laptop I’ll reload it. It is nothing special at all...just some low-volume noodling throughfamiliar songs to demonstrate the pickups and the speaker.
  13. Woohoo! Dig it! Your voice reminds me of Dean Hardesty, the singer for Greg Martin’s side band Rufus Huff. Love the arrangement and guitars. Everything is really well done, and that ain’t easy. Congrats!
  14. I like both open and closed back depending upon the amp I am using and the speaker....the Mesa spec V30 is wonderful with the right amp. I had a pair in my 2x12 that sang with the Blonde Bassman at gig volume but was overkill at home and for recording. Regarding Earcandy I have a pretty surf green 1x10 that has a tolex issue on the bottom...and while I do like how the cab sounds, getting the seller to actually build and ship it was a damn nightmare. Multiple promises made and broken. Good cabs, just be forewarned going in.
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