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  1. Yup, the Firenza and Limited USA were the models I referenced above that I like. My Soapbar Firenza does the p90 into hog thing perfectly...but it will be up for sale Cheap to fund a Shishkov. They hold no value used at all which is sad. My Firenza is a 1999 and it has straight string pull tuners, neck spoke wheel truss rod adjustment, and excellent hardware. Killer low wind p90s. Great full neck ....but...it’s a Peavey...so it will not sell for much.
  2. YES @LucSulla. +1000 I love this album for the same reasons you outline. Rock and roll the way it is supposed to be. I bet Angus & Mal we’re laying attention. A killer performance by the Killer himself backed up by the Nashville Teens (Tobacco Road) who sound just great here. Nasty guitar for the time. Albums like this inspire me when I record. This reminds me of The Pretty Things first two albums in the early 60s...nasty and raw. I will spin this on headphones today at the gym.
  3. +2 on Teese. I have a Wheels of Fire which does it for me.
  4. I like some Peavey USA guitars but this is just plain fucking funny @kizanski!!
  5. @sonic1974 @RobB No, the EPH3 is not better than the Belle....I LOVED the Belle. I think the Belle emulates an EchoPlex better than any other pedal out there. But I don’t need much echo and I dig how the EPH just stays the hell outta the way. I miss the Belle’s preamp. I loved it as an always on effect with no echo. But overall the EPH is just better for me. I don’t hear the preamp in the EPH near as much....but I do hear perfect warm echos that do exactly what I need an echo pedal to do at an unbelievably low price. It works FOR ME. I hope the Echophonic is as good. I cannot stress the biggest selling point for me is how the EPH doesn’t get in the way. Lovepedal Reverbs don’t either. The EPH doesn’t take over and run the show. It hangs out backstage and just makes everything better.
  6. I do love me the Rubber Chicken! Such a fun pedal!
  7. @bubs_42 how bright is the ET65 compared to say a G12h30?
  8. Lol I was waiting for someone to ask or demand! LOL Delay knob fully CCW Feedback at 1030 Flutter at 1100 Mix at 1 o’clock A nice little chorus. Modify Flutter and Mix to taste.
  9. @sonic1974 I have been using the EPH3 for well over a year now. I love it. It does exactly what I need an echo to do. It provides the echo and somehow doesn’t get in the way of the guitar...even when cranked a bit.I love it so much I sold my Belle Epoch. The EPH3 also has a nice chorus setting that is kind of an Easter egg. it just works. I did buy an Echophonic this sale cause I want to see if it is even better. I doubt it....the Eph just works really well....and I use it in front of my amps at home as I own nothing with a loop. At the church gig, I run it after my JOYO AC Tone and it sounds great either place. I prefer it in front.
  10. @LordsoftheJungle So many choices....depending upon what guitar type is going into the Hiwatt clone....any basic COT boost is a great start as is the OD11. The 200# will sound incredible through the big clean HiWatt....it is a FF into a Tube Screamer with a tone control so there is no FF woofiness. Also, the Purple Plexi that is up is considered by many to be the best MAIAB. Oh, and the Shark is selling his Vintage Modern which is a Purple Plexi on one side with a COT on the other right here on the HFC! Great price too. And Vintage Modern sounds tailor made for us Hamer players, huh?
  11. @cmatthes, the black glass BBB is like the other BBBs or the White Dragon. It is a blendable Rangemaster treble booster and Fuzz face in one box. Far left on the blend knob is pure GE Rangemaster with one transistor..,as you blend towards the right the other trannie kicks in and you can get sone tonebender type tones on the way to Fuzz face. And it cleans up just like a Fuzz face does anywhere on the Blend dial. So you can go from sparkling clean to crunch, distortion, or all-out fuzz with just the guitar volume knob. OC42 is the GE trannie used in this new one. I am really excited about this one.
  12. LOL @Hbom I am excited about the black glass.....
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