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  1. Anytime I asked about or complained about shlepping heavy gear, you f***ers told me to go to the gym. So I did.
  2. Those are so damn awesome looking....I bet they play likewise...
  3. Jakeboy

    NGD Hamer Artist

    Cool. That was my very first Hamer.
  4. Jakeboy

    Flangers...Any Recommendations?

    The only flanger I have is part of a Keeley DynoMyRoto Pedal...does 80s tr-chorus, a Leslie rotating speaker, and finally a flanger. Works for me.
  5. Jakeboy

    For all you Power Pop fans

    I like it! Cool little bass solo on the first one! They have a 70s recording sound for sure. Very tapey-sounding. I think I need to buy this.
  6. Once Hamer switched from nitro to urelac, I think a lot of natural relicing simply became harder to see due to the durability of the urelac. My 2002 Artist has been my #1 since I got it in 2007 and I gigged her hard for nearly a decade. I do keep my guitars polished but they do not get babied. The finish on my Artist is still intact and new looking. I wore the frets right now to a refret earlier this year. The finish on my Shishkov is actually showing wear more than the Hamers. The urelac mix on mine seems a little softer, or at least it did...most of the dings are from me swinging the big dorsal fin around...I did the same thing as a kid with my ‘76 Explorer.
  7. Jakeboy

    Bittersweet Gig

    I so wish I could...
  8. Jakeboy

    Favorite EL84 tubes?

    The old still tested great Mullards I sold in my Lil Dawg Pug to Sir Daniel back 3 1/2 years ago were BY FAR the best I have ever heard. I have no issues with JJs, the Mesa matched set....but I bought a set of Gold Lions new production and one crapped out after just a few months. They did sound great but now the Mesas are back in and still cranking.
  9. Jakeboy

    Now I know how you guys feel!

    It’s even better (worse?) when the person you’re talking to has NEVER HEARD OF THE BEATLES!!!!
  10. That is honest and true fretboard wear right there! An instrument that was loved and PLAYED! GLWTS
  11. Jakeboy

    Instrument Cable or Speaker Cable?

    Hold it everybody. He is asking for a line out off his Champ to go into the input of a Tech21 Power Engine AMPLIFIER. I used to have one and did this very thing and that amp is looking for an instrument level signal. You want to use an instrument cable. If you were running straight to an otherwise unamplified speaker you’d want speaker cable. But you are using a tapped line out into an amp...in this case a PE. You want instrument cable. Keep the volume low and ramp it up slowly on the PE cause a line out tapped right off the speaker will happily be a very strong signal.
  12. Jakeboy

    Hamer Bass Players, Let's Talk

    I started playing bass out of necessity in 2015 after playing guitar since 1978....found my blue 1997 CruiseBass in 2016 and it is the one.
  13. Jakeboy

    OLD Guitar Finish Ideas

    Lots of bridge and pickup options....any color can be done too.....surf green? Candy Tangerine? Both cool and you don’t see them often...never on a V AFAIK. Here is a pickup idea to make that guitar the working man’s V: Peavey USA Limiteds came with 2 humbuckers and a 5 way switch (I think the 2 bucker Gibson Nighthawks Do too). Here is what it gave you... 1. Bridge bucker alone 2. Bridge inner coil with neck inner coil...the Strat quack sound perfectly 3. Both buckers combined 4. Both outer coils—-the Tele middle position...chime for days 5. Neck bucker alone. Mine really did nail thethe bucker, Strat, and Tele tones. If I ever have another 2 bucker custom guitar made, it will do this...