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  1. I could find many uses for this for recording.....
  2. I absolutely concur with everything you just posted. I have a hand-wired White Dragon as well which is similar yet different, but the Black Glass just kills on its own. I LOVE the treble booster side with buckers and my Firebird buckers. Single coils work great in the Fuzz Face side and the pedal cleans right up to a sparkling chimney clean with low-output singles and even my vintage wound Firebirds. You can go from sparkling clean to full on fuzz with everything between too.I haven’t tried it as a clean boost yet but will today. I did adjust the internal trimmer to the sweet spot for me...it is a bias trimmer so you can tailor the fuzz to your ears. Everything from gated spitty fuzz to a loud smoother fuzz. Another Lovepedal winner and this one truly is special. I agree with @gtrdaddy 100%!
  3. Congrats and good to see you posting! Life is all about choices. I am glad you are gigging and in a funky band at that. What fun! And there is no greater thrill than playing live in front of an audience, especially when you fall into the zone and take them with you. I would love playing in a Motown band. I hope yo7 absolutely kill it! For me the only thrill greater than playing live is hearing a song I wrote and recorded on the radio. Because of that, I stopped gigging 5 years ago to concentrate on recording and releasing music. With a very demanding day job, I simply don’t have the time to do it all. It was my life’s dream to record, and it is happening. I still attend monthly jams to scratch the itch for being onstage, but it is not the same. I do miss playing live, but I just have so many songs that I gotta get recorded. So... It is awesome that your skills as a lead player are recognized. Also awesome that the near-bankruptcy didn’t occur. Let us know how the gig and band work out. Congrats again!
  4. Loves me the 5e3 circuit! Far more versatile than people think. Good price on this one too. GLWTS
  5. ....and we have another winner. This is the most natural reverb pedal I have ever, ever heard. I have 3 other Lovepedal verbs...all different...but this is the most natural and the best. It just sounds like a spring reverb tank in an amp. I have had a bunch of other verbs too and they never sound natural...with a couple exceptions. But this was only $75 during the BF sale. I will commit to this verb when I record when I need verb on a track. It’s that good.
  6. 60s Reverb arrived today. Gonna go play it right now....
  7. Wins: STAM SA67 clone of a vintage Neumann U67. Best studio mic I have ever used. It smooths out my nasally voice really well and works on ANY source. Also STAM 1073mpa dual Neve 1073 preamp for mics. Love the sound and dirt it provides. Lovepedals...lots of Lovepedals. Digging the OC42 Black Glass BBB right now...also picked up an Electric Majik Series 7 pedal. Does the ZepII thing.It really sounds good. Vintage 47 Ric Style Amp. Does the Dark 50s Valco blues thing in spades. Great for blues jams. Fails: none gear wise.
  8. +1 on the EV N/D 767a from a couple years ago. I love mine. Very loud compared to a 58. It also doubles as a great studio mic all-a rounder. I have used it on a kick drum with stellar results.I also like the Audix stuff a lot. The drop the mic phenomenon needs to go away.
  9. $275 and all you need is a neck???? Fantastic deal here. Loves me a 4 way Tele switch. Somebody buy this!
  10. Jakeboy


    I use the AmpliTube Ampeg sim sometimes. Lots of great tones in there for sure. Usually I just mic up a Champ and run direct simultaneously.
  11. 20 degrees would render my fingers useless on a guitar. Hope the gigs go great and your guitars make out fine!
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