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  1. About the only country band I like....
  2. I love the first two LPs so I am in when it is released.....
  3. Glenn Kaiser...a tremendous blues-rock player who falls under the mainstream RNR radar because he records solely in the CHristian music arena. Lots of great electric and acoustic blues albums. Very much Rory influenced in his playing. Tasteful and rockin’!
  4. The blades def fix that issue, but blades have a different tonality compared to rods...AC at Rumpel explained it to me once....but I have forgotten the details why...
  5. I played with a guy that put a set of those pickups in a superstrat (V22s?) and they sounded fine. But no better that other buckers. I get the idea that more pole pieces mean less signal cancellation when bending and that is needed on some single coils pickups, but I have never heard a bucker with the problem.
  6. I meant that you were a master, @JGravelin AC is too, but I was referring to you specifically in that sentence.
  7. I had Rumpel wind me a vintage-wind set of birds....@. 6.5k or something like that...perfect sweetness. Have @JGravelin do the same for you. He is a master.
  8. Yup. Me too. Same time. Same statement that is no longer true. Same Lovepedal Sale that did us both in IIRC.
  9. Me too. I do dig that OD..,works with any guitar and amp I have tried it with...especially into Marshalls tho....
  10. Cropper is awesome. Dig the Peavey too.
  11. You got an absolute killer right there....others are Purple Plexi and variants, 200# of Gold, Amp11 , Box of Awesome, any Church if Tone Boost (COT), Kanji and other Eternity variants, White Dragon, Super Sic Tone, ...and that’s just dirt....
  12. Why is the younger Zander playing? For some reason I just thought he was contributing BGVs.....does the additional guitar change the sound much? I would imagine so, but it depends on a lot of factors.
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