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  1. Ha! I ain’t getting NONE of them, much less your old one. Thanks for the help!
  2. This is now on Reverb. If any of y’all are on the fence, shoot me an offer. I have had a bunch of offers on Reverbso far, and one is getting close…I’d much rather sell it here.
  3. Yeah, I wanted them to go here….but Reverb was quick and easy. I was gonna post on TGP, but I am not a contributing member there so it would have cost me $15 just to list something.
  4. I have wondered that exact same thing, @RobB. Unfortunately ,the S7 sold within minutes on Reverb as well.
  5. BOAv1 and the 200# sold on Reverb. BOAv2 and the Series 7 are still for sale here.
  6. It’s not even a proper Tele….more a custom build.., it thank you all. A little internet research has shown that he doesn’t even carve all his own necks.,he buys some from USAGC and carves some. No thank you! The HFC comes through again.
  7. Like Hamers in the resale arena, eh? This one is a funky color that I love that will be very difficult to resell down the road….I’ll do some more research but if like new ones sell for around $1k, then he ain’t getting my Newport. Glad I asked.
  8. His Rolling Thunder tour featured Mick Ronson and I bet that was good…. In the 80s the Heartbreakers were his band on a tour and TP loved it. He could be a sideman!
  9. I found a newish Kirn Esquire on the local Craigslist that looks mint. Has a Fralin Big Single 43 as the pickup with a Babicz bridge. He wants to trade for one of my Hamers… Does anyone have experience with Kirn? I would appreciate your insights before I plan to meet the guy and play his guitar. Thanks in advance.
  10. Bonetender is sold and shipping today! Still have 3 killer double pedals for sale and the Series 7 for Zep/Beatles tones!
  11. I love IK stuff…I bet it is a great interface. If I was recording with Amplitube instead of micing nice amps, I’d already have one. I have an IK midi keyboard that works great and is well-built…and of course their software is ace.
  12. This pedals will go to TGP Sunday night if they don’t sell here…or maybe Reverb….but I really don’t wanna do that…
  13. I like them all, but the sound is what matters at the end of the day. Shish 0117 will be a solid color.
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