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    1980 Checkerboard Special in lemon burst, 2002 Artist Korina, 2004 Korina Special Junior
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    Various Lil Dawg clones of tweeds, Browns, and Blondes!
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  1. Jakeboy


    I bet there is....
  2. I had a Lil Dawg Pug 18 watter...clone of a 1974 Normal Channel. I don’t have many gear regrets, but I do regret selling that one. The current owner refers to it as a “flamethrower”. Indeed. I might order another one.
  3. Jakeboy


    And the batch after this one will have something different...I can for sure tell you that...
  4. I’ve dinged mine...<sigh> several times.... oh well. Love bumps I guess.
  5. Sheik Yerbouti is a hilarious and awesomely played album. Rat Tobago, Bobby Brown, etc. awesomely inappropriate on every level.
  6. Paging @0054to the P90 courtesy phone...
  7. Confusing to say the least, @soli'd
  8. I literally just sang the same lyrics reading this thread!!!,
  9. Damnit. I was debating all day on buying this guitar....,
  10. I need that Psych-Girl COT Eternity.
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