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  1. Not butt-rock, RobB, we are wishing for a return to the heavy blues-rock pre-MTV era...
  2. He would really do well in that genre.
  3. His voice has definitely changed,but whose hasn’t? Maybe Frampton? Anyway I did like their earlier blues-rock stuff better but hey, I dig NEW good guitar rock. It’s playing HEAVY on the nostalgia factor but the playing was great andI thought it was a fun tune....but of course I also wrote a song called “Cold Beer Here” so what do I know lol? I wasn’t big into hair metal in the 80s at all, but I will buy this if the rest of the album rocks.
  4. Jakeboy


    PAF goodness right there.....
  5. I believe the KT66s were easier to source in England. I can check my Bluesbreaker history book.
  6. I have a set of original TungSol 5881s from the 60s and OMG they blow away the Philips 6l6wgbs that I have and any NOS 6l6gc that I have. There is a certain sweetness about them...no harshness at all. I would LOVE to try some new 5881s if they are indeed real 5881s.
  7. The girl, the music, the video content, or all of the above?
  8. Jakeboy

    Installing Minihums on a Studio

    Ahhh....I missed the P90s part. When I tried the birds in my P90s Firenza I bought mounting rings from Guitarfetish that worked. They were tight in the cavity (!) But they worked.
  9. Thanks BubbaVO! Anytime I ca approach the groove and swagger of 70s ‘smith, I’m happy.
  10. I knew you would! 0054 did a great job with the covers!
  11. Jakeboy

    Installing Minihums on a Studio

    I put Firebird minis in my Artist, which was designed for full size buckers. I found black plastic mounting rings on eBay. They are also out there in chrome. Here is a pic:
  12. Now that my new album is on YouTube Music, Apple, & Spotify, I can post a couple links. This is the last song we recorded and it came I just under the wire in December. AC brought it to me done except for lead guitar and vocals. So the solo guitar is 0006 into a treble booster into a Marshall JMP cranked . Enola Shlabotnik was screaming! AC played either his 336 or Les Paul On the rhythm tracks. Enjoy...this is one of my faves on the album. I love the sustaining Shishkov note that hangs on the intro right into the vocals starting. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb9xtS2m9Sk
  13. Jakeboy

    085 Maverick with a twist

    It is def the right color!!!!!Q yowza!