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  1. If you really want amp mojo like that, just ship the amp via UPS or FedEx
  2. No mention of the similar New Hartford-made Ovation VXT electric-acoustic guitar, either...IIRC in the late Naughties/early 2010's (and it was talked about on the HFC board at the time), I recall HFC discussions about Hamer USA production being affected/slowed by other guitars under the FMIC umbrella at the time, not just Guild USA but Ovation USA too, back when they were all at New Hartford...I think it had also been said here on the board, that Hamer USA production members had been 'borrowed' by Ovation at New Hartford to work on the VXT (at Hamer's expense, at least manpower-wise), because
  3. Very cool, and I do like that Sapele top...my Godin Icon Type 2 has a Sapele top and Mahogany back and is chambered, and I love playing it. Wood Trivia: Sapele has a Janka hardness very close to Hard/Sugar/Rock Maple (1410 vs. 1450, according to the Wood Database), which can lend a bit of brightness and snap to a guitar's sound, similar to how a Hard Maple top does over Mahogany on an electric guitar. GLWTS!
  4. Back when I had mid '90's LP Studios, if I took the pickguards off, I would put the original pickguard screws back in their original places/holes on the guitar...that way, they'd (1) fill the ugly holes otherwise left open, and (2) kept the screws from getting lost. As far as the pickguard and pickguard bracket went, I kept it in the case or someplace I considered safe and handy, as they're a little harder to lose than the screws.
  5. You should tell us the name and location of your local shop, so that we can ALL avoid shopping there.
  6. Patagonian Rosewood? Looks like a nice build! So, how's it's acoustic voice?
  7. Paulownia (AKA "Empress" or "Princess" wood) is also softer than Basswood, with a Janka hardness rating of 300 vs. 410 for Basswood: https://www.wood-database.com/paulownia/ https://www.wood-database.com/basswood/ It's popular in Japan as it's been used for centuries there, and not just for musical instruments. The Guitar Fetish website also sells Paulownia guitar bodies.
  8. I am curious about the Moonstone "Exploder" () they have listed...reminds me of the Vintage Guitar Magazine issue (I think it was from Feb. 1999), where they had a cover story for the Gibson "Exploer" (sic). My '96 Hamer USA Rick Nielsen "Signature" (headstock logo, not signed) Standard Custom was in the "Reader's Gallery" section of that issue.
  9. https://reverb.com/news/the-future-for-wood-in-electric-guitars?utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200920 Sunday Content Guitar A good chunk of the information in this article has been common knowledge for several years, but it does give a peek into where (location-wise) and how some electric guitar manufacturing companies currently source their wood, including the Big Three (Fender, Gibson, PRS). No mention in the Reverb article on the use of Tropical/Hawaiian/Mexican/Shamel Ash (Fraxinus uhdei) wood as a substitute for Eastern US/Canadian Ash wood...yet. Bob Tayl
  10. It looks like what I did was cut and pasted the 'Direct Link' code from IMGUR. i'm gonna have to make a note of that, especially since I usually don't enclose photos in my emails. Thanks again, gtrdaddy!
  11. OK, NOW I think I'm cooking with gas...or at least it's showing up in the post I'm seeing on my computer. It worked that time, thanks for your help, gtrdaddy!
  12. I was doing what IMGUR said to do for 'BB Code' (Message Boards and Forums), I'm now trying with the 'Linked BB Code' (Message Boards) to see if that works. Update: I tried the 'Linked BB Code', with the same (no) result. https://imgur.com/UvVYiCj
  13. I DID try the cut and paste method, just like I've done before.
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