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  1. Revisiting this earlier topic...I don't think anybody mentioned the Marshall 18 watt amps here, and how interest in these and other lower-wattage amps kinda sprung from the 18Watt.com website. Those Marshall combos got little attention when they came out in the mid 60's, but in the last 20 years or so interest has really grown. Right now, 18 watt Marshall semi-clones are my main amps, and I like 'em so much since I got my first one several years back, that I haven't felt the need to go back to a 'bigger' amp. Ever.
  2. I purchased a new Hamer USA Rick Nielsen 'Signature' Standard Custom in 1998 from Music Land KEY in Shibuya (Tokyo), back when I was stationed in Japan with the U.S. Navy. This guitar was a 'for Japan only' model, I think it was a '96, it had a facsimile of his signature on the headstock, and the Hamer logo was on the end of the headstock 'old style' to make room for it. A photo of it is in the 'back pages' of the HFC somewhere, unfortunately I no longer have this guitar. IIRC, the price was somewhere around Y185,000...and it was on sale half price, so the original list price was around Y35
  3. I really like the Lollar/TysonTone P-90 combination in my Partscaster Cabronita (see the 'pastel'/'Easter Egg' thread) and I definitely wouldn't mind getting another guitar just like it, but I wouldn't necessarily say I like it only for the P-90s. I haven't had that much exposure to P-90's that I'm aware of, or at least not in a way where I could instantly identify pickups as P-90's, with the possible exception of the presence of 50/60 Hz hum. Yeah, somebody's gonna bring up early Freddie King, Missisippi Queen, or Revolver-era Beatles, but could the same tunes be done with guitars that don'
  4. I'm guessing that's either an electric Zither or a cheese grater. I was gonna say 'washboard', but electricity and water don't mix.
  5. These have been around for at least a year or two, they seem to be a fairly inexpensive way to get to a 8-string bass nowadays, they're made in South Korea, and aren't nearly as pricey as a vintage Hamer USA 8 or 12 string bass. I've seen these listed both as new or as 'B-stock' on Reverb. Anybody here tried one? https://www.schecterguitars.com/bass/riot-8-session-aged-natural-satin-detail
  6. HA! I wish. I'm way too broke to be able to do that. I'm just vicariously enabling others.
  7. No affiliation, IIRC a few members on the HFC like them, and I don't see them often: https://davesguitar.com/products/ernie-ballmusicman/armada-recent/
  8. Here's my Partscaster Cabronita, with Lollar bridge/TysonTone neck P-90s, bound Ash MJT body, and fat Musikraft neck, in lightly relic'd Daphne Blue. I don't call it a 'pastel' color, I prefer the term '1958 Cadillac color'.
  9. Because using a pick sounded better than strumming. But seriously, in my youth I was glued to both the radio and TV in the '70's and '80's, absorbing music like a sponge. I didn't need any better reason than the music I was hearing and seeing at the time.
  10. The surest way to get someone to downsize their gear is to make them carry it ALL on their own, with no help. It worked for me.
  11. I got this bass from DGS Madison in late 2019, not long before The Pandemic hit...MIM 'Road Worn' relic'd '60's Jazz Bass Alder body with a MIM Standard Fretless Jazz Bass neck. The body is supposedly finished in a thin layer of nitrocelluose paint (no weatherchecking that I can see on the finish), there's a worn area where my right arm would hit, plus multiple 'scrapes' on the edges of the bass, that look liked they were 'kissed' with the rough side of a steel file or a rasp. What raw wood is showing looks kinda 'aged' (not fresh), and they even went so far to put a small hole in the body o
  12. I bought a used Fender Mustang 90 a couple of years ago, partly to see if I'd bond with both the guitar and the 24" scale. For some reason, I found the neck to be a bit on the crowded side, though I've lived well with Gibson-scale guitars in the past. I didn't really bond well with that Mustang, plus I didn't care much for Fender's version of P-90s on that guitar (they seemed kinda bland to me), and sold it. A 'quick and dirty' way to 'experience' the joys of a 24" scale, is to measure out 24" from the bridge on a 25 1/2" Fender-scale guitar, and capo it at that point, at the nearest fr
  13. No affiliation, of course. Saw this mentioned on the Nashville early AM TV news this morning. The auction starts Saturday: https://www.musicradar.com/news/the-elvis-presley-hagstrom-viking-ii-guitar-from-his-comeback-special-is-up-for-sale
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