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  1. I rarely buy 'new' anymore, so it doesn't really matter that much to me. If I do see something I like, then I do a web search for reviews, and look for a used one, whatever that item is.
  2. Congrats on the build, that's a very sharp-lookin' Covidcaster! Your photos make me want another one! It's a very cost-effective build also, considering used sandblasted Fender guitars are way overpriced on Reverb, IMO. I'm guessing that you went over the grain areas with black pigment to highlight them, then wiped off the excess, leaving the black pigment in only the grained areas? That would make the most sense to me. It seems to me that Fender always described the 'sandblasted' process backwards. Fender's own description of the 'sandblasting' process doesn't make any sense to me,
  3. If you think your case is a handful, try lugging a loaded '80's Blitz bass case that's falling apart at the seams. I had one (the bass and the case) once, the only reason the Blitz case I had didn't end up in the trash is because they're harder than hell to find, even in crap condition.
  4. I think DGS should give the next owner $395 just to take it off their hands.
  5. No affiliation. One of Henry J.'s 'darlings'; I think the body looks better flipped the other way, but that's just me. Pair it with a Firebird X, so you can have Xs and Os: https://davesguitar.com/products/gibson/firebird-zero-17/
  6. As a rule, I use Made In Canada TKL 7830 cases with my Teles. They're not cheap when new, but they can be found used in decent shape now and then on Ebay for a decent price, that's how I got mine. They can be found used on Reverb too, but the prices there seem to be jacked up considerably higher. From a distance, they look like generic-style cases (I strongly suspect that more than a few similarily-styled Chinese-made cases were 'patterned' (copied) directly from this style case), but they're much better built, with center sections/dividers that won't come loose and vinyl coverings that won
  7. What's the attraction? Is it the 6V6 quad tube power section?
  8. Maybe it explains how Ozzy had 5G five years before anyone else, in 2011. Or not:
  9. 1977...Sex Pistols at Cain's Ballroom (of Bob Wills fame) in Tulsa, OK. I was in High School at the time, and it was only about an hour's drive from me, but I couldn't work up the nerve to even try. IIRC, I think I read one of the reviews in the Tulsa newspapers afterward, where they noted that the audience was throwing full cans of beer at the Pistols by the end of the concert. If you can get an Okie (which I am, so I can say it ) to let loose of a perfectly good full can of beer, that's saying something. https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/cains-ballroom https://flashbak.com/wh
  10. Hugely cool, congrats to you and Josh, and enjoy the tone and the history! Story goes that Leo Fender installed one of these pickups in Junior Barnard's (Bob Wills) Epiphone Emperor archtop (I think Deke Dickerson owns it now): https://www.fretboardjournal.com/columns/when-do-you-absolutely-know-you-are-looking-work-leo-fender/
  11. I remember '70's styles and '70's clothing 'fit' all too well...and note that the largest size listed is a 'L', which in modern terms is probably closer to a modern Medium, if you're lucky. Even if you could get one of those T-shirts today in 2021, you might have difficulty finding someone over the age of eight that could actually wear one comfortably.
  12. There's four 1st Gen Cruisebasses on Reverb right now.
  13. RIP Gerry...when it came to Liverpool, it seemed that he was the 'home town boy' even more so than any of The Beatles ever were; especially with his version of this song, which became the anthem of Liverpool F.C.: On a lighter note, he was also known early on for his unique style of...um, 'wearing' his guitars onstage...BTW, this particular song (written by a guy named Mitch Murray) was first offered to The Beatles, who passed on it to use their own song "Please Please Me" for their second Parlophone single instead:
  14. Read these, then you be the judge: http://www.regiscoyne.com/silvertone1482/ https://wgsusa.com/silvertone-1482-poor-man’s-deluxe BTW, the second article asks the question: "Is this a poor man's Deluxe?", then the writer goes on in the article to pretty much answer it with no. No mention of a "Death Cap" in the second article that I can find, either...but the first article does. And don't forget, a cool-looking vintage original particle-board cabinet is still a particle-board cabinet.
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