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  1. No robotic tuners? That's not a bad thing IMO. I remember when that year of Gibson guitars came out, luckily those robotic tuners were apparently easy to remove, because some dealers (I remember DGS did for sure) offered to swap them out with 'standard' tuners when they were new. I'm not a fan of the metal nut or the headstock decal though, it still reminds me of Henry.
  2. I'm still a student and fan of Pop Culture, but I'm at the age where my 'collecting' days are all but over. I still pursue 'things' of interest, but they're not very expensive, don't need much maintenance if any, and don't take up much space. My big 'hobby' right now is in weeding out stuff I don't use, and have little interest in keeping anymore, I still have boxes of stuff in storage from my Military days that hasn't seen the light of day in 15 years, that I need to rummage through! I don't want my stuff to wind up going to relatives that have no idea of the significance of what I have (if there is any), and could care less about unless it was worth money, kinda like this...BTW, you don't have to be rich to have lots of stuff (anybody watch the TV show Hoarders?): The Chinery Collection got broken up after he died, hopefully sold to people who have an idea of the significance of the stuff he gathered together; but of course The Chinery Collection is no longer 'together' and probably never will be again.
  3. I wonder if it was done in a similar way like when they used to wrap MOTS (Mother of Toilet Seat) celluoid around lap steel bodies back in the '40's and '50's? IIRC, sheets of MOTS celluoid was made pliable by soaking it in acetone or some other solvent, it would be wrapped onto/around the wood bodies very quickly before it had a chance to harden, then the excess would be trimmed off. Gretsch used their own 'sparkle' drum wrap from the Gretsch drum line on Silver Jet/Sparkle Jet guitars back in the early '60's as a custom option. I can't imagine that a guitar body covered in drum wrap would make for a very resonant guitar, though.
  4. Just bumpin', still no affiliation. This Monaco is still there, DGS rotated this to the front of their website listings yesterday, and it's already getting buried (again) by other new stuff.
  5. Nice guitars, you should enjoy them any time you want, shoulder pain or not! You can always play sitting down if your shoulder bothers you from the weight of a guitar on a strap. Don't make me break out the T Model Ford hoochie-coo dancer video again.
  6. Nice! Looks to me like a late '70's/early '80's Hamer case for a Special or Sunburst.
  7. You know what they say about blue guitars, they sound better! Very cool, I didn't realize that there were Hamer Limited Editions for the German market, too! GLWTS!
  8. Cool Standard! 'Angular', yes; but I wouldn't necessarily call Standards (or Blitzes, or Explorers) 'pointy', unless they had sharp corners on them. GLWTS!
  9. Kinda gives new meaning to the term 'hot wax', especially when they had to put a lamp close to the wax cylinders when recording to warm them. Funny thing is, is that Metal recorded fairly decently (compared to anything else) on this gear, because it was so loud: Recording acoustics on the same gear left a lot to be desired...the playback was pretty feeble, even when playing guitars practically against the openings of the recording horns. Makes sense that rhythm players back then often used banjos instead of acoustic guitars in order to be heard. IIRC, keep in mind that 'electronic' recording wasn't around earlier (except maybe in the experimental stage) until at least the late Teens or early Twenties: Wax cylinders could only record about two minutes of music (or anything else) each, so there was a lot of 'wax on, wax off' when listening to music on those way back when.
  10. I usually have a sudden urge to play guitar when everybody else is asleep, which potentially might not make me any friends in my apartment complex. Actually, I don't use the amps at night, plus I don't necessarily plug in when I play/practice/noodle, so I usually play acoustically regardless of whatever guitar I have out.
  11. You know that if he ends up that way, somebody's gonna try to snort his ashes, for bragging rights at the very least; just like Keef supposedly snorted a little of his Dad's ashes. Though IMO it's just as likely that Keef's ashes will be under lock and key at a pharmacy/chemist's, as a 'controlled substance'.
  12. Four different bidders within the last 30 seconds...yikes, that didn't go cheaply, good thing it had free shipping!
  13. Congrats on the restoration and the guitar! Luckily it all ended up good in the end, no thanks to the seller. You oughta email a photo back to the seller to show off your restoration, plus point out strongly that he was definitely less than up front about the logo 'modification', or that otherwise he's a seller with poor attention to detail.
  14. Eighty is the new Seventy. This article has been out for almost nine years, and the Demko 'study' has been around for longer than that: https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-11621076
  15. I love Nick Lowe's story of trying to get out of a recording contract by releasing a Bay City Rollers 'tribute' song: From Wikipedia: "English singer-songwriter Nick Lowe wrote a "Jaundiced" (in Lowe's words[12]) paean to the band titled "Bay City Rollers We Love You". The track was "carefully sculpted" to be poor enough to get Lowe out of a recording contract with United Artists. The strategy backfired. UA issued the record as by the Tartan Horde,[13] which was the name given to Rollers fans in England, and it became a substantial hit in Japan.[12] Lowe was obliged to record a follow-up song called "Rollers Show", which did not meet with the same commercial success. This follow-up song was included on the US release of Lowe's first album, Pure Pop for Now People." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bay_City_Rollers P.S., It's not his finest work:
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