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  1. Nice snag! Reminds me of an old Grundig...but then again, German-made radios tended to look a lot alike each other back in the '50's. Does the power section use EL84s?
  2. I'd heard that before about trucks for years, and apparently it's still true. I saw a segment of a news broadcast on either CNN or CBS last week, that said the same thing is still going on with truck sales right now, trucks sell at a premium and a high profit margin, and fly off the lot; where sedans tend to sit awhile...or used to. They also said that there's a supposed shortage of vehicles for sale new and used right now, partly because the vehicle factories slowed production when The Pandemic hit and they're just now catching up or trying to, partly also due to a shortage of computer chips needed for new vehicles as well as new computers/laptops for the same reason...which reminds me, recent local news broadcasts in my area have also mentioned a shortage of school supplies in the stores within the last week too, due to...you guessed it.
  3. My phone is a several-years-old flip phone that only does 3G, and I'll have to trash it once my phone carrier ditches 3G next year. Like Ozzy used to advertise on TV, 'All aboard the 5G train!', whether I like it or not. The only Apple I have, I buy from a grocery store.
  4. I've gotten quite adept at yelling BULLSHIT! into my phone and hanging up, at the very second it's clear to me (and it only takes a couple of seconds to find out) that the person on the other end of the line is a telemarketer trying to sell me extended auto warranties, Medicare program scams, or anything else similar. I'm signed up on the 'Do Not Call' list, which seems to me to be absolutely ineffective, and yes I do screen my calls; but occasionally one still gets through inadvertently and gets to enjoy my special 'greeting'.
  5. Probably not because it was 'pizza day' at the Ernie Ball factory. My guess is that the bass was in the general indirect vicinity of somebody spraying paint.
  6. I once had a '80s Blitz bass several years ago with a falling-apart original case, it was a good bass but I sold it because it was too freakin' BIG. IMO, situational awareness is a must when playing one of these basses, I was afraid I might do damage to mine just by accidentally smacking it on a hallway wall or into the side of a doorway, kinda like what happened to the neck of this bass.
  7. No affiliation. If you think your banjo playing sounds bad now, give this thing a try! https://davesguitar.com/products/w-m-karnolt/fretless-5-string-banjo-1920s/
  8. To satisfy my own curiosity, I did a Google search, and it seems that most guitar-oriented people on the web look at the words 'fat neck' and 'shredder guitar' as a contradiction in terms. I was able to find this web article, though...the guy who wrote the article says he loves Schecter guitars, but consistently spells it 'Shecter': https://brokeandtalented.com/top-7-metal-guitars-with-thick-necks-youll-actually-enjoy-playing-on/
  9. That reminds me of the old Mandolin Bros. catalogs that the late Stan Jay used to write the descriptions for, occasionally he'd throw in 'not responsible for typografficle eros'. If somebody's buying the guitar as a 'collectible' and wants to spend stupid amounts of money, they're probably gonna have it as a wall hanger to drool over rather than to play anyway. It is a great way to keep someone else from picking it up and playing it, though!
  10. No affiliation. This guitar is on hold at DGS, so it's still technically 'for sale', kinda. I thought I'd post about it, in case someone wants to see a guitar that's had the livin' snot played out of it, instead of having been artifically relic'd. Note the nicotined headstock and playing wear through the top layer of the pickguard: https://davesguitar.com/products/fender/strat-79-12/
  11. https://www.guitarplayer.com/gear/what-a-counterfeit-gibson-les-paul-custom-is-actually-like
  12. Nice! IMO, it's difficult to find a used 1x12" extension cabinet that's wide enough to put a full-sized head on; if a cab is too narrow (not wide enough) for the head, heads tend to sit lopsided and have to have the feet relocated to look 'right'. Yeah, I know, wide 2x12" extension cabs are common, but I don't need the extra firepower they have, plus the extra weight's bad on my back! My Mojotone Marshall 18w clone head is 26" wide, and my VHT Standard 18 head with matching VHT 1x12" speaker cab is 26 1/2" wide. I wish I had the fundage to snap this cab up, otherwise I'd be very tempted. GLWTS!
  13. Since we're on that topic: What kills me is the recent affectation of adverbs as nouns, such as 'Freshly' (the name of a food delivery-by-mail company, no damn affiliation here!)...there's other examples, but that's the one that comes to my mind. And not that overused phrase 'top of mind', which doesn't make sense to an olde phart like me. Ebay's lately been using the phrase 'from OG to just dropped' to sell stuff in their web screen margin advertisements...I know what 'just dropped' means, as that used to be music industry slang for a new release, but I had to look up 'OG' (it means 'Original Gangsta', which is the general equivalent to the term 'Old School'). There's a Wendy's near where I live with a Wendy's corporate-originated sign advertising chicken 'Nuggs', in the style of being too 'hip' and/or damn lazy to finish saying a complete word. WTF is a 'Nugg'? And do I really want to know? Damn hipsters, get off my lawn indeed!
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