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  1. OK, so that's a prawn. So what's pron?
  2. +1. This sounds like a really low price, I wouldn't jump on it without 'due diligence'. Current bank rates on currency are roughly US $1.00 = Can $ 1.18. Up until a few months ago, it was about dead even!
  3. Yeah, I kinda got that feeling when I got his answer about the weight, he mentioned that there was 'lots of interest' but funnily enough he didn't give me any details about weight--and he still hasn't. Seems like I got my answer here. It seems like he's trying to sell the sizzle as much as the steak here, maybe more so.
  4. Hamerica: Whomever can find the Smilie where he is beating his head against the wall, if they will kindly place that on this post and just mention the word "Thunderbolt", and do so about a dozen times, it will appropriately represent the number of times I have asked Hamer to build this guitar for me. There have been other HFC'rs request the same and the end results have been the same. One or two HFC'rs have had thunderbolts custom made but I don't recall who did them and maybe they will be kind enough to PM you with he information. I was having a really good year up until I read this post. I am sure that more than one dealer has asked Hamer to do a run of ten and it has been declined. Crunchee, good luck on your quest. As far as an HFC or any other limited run, I really liked the Zandards. A match set would be nice. Oh I don't know say something like Vee and a Standard in Dark burst with an L5 fingerboard and boomers? Triple Pickups might be nice. Five or seven ply binding. As long as were dreaming, I would like for it to be something that speaks to Hamers Heritage. I thought it was a real shame that Judas Priest had a set from Gibson and not Hamer. There are some great examples of things that were cool but done just once. In some cases, I think that should be that way. Its always nice too dream and sometimes its great that dreams come true. Hamerica Thanks, Hamerica! It's on my wish list, but it's not a quest--yet. I'd be open to a HFC Zandard, too. But from what was already discussed on the 'Custom Order' thread, it seems to be all up to Hamer. I hope they reconsider their policies.
  5. After reading the other 'Custom Order' thread, I'm not convinced that Hamer would do anything worthwhile for $5K each for a run of 10 or 12 or whatever. I'm not looking to spend that much green for a simple tweak or two here and there on a pre-existing model guitar. Of course, if they do a T-Bolt, I might be interested.
  6. I emailed the seller for a weight, he said he'd try to find out and get back to me. That was a couple of days ago, no news yet.
  7. All of the above are good. I'd go for a Music Man, as they're sturdy and hold value well. I've heard old tube Traynors are good as well. As for me, I play mostly Fender Blackface amps, Bassman heads particularly. I recommend 'em, but I got mine well over 10 years ago, when finding one for well under $500 wasn't unusual. I can't say that now, plus you need a speaker cab for them, too. Maybe a used Fender tube amp of recent make or a RI might be something you can use as well, if you're looking strictly at tubes.
  8. As far as having "another" Tbolt built, the origin of that guitar has been denied before by some people in New Hartford, but it is the real deal. I don't think that's one you'll see rolling out to a dealer from CT any time soon...or ever. A few have suggested that before as well. Well, here's an opportunity for Hamer to do it right, and REALLY make a statement! I can't think of anything that would be MORE unique than a HFC T-Bolt. I don't want to see a HFC model based on what's already been done (for a dealer? C'mon!!), like the aforementioned Vector, or any simple variants of a production model, past or present.
  9. Chris, I don't remember the original "Gibson" (Lukasic) having a cracked headstock or being repaired but that was a long time ago and my memory isn't what it used to be about that stuff. The Hamer Thunderbolt was sent to New Hartford for a headstock repair in 98 or 99. I remember I carved the neck on the Hamer Tbolt. It would be considered thin compared to todays Hamers. To my eye, the 12th fret dots look strange on the Hamer Tbolt in the picture Serial posted. The spacing looks wider than typical Hamer spacing. It looks more like Gibson spacing. Could just be the photo or my tired eyes. They should be the same spacing as any other Hamer dot neck from that era. bob Details, details. Just let me buy one (Bob, are you up to making another one again?). WHY wouldn't having a T-Bolt built by Hamer happen again? Because I'm not Rick Nielsen?
  10. That's IT! THAT'S THE ONE! I think it'd look good with a reverse Explorer/Standard headstock as well, maybe give it a Standard Custom treatment (Cherry Sunburst flame maple top, binding, fancy inlays) also. Hell, do both a plain Mahogany and a Custom treatment one!
  11. The original red "Gibson" Rick has isn't really a Gibson. He also has a Hamer Thunderbolt, i believe Gibson recently released this as a limited edition. You're not referring to THIS Gibson as a Ltd Ed, I hope... http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product...lnut?sku=516473 The T-bolt I remember is a bit different--the body actually looks like a thunderbolt, in a way, not just the pickguard. Anybody have any photos?
  12. I'd like to see a Hamer 'Thunderbolt', like what Rick Nielsen has--I'm not sure if his is a Gibson or a Hamer, though (maybe he has both). Does anybody have a photo of it that they can post?
  13. I don't sell stuff on Ebay, but I have bought a few items (including guitars) there. I think it's a overdue change, but I get the feeling that sellers are going to be unloading stuff with dealers rather than on Ebay because of this. Why go through all that pain when the dealer can and will? I love reading feedback comments, some sellers AND buyers are flakes, and it's obvious from the descriptions. Only idiots buy/bid on a guitar that has a one sentence description, or has a ton of superlatives (for instance: plays like butter, etc.) with no real description of the guitar. Of course, buying from a dealer is still 'buyer beware' territory, so always make sure they have a return policy.
  14. About 10 years ago, I saw this in a Bargain Post: '1962 Fender Bassman Head, needs work, $300.' I get to the guy's house to try it out, and it sounded really anemic-even though it apparently had a recent service (there was a shop's service calling card stapled inside) and looked really clean. I check the back, and I find that the speaker jack that the speaker was plugged into (a 8 Ohm speaker in a combo amp) was the 'Ext. Speaker' jack (the secondary jack-does anybody even use those?), not the 'Speaker' jack (the primary jack) on the amp. I swap the speaker lead to the primary jack and try it again-and it perked right up! Even though those old Bassman heads normally use a 4 Ohm load, and not 8 Ohms like this guy had hooked up. Sold! I still use the amp today, no service needed. But I didn't tell the guy what I suspected.
  15. My camera is messed up at the moment so I can't take photos, but here is a reference to check out-and the grain to my guitars is very very similar (they're finished natural): http://www.hobbithouseinc.com/personal/woodpics/sen.htm I've had some older Japanese made Fender Strats that were Basswood-they were done in Sunburst but had a VERY bland grain pattern-Sen definitely isn't bland looking. There's probably photos of Basswood online just like these for Sen. The odd thing is, I've found references online for Sen that say it's from the Ash family, or Cypress family, or one that says it's from the Ivy family. Confusing!
  16. Thanks! That helps!!! I think the Levinson 'Blade' guitars were made from Sen, as well as some early Fender Japan Teles and Tele Thinlines too, from what I can find online. I'm surprised that Sen isn't referenced as a tone wood more often. Is there a good reference to it out there?
  17. I have a couple of Greco Tele Thinlines (late '70's or early '80's) that are made of what is apparently Japanese Sen-the wood looks similar to Ash but the grain is tighter and more even in appearance. I've tried to Google what Sen IS, but there's few references to it regarding guitars. As far as I can tell from my guitars, it's not as bright as Ash, but has a nice even frequency response across the board-with nicer mids and bass to my ears. It's almost like a cross between Alder and Ash in tone but definitely doesn't look like Alder, either. I found a article online by Willie Moseley, done about a Ibanez Destroyer (Explorer shape) bass from Vintage Guitar Magazine, that apparently is also made from Sen. I've seen a few similar models from time to time (Fender and Gibson style) on Ebay. I also wonder if EVH's boogered Ibanez Destroyer was made from the same wood-the one where he supposedly sawed out a chunk of it. Any help is appreciated!
  18. 'Be like Keith/Eric/Jimi/Stevie/Eddie/John/Paul/George/Ringo' ad nauseam... Any damn Tele with a humbucker in the neck position seems to make it a 'Keith'. A guy named Bob Bain was supposedly the first to do that (he got a preproduction PAF from a Gibson rep way back when, according to VG Mag)-AND retrofitted it with a Bigsby. Supposedly, that's the 'Peter Gunn' guitar (circa 1958).
  19. How about 'it'll only increase in value' (um, so why are they selling it?). Reminds me of the Bjorn Borg Swedish Pancake skillet episode of 'Home Improvement'.
  20. 'This guitar is MINT! except for...' One I've seen on Gbase: 'Vintage Excellent'
  21. I'd heard a horror storry about Midnight Blue 4003 finishes 'bleeding' into the white binding-there's a 4003 review on Harmony Central that details this, and supposedly the RIC forum deleted this topic! That's what potentially bothers me about the RIC forum, if it sounds like criticism, it gets 86'ed. Or 1984'ed! Maybe I'm just being paranoid...
  22. Thanks for the info-yes, I checked out the manual too, it is a bit vague. My concern isn't so much about how to adjust the neck as it is that they come from the factory with not much relief (Yes, they were both new, and both set up the same, otherwise the necks are fine). I'll give the RIC forum a shot, I hope they don't take offense with how they set up the basses af the factory!
  23. I know that this is a topic more appropriate for the RIC forum, but I'm looking for more independent opinions here-especially since I've heard that RIC is ultra-sensitive about their products. I bought a couple of 4003 basses in the last year or so, and they still have the 'factory' setup-so they seem a bit buzzy at about the first 5 frets. They play fine, but this bothers me a bit, since no other bass that I know of is like that. I've done some research online about how to adjust one (one site says you should adjust the truss rods while the neck is under tension)-opinions and experiences welcome. One thing that gets me about Ricks is that they say if you change the strings to any brand other than their own, it voids the warranty!
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