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  1. Diocletian

    Who does custom truss rod covers?

    Dave does great work and is a great guy!
  2. Diocletian

    DiMarzio Super Ds and PAFs - what have I got?

    I must have had that pickup for a few years but only really thought about the legs today when taking the photo. Anything on ages of them?
  3. These are pickups I took out of guitars I recently sold (Hamer Slammer Series Sunburst and a PRS SE Custom 24). To me they're old Super Distortion/Dual Sound and PAF with the nickel-steel baseplate suggesting that one is newer. I'm just curious what I have, it's hard to find any info on this stuff. Note the Dual Sound (?) has mounting legs that are flat. I wonder if someone did that to try and make new ones because the old ones wore away (the mounting holes are too big so something has gone on at some point).
  4. Wow, stunning! The amber one is just a beautiful piece of work.
  5. Hey Dave, it's still a pair of DiMarzio PAFs. I believe one is the old style and one is the newer 36th Anniversary - both are DP103. They are both double cream, I just used a black bobbin topper on one of the bobbins. Congrats on the Standard, they look great!
  6. I just went and had a look, and sure enough there's a small chip out the back of the headstock, coloured in black with a marker. So, looks like it was yours! The only thing is the pickups - the ones in the photo aren't the ones that were in it, the original pups were plain black. The thing is though, I doubt I would ever sell the guitar. I went up and got it the day before my Gran died and it always makes me think of her as I was sitting playing it when my mum phoned to tell me what had happened. Here it is with the extended family: Guitars april 2012 002 by stormwatch1977, on Flickr
  7. Wow, I just saw that post you made B! I don't know if you still check in here since you only ever made this one post but you can be happy the guitar is being well loved. It has all new electronics, Grover tuners and a pair of DiMarzio PAFs in it. I actually bought this in CC Music though, why are you so sure this is the one you had?
  8. Diocletian

    Jeff Waters - Annihilator

    Yeah, that is a cool V. I've had an Epiphone V and a Jackson RR3, I'd prefer something like that nowadays though.
  9. Diocletian

    Jeff Waters - Annihilator

    Thanks Zorrow. I've been a fan of Jeff's since I saw the "Stonewall" video years and years ago. I saw his clinic in Glasgow last monday and it's made me revisit all things Annihilator (although I listen to them a LOT anyway). He actually gave one of those guitars away to someone in the crowd because he said it had a little bit of bizz on one fret. Sweet eh? I knew he played Rans, cos I was aware of that brand through Piotr from Vader playing them. Cool guitars. Jorge - you haven't missed the band, they're still going, they're working on a new album (TWO actually!) right now.
  10. I never knew he used Hamers in the past. Anybody know anything about the ones he used? Or any other info on his gear.
  11. P1010003 by stormwatch1977, on Flickr P1010005 by stormwatch1977, on Flickr
  12. Thanks Veatch, yep I've found that out, some great guys here.
  13. Just wanted to add this bit of info, since I'd asked about it. I now have the answer so maybe this will come in handy for someone in the future: The Grover tuners from modern Epiphones fit straight onto Hamers like mine. All I had to do was drill one small hole for the screw that holds each tuner to the headstock, the actual shaft size was a perfect fit. I'll get a pic later if I get a chance.
  14. I'm thinking of taking the Grover tuners off my Epiphone Les Paul Standard - does anyone know if they will fit onto this Hamer without too much work? Would I need bushes or anything? I know this is a pretty obscure question, but thought I'd check. :angry: And here's another pic of it (with black speed knobs on it now, off my Gibson LP). My 3 year old daughter Freya started strumming it and singing some song about castles and stuff. Picture 044 by stormwatch1977, on Flickr