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    '93 Hamer Studio, '78 Takamine (Martin D-28 copy), Takamine classical
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    '68 Princeton Reverb
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    Vox wah modded by Alfonso Hermida, Keely Rat. Analogman Clone Chorus, Boss DM-2

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  1. No affiliation, but I feel asleep during the unnecessary exposition about this Hamer Special. Sorry if it’s someone on here. Actually I doubt it since Ed Roman has passed https://reverb.com/item/54829313-hamer-special-holy-no-deposit-no-return-batman-1980-trans-red?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=54829313
  2. Sweet black tolex Goodsell Super 17 MK2 amp w/ Tuki padded cover. Asking for 1k. 17 watts. 100% point-point hand wired. 2xEL84 power tubes, 12AX7 preamp tubes, 5v4 rectifier. 12” Warehouse Reaper speaker. Sounds amazing. If I had to describe it, I’d say a little Voxy, a little brown face Princeton. Works perfectly, just playing my Vox and Fender style amps more. Weighs about 30lbs. Located in Tracy, CA. Looking for a local NorCal deal, but may consider shipping if YOU have a FedEx or UPS account for boxing and shipping. YouTube Videos: - Walk around: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dQrpEVlTObw - Sound: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7CMUGB1pRk - Loose screw: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cRl8RAZGCLo Let me know if you have any questions. From the manufacturer's site: Goodsell Super 17 Mk2: From the dusty, oily laboratory of world-renowned Hammond organ guy Richard Goodsell comes a new family of EL84-based 17 watt guitar amplifiers with astonishing tone and playability. With transformers and topologies inspired by vintage Hammond designs from the 50s and 60s, and with a respectful nod to our British forebears, Chicago meets Liverpool and takes a gig in Nashville. Winner: Guitar One 2007 Award of Excellence! 2 x EL84 Power Tubes for 17 watts 12AX7 triodes, 5v4 rectifier Class-A operation 100% point-to-point handwired in the USA Goodsell Super 17 MKII (Mark 2) 1x12 combo guitar amplifier in excellent working condition (One chassis screw is loose and has one small tear in tolex). Handwired 17 watt amp powered by EL84 power tubes. Hand made in the USA by Richard Goodsell. Includes a Tuki padded cover. Controls are Gain, Tone & Volume. Sounds amazing. Like a cross between a Vox and Marshall. The Super 17 MkIIs come with larger cab and a 12” Warehouse Reaper speaker which really opens up the tone.
  3. The class assignment was to make a butcher block for mom, not a guitar for dad.
  4. Guy is local to me. Save now! Hahaha https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/msg/d/berkeley-1975-ibanez-destroyer-2549-pre/7414839126.html
  5. How bizarre. I was just singing "We Built this City" climbing up the stairs to check my email (on call today)...
  6. Pretty much in order: 70's Fender Champ (too stupid to know what I had) Seymour Duncan 84/40 '69 Fender Vibro Chamo Mesa Boogie MKIII '60 Fender Concert '69 Twin Reverb '68 Pro Reverb 60's Vox AC15 '68 Vibrolux Reverb '68 Princeton Reverb '69 Bassman Only one I still have is the Princeton Reverb
  7. We were thinking of cool metal band names and settled on Aceldama which we thought just meant a bad place or place of bloodshed. Apparently, it is from the New Testament (land bought with the silver Judas got for betraying Jesus). We dropped the name since people thought we were a Christian metal band, which was a bit at odds with our covers from Slayer, Venom, and Death Angel...
  8. I have a jewelry polishing cloth that has two different sides. One takes out fine scratches, the other polishes. Works nice.
  9. Wow. Good vibes sent your way Brooks...
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