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  1. $3200 for an '80 Sunburst, phew! In Central OH-IO too, but no reason to drive to Cincy to see that one; unless I knock over a bank or two along the way! 😉
  2. Hey, on the road at the moment but thought I'd ping you. Are the specs "set" on these or can you wind down a bit. I'm a low wind A2 kind of guy. Ivory/Black, 4 conductor (just in case!) whatever balances with say a 7.6k neck say what 8.0/8.2? Thoughts?

    Let me know and thanks!

    1. JGravelin


      Happy to wind to whatever suits you! Private message sent and I hope to hear from you.

  3. Just did a deal with Rob (iownit4) on a '92 Sunburst, awesome guy to deal with and great guitar (and price!). Good luck on your GT search!
  4. Rob (iownit4) from Staten Island hooked me up, the guitar just arrived. '92 Salmon Blush with a nice top and great price! Thanks again!!
  5. Oh $hit, free shipping, well, that changes everything! For that price it should include airfare and a limo ride to the store. 😉
  6. I have P-90s covered, hot-rodded Stratosonic. I looked for a Hamer with the right neck forever and finally gave up. And a few months later TWO showed up for really good prices.
  7. True and it's well an ORANGE FLAMETOP. I mean, who doesn't like that? You can't see the little dings here and there on this one but it's stunning regardless. It is a tone monster too. Do I really "need" another Hamer Sunburst/Archtop/Custom/Whatever? NO, of course not, but I "want" another one... 😉
  8. As per my questions on the "Ask the HFC experts" I'm looking for a thin neck bound and crowned Sunburst Archtop, Archtop Custom, perhaps Studio Custom. I'm not a fan of Cherry bursts but there were lots of color options offered; big flame top desired. 90-94 seem to be a prime time frame for the thinner necks, but I suspect thin/thinner necks could be ordered over time too so what have you got? Thanks!
  9. Good point on the Wilkinson, there are other options out there to swap in though. The Maple Neck on my '91 really suits the guitar, but then my favorite Les Pauls of yore all had maple necks too. I think they have a way of balancing out EQ, in some/many cases. But this is info I didn't know so thanks for that! And honestly, a TOM works fine, a wrap is just more clean. Hell, if anyone has a thin neck'ed Sunburst with a TOM for sale, let me know! 😉
  10. Okay, this is all making sense. My '91 Murkat re-worked Sunburst has the "arched top" but in reality this was a hot-rodded version of the Sunburst of old (flattops from back in the day). I picked up the '93 Orange FM here on HFC because it was a great deal and it was ya know, ORANGE. The neck on the '93 is smaller than the '91, but I can live with the '91. This era seems to suits me (and my 11 year old girl hands!). So with the neck preference in mind if looking for another Sunburst I should probably stick in this range, unless someone has a later Archtop Custom or bound Studio Custom that knowingly has a thin neck. A wraptail/belly cut would be cool or inlayed/bound headstock; but not at the cost of the neck profile... Thanks!!
  11. Okay, I'll bite; what's the practical difference between a Sunburst and a Archtop Custom? Bound and Crowned, the only thing I see that's different (in the examples I've seen) is the lack of the term "Sunburst" on the headstock. Studio Customs, they have the Victory fretboard maker (maybe bound headstock)? Bonus question, anyway to determine which of either model has the thinner neck profile? Besides asking? I love their 90s thin neck profile but you just don't see them that often. Yeah, I know, I've been around long enough I should KNOW this already; but I really didn't pay that much attention until recently and I think I've settled on giving up the big flame Les Paul hunt and getting another big top DC style Hamer, thin neck of course; it's just how to find one and which models do I target? Thanks!
  12. Not HFC but here's a few for you from TGP: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/gold-top-for-sale.2110148/ https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/gibson-custom-shop-57-reissue-tom-murphy-aged-les-paul-2002.2115757/#post-29885782 https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/gibson-1957-goldtop-lp-brazilian-rw-board.2113453/#post-29839738 P-90's anyone? https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/2006-r6-goldtop.2116727/#post-29903245 Honestly, I would put my '08 Classic Goldtop up against any of these for a fraction of the cost. Faber install, re-fret'ed, Wolfetone Dr V neck and low wind Marshallhead bridge and it's a complete monster. But that's just me. Not mine but of the same year: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/2008-gibson-les-paul-classic.2120050/ Good luck!
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