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  1. I did the same to my Mark III Black Dot, I did the mod myself and had some aftermarket three switch footswitch that made the amp really usable as a true switcher. And yet, I sold it, doh!
  2. Yeah, the stereo latching crap was not a good idea. For want of one more output jack the could have seriously improved the overall performance, stability and usability of the series. You just have to work around it, no biggie but you have to pay attention for sure. Mark V, very nice...
  3. On the ElectraDyne I do have an after market unit, it took a while to find someone to build me one at the time. Two switches, if you're running in Clean you hit the left switch and go to Dirty. You can then hit the right switch and go to Lead. At this point you HAVE to either disengage Lead dropping you back to Dirty or you enter the "Mesa Maze of Insanity!" With the FS you can't go Lead to Clean directly, on the ElectraDyne. NOW would you normally do this? Probably not, but they cheesed out on the design for the sake of costs and kind of made this thing a mess. I have gotten the Electra
  4. These are really nice amps. I have an ElectraDyne that's like the cheaper little brother to the RA design, if one of these had been local and available I'm sure I'd have snatched it up. But I got the Electra locally for cheap on Craig's List years ago, one set of tubes, some minor tweaking and it's definitely in the Marshall voiced arena. The one draw back of the Electra is the foot switching between channels; it's just goofy and the factory footswitches are not cheap and don't last. And as a 1x12 it's got to be 80+ lbs. w casters, but worth the effort. Enjoy and congrats!
  5. Well guitarists are likely to GET vaccinated, I mean who doesn't want an MT-2 being just "..part of your being," you're just strumming your axe acoustically and yet you have DISTORTION! Hells Yeah! Yeah, people are quite easily deceived as we've recently seen; I'll just leave it at that.
  6. Chibson's, ah yes... I agree the Madison axe looks legit though better pics of the headstock and body/hardware would be needed to confirm. That first one is typical Chinese fakey garbage and man they're getting into every model, there's been a big push on EVH like guitars of recent. If you want one to hang on your wall, maybe? But honestly ANY purchases there only spawn the fakes making it into the mainstream and being sold as "real."
  7. That is the best tribute article I've ever read; full stop. Hard to see him go, and to have his well earned retirement and new life taken after all he'd been through is just cruel. I've seen them a few times over the years, but to see them do Moving Pictures during the Clockwork Angels tour was by far one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. He is missed and well remembered.
  8. The Cramps - Punk leading to "PsychoBilly" - Is it really a "thing," I don't know, I love Jim Heath/the Rev Horton Heat and you don't get there without The Cramps. Another one of those Akron Ohio Bands like the Black Keys and say: Devo - Not sure if they "invented" the genre but they were the height of that 80's robotic/synth/rock sound, at least to me The Velvet Underground - I would say the were the pro-genitor to Punk rock years before Search and Destroy from Iggy. The ire, the humor, the angst well before it all really hit a decade later (or 5-6 years later as in t
  9. Owned at least one for years, I love my ElectraDyne and miss my Mark III Black Dot! Depends on how much Gibson gets involved in their actual operations, but I can see future LIMITED EDITION Gibson/Boogie gear for those with huge bank accounts in the near future.
  10. You have 8 seconds to make the most memorable lead you ever have; GO! Crazy amount of talent on that stage, but they needed this little bit to fit into a particular 2 1/2 minute slot for the show so...
  11. Yep, bad time of year to be selling regardless of Covid chaos. I used to be wait for tax refunds to start to show up to list, not sure how that might work out this year though.
  12. Ahh, sorry, slow on the uptake. 2020 will soon be over, can we just ya know, forget this little incident? 😉
  13. Your wife's boyfriend? Am I missing something here? Hamer? Bueller, Bueller? I would post the link to Cheap Trick with Daryl and crew, all kinds of Hamer craziness in there but for some reason I can't post URL's here...
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