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  1. Is it true Garden Gnome's give R8's their "power?" Does the Gnome have a COA? 😉 Lovely guitar and great price, GLWYS and re-homing of the Gnome.
  2. Hooray, an update! 😉 Looking great, awesome work.
  3. Awesome thread, thanks for sharing. Our Covid starved minds appreciate something fun, let alone projects as cool as this and so expertly done! Keep them coming...
  4. Yeah, I "need" this guitar like I need another hole in my head. But I still "want" one of these and at that price, ugh.
  5. That one was at a shop in Miami, OH-IO a while back I'm pretty sure. I thought about running down there to take a look but the timing was bad. As is now, arrghhh... $1350, damn it! This hurts, must, stop, looking on HFC For Sale section, must stop looking... Oh, just a peek, what can it hurt!
  6. Sounds great! Chasing "the tone" on a Helix is a crazy game, I can get lost in settings forever, think I've got it, come back to a week later and start twidling again. I have a few main patches and tones that I run, with variations off. I think my best Fender tone is from the MailOrder Twin (off the top of my head), speakers and mics to taste. The distortion "pedals" are where I think the Helix is weak, once I figure out how to button the amp "Drive" on/off that really changed my approach. I haven't messed with the Helix in about two months, with nothing but time I should get it back out again and getting going! You however sir have gotten some great tones locked down. Let us know when you market the patches. Thanks for sharing and enjoy!
  7. Hey, at least shipping is free on the pedal board and guitar! I'm out on the guitar, those holes and the strap peg turn me off...
  8. You all have inspired me to work through their later catalog. I've heard parts and pieces, it gets pretty "prog" and outside of the "rawk" of the 70's I fell in love with but that didn't bother me, it was just different. I was only able to see them a few times over the years, I was thrilled I got to see Time Machine with all of Moving Pictures; that was a dream come true and it was an incredible show. My neighbor down the street is a crazy Rush/Rash fan. He snuck his way into the book signing at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame last year (is that right, Covid time has zapped my brain!). He and his wife got to meet Alex and Geddy personally, book signed, got pictures and stuff and he was so stunned he couldn't talk, so his wife filled in. He was so embarrassed afterwards but it was kind of heart warming too, and Geddy and Alex were obviously used to it. He's still furious with himself, his ONE opportunity to talk to them and he's shell-shocked, damnit! 😉
  9. https://reverb.com/item/34669393-hamer-special-1980-sunburst-flamed-maple-top No affiliation, $1450... Looks to be in great shape.
  10. Glad it's back where it belongs! Enjoy.
  11. They make great stuff, I've debated doing a project with their stuff for years! That Explorer looks great, I look forward to project updates...
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