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  1. Just to be clear here since your language is a bit ambiguous, you do not like Reverb? šŸ˜‰ Yeah, lots of this going around. Reverb has become the latest dump and they rules and management they've imposed will eventually turn everyone off but bigger businesses that are willing to charge more and absorb the oversight/costs/management. Next Gen G-Base really. The scammers showing up is one thing, but once Etsy bought it and changed the fee structures and management approach, crunch! Fees on top of fees on top of fees and then taxes too! See ya! PayPal I haven't spent more than $25 using P
  2. Yeah, the only deals I've done over the last few years have been via forums. I got one good deal out of Reverb before it all started to go sideways, now it's just a place to browse as far as I'm concerned. Still, the occasional good deal does show up there which tells you the seller hasn't used Reverb much. šŸ˜‰
  3. It's a crap shoot with PayPal/Ebay/Reverb, etc. There are sellers out there that are "pros" at scamming the system, I've seen so many people get ripped off via these services over the years it's not even funny. I got dinged by PayPal 15+ years ago and swore I'd never use them for a serious purchase again (bought a neck that turned out to be cracked and they sided with the seller and lost $240). But I gave in and used PP again a few years later and bought a very expensive guitar and it was a scam, but PayPal was aware of this scammer/seller and had held the funds and I was able to get refunded.
  4. It's amazing what 3/4" of an inch a difference can make in scale. Tried Jags, I like the concept, wanted to like them but just couldn't bond. One of those adventures many years ago where I began to realize that neck profiles/width/radius/etc. really did effect my playing. YMMV...
  5. There are Zebras under the covers. Honestly it looks more sinister with the black covers on, but I will INDULGE my friends here at HFC and take a few pics with them off. Covid Guitar Picture Stimulation is recommended by 9 out of 10 Doctors! šŸ˜‰
  6. "This was not the Hamer you were looking for..." That is something you can not un-see, cruel, very cruel...
  7. Well setup I can deal with a 7.25 but it's not my favorite, I have to work around it. I had a '59 Jazzmaster that was the exception to this, that guitar played fantastic and I honestly never noticed the radius. I've done just about every radius there is including the compound variants, I'm fine with a 9.5, 10, 12, 14 but a 12 is like home.
  8. '81 Special, '91 Sunburst w Factory Floyd, '92 Sunburst, '93 FM Special AND, I need better lighting... šŸ˜‰
  9. This is a cover off my '92, I'll have to pull one off my LP and see but I think it's the same sized which means they're too big for the '82 Special. Humm.
  10. This would require me to "leave well enough alone," which by all the laws of guitar tinkering is not allowed. šŸ˜‰ For now, that's what's going down for sure. A few things need to be addressed but minor elements.
  11. I considered the 1 Hum option myself, or maybe going to a single coil in the neck to really make it different. And then I remembered what a major PIA it was to fit the Kahler block and said "...ya know, two hums, it will be FINE that way." šŸ˜‰ The option is still here to do either actually, since the top is just vinyl and another plug could be fitted. Truth be told though, I'm in and out of the neck pickup often so I think I'd feel the loss. But the 1 Hum specials are pretty killer and I have more wood; humm.... I thought of going solid Red on the top, or some variation there of and j
  12. Bought this '81 Special with a Kahler a very long time ago, not even 100% sure when (15-17 years?). Wasn't super expensive, I was into thinner necks at the time and I thought I could live with the Kahler. Well, you know how that all goes! The retro fitted Kahler was unstable, the bridge saddles liked to move around, I wasn't really using the trem anyway and after one session where I couldn't get the guitar to cooperate at all I said ENOUGH, the Kahler must go! So Iā€™d pulled and sold the Kahler years ago, the guitar had been sitting with a loose truss ever since. It had been refretted, it
  13. Crazy is the adjective in this description. But I think it has been applied to the wrong term. "Crazy Rare?" or "Crazy Price"? You decide... šŸ˜‰ Cool axe but... My non-checkerboard '81 Special has a crazy a$$ thin neck, so that would concern me as well. LOVE the color though, and if it's truly 1 owner, delicious.
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