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  1. Larry is a class act, I have all my Les Paul's setup with Faber and it made a huge difference in their "acoustic tone." Yep, I said it! 😉 More sustain, a much more direct tone connection to the guitar and LIGHTER too. I have considered doing this to my Hamer's but they're so awesome they way they are...
  2. It has a total "Christmas Vibe" thing going for it, I can't quite place my finger on it as to why... WHO thought that color combo was the right choice?!? Good grief. Added Kahler, refin'ed top, how much again?
  3. That is a LOT of guitar for that price, if I hadn't just built a Tele beastie...
  4. I bought a set when they first came out, and they're my most used piece of music gear by far. LOVE THEM to death, made a huge difference in the amount of time I play, and WHEN I can play.
  5. SKinny in Hamer terms? Or Skinny in guitars in general? I am the "mostly skinny" guitar neck guy. Wizard thin no way, too much, first gen Charvels and Jackson's, usually too thin too though I've come across a few that were fatter (and one mid 80's Jackson Tele I SHOULD HAVE KEPT). I measure to define, nut width, 1st and 12th frets at a minimum. I have an entire catalog of necks I've measured over time. I'll note the profile type too, soft V, D, etc. if it's of interest. This is how I figured out what guitars I could play without straining my dinged up and rebuilt left arm. My '81 Special is thin and about the limit of how small I can go. The eye is in the beholder, but science and maths don't lie; Be Nice, Measure Twice!
  6. If it's a thin neck and you can't live with it, let me know. I'll give you tree-fiddy and have a bag or Oreo's for it! 😉 Looks great if the headstock face is in tact, cool grab!
  7. Neck in one, what's left of the body in another, case in another, paperwork and case candy in an envelope, etc.
  8. They're still made like this funny enough, or were last time I bought a new set a year ago or so... COOL guitar!
  9. You do know the hardware can be "changed," right? 😉 You "gold haters," come on now, look at that GUITAR!!! Love it. Too bad I'm neck deep into an LS1 rebuild on car at the moment...
  10. Blue Meanies messing with the tuning stability of your tremolo; very fitting! 😉 Very cool, love it!
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