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  1. The guitars are cool and all that, obviously the best "sounding" of all guitars. But we should really talk about your "sheets!" 😉
  2. LOVE IT! And science has proven that Blue guitars (and ORANGE!) sound better!
  3. So just to be clear, you are NOT looking for a 4-digit US made Standard, right? 🙃 Bound and Crowned MIKs, I haven't seen any in a while. How long were they made for? Dot necks, sure but... Good luck on your search!
  4. Looks great, I'll give them four fitie as I like the white headstock! 😉 \
  5. Three fitty, a case of Bud Light and half a bag or Oreos! 😉 What's the old saying? "...Lies, Damn Lies, and then there's Reverb Ads!"
  6. It sounds ALLMOOSTTT as if you're making fun of the B-52s... I will not stand for that kind of comment, if you persist, I will curse you with fleas and blown pre-amp tubes for the period of ONE YEAR! 😉 Good luck on the search. SS's pop up all the time so don't let them go crazy on the first one they find, though crowned are less common (let alone the color request).
  7. They're not terrible guitars, it's been years since I've seen one and I didn't compare "directly" to a vintage Sustain Block Hamer but the one I had access too was quite nice. Played and felt like a Hamer Special, didn't sound spot on but kicked butt in it's own way. Lots of weird stuff back in those days, Gibson built Kramers, Jackson built Schon's, the Gibson SuperStrat Jackson/Charvel wannabies, copies of copies. And they were all solid guitars, in fact the Gibson SuperStrat thingie I had access too a few years ago I liked MORE than my vintage Jackson's (at the time) as the neck was slightly bigger! I went through a purge, all that stuff is gone but thought about looking for one of those Gibson's, hummm....
  8. DUH, it's right next to another Hamer in process and should have clued me in! Very cool regardless, love it!
  9. What were the necks like on these things? Early 2000's thin, medium? That refinished one above is bad ASS!
  10. Looking good Billy Ray! What about the big crack in the center of the neck? I would keep your FR use to a minimum, quick "stress - no stress and STRESS back again" on a tweaked neck may shorten its lifespan. Just my opinion... And yes, Floyd's are a major PIA to setup; and I hate to break it to you, you're likely not done. 😬😉
  11. Guitar Electronics has endless variations of wiring diagrams, but not too many active setups. I did an EMG H/S/S search and got the below link; maybe your setup is in one of these? Good luck! EMG Active Wiring Diagrams
  12. Do not TOUCH the face of the Headstock! It's Rock-n-Roll brother, let her live in glory as she is! The body is looking good... NOW, about that neck. Have you put it under load yet? Fixed the cracks?
  13. New you say? It looks kinda old and beat up, I'll take it off your hands for ya! $350! 😉 Enjoy in good health!
  14. I only watched season 1 and 2, they lost me at 3. And at the time I noticed a few of the names but stopped paying attention. Obviously someone on the writing staff is a guitar nut! Good catch!
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