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  1. My eyes, my eyes! ūüėČ Gold Sparkle Magic Powered...
  2. Hey, will you ship the 93 FM? I can send out a USPS Money Order, would that work?

    asmialek  AT  esri DOT com

    Ping me

  3. Can we talk about the neck profile on the S/S/S? I'm "neck spec sensitive," should be some kind of medical syndrome! I f'ed up my left arm 20 years ago (road racing motorcycles) and the necks I can play are a lot more limited as a result. Any way you can put calipers on this neck and let me know what we're looking at?

    I have a '91 Sunburst, specs are 0.835 at the 1st and 0.856 at the 12th and these are livable (thought not ideal). 

    Thanks! Andrew

    1. Boomerang~Junkie



      Its around .886 with calipers ON TOP of the smaller strings compressed down to the fingerboard.  Its .901 on top of the nut with the bottom caliper  angled back to the narrowest part of the neck opposite the nut.  It is 1.6865 wide at the nut.  This measurement is accurate.

      I have large, ham-fisted hands with several fingers that have been broken on both and prefer larger, more C shaped necks, but this one is comfortable and quite fast (for me).

      FYI - I have someone in the UK seriously interested and we are trying to work out shipping issues and overall costs with CITES etc.

      But, you are first in line here in the US, with one behind you kicking the tires!

      Does the 816 part make you local to the KC Metro area?

      Stay safe,


    2. Drew816



      Too big for me, kind of what I feared. It's a reasonable size, but my little dinged up hands it won't work. Hamer's smaller necks are great for me, but hard to track down.

      Thanks for the effort and good luck with the sale over to the UK.

      816 was my father's jet in Vietnam's tail number; kind of a lucky family number so to speak.


  4. Let's talk about that 80 Blonde. Can you send me pics to asmialek @ esri DOT com

    Typical neck of this era? 


    Any issues?

    I know it's been resprayed, who did the work? Just the top or the back too? Was the original serial number preserved or not?


  5. NICE, congrats. So are you looking to sell? ūüėČ
  6. Alien snot repaired Hamer's are not on my list; hard pass! Lots of options out there, good luck!
  7. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, be back later, I think I'm going to hurl aaggaii................
  8. That guitar flat freakin rules! That just screams 80s all the way around... Sorry about the divorce and GLWYS!
  9. I think you guys are looking at it all wrong. This looks to me to be a kayak/canoe/boat paddle just made to look like a guitar...
  10. Dave, 

    I'll take the Les Paul for $1125. I'm waiting on $400+ to clear PayPal now, I'll gift that over to you and then send a USPS money order for the rest. If we're cool I'll send out the MO tomorrow and as soon as those PP funds are cleared they'll be over to you. 

    Just let me know.

    Andrew in Columbus OH-IO


  11. Preddy guitar one way or the other, not $3.5k preddy but still, wow! And more learned for the HFC Masters, I didn't know anything about the 79-80 bridge mess; I'm not worthy!!!
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