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  1. Billy Gibbons is the king of PH's...The super high one in the solo portion of "Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers" is my favorite.
  2. http://s253.photobucket.com/user/scottcasey66/media/Boardwithtags_zps0a76baeb.jpg.html'> New board with MFC-101, Mission Exp. Pedals and Kicktags!
  3. I've got a set of Noisless Strat pickups that arent doing anything...
  4. My wireless receiver (Line 6 $99 version) is mounted under my board and I have no problems with wah, fuzz or overdrives.
  5. It will do WAV files but not AAC files, the MP3s do "smear" a bit when slowed down, about the same as Amazing Slow Downer or the Tascam Trainer, which I also have, for me it's nice that it's all one unit and I don't have to use my laptop and a guitar amp or the crappy sounds in the Tascam. The presets are nice and you can toggle between two via footswitch as well as start and stop playback.
  6. You can play along with mp3's, slow things down and loop them and the sounds are really nice too. It uses the COSM amp presets and effects from the Boss GT-10. Definitely a nice tool for anyone who needs to learn songs or just jam at a "wifeable" volume or on headphones.
  7. I brought it back for all of those reasons. I heard the Peavey one was better but I don't want to bother.
  8. Love the Saints model Schecter, I have one of those too!
  9. I like this idea! One slight modification though - to make it more universally appealing, I'd do it with a humbucker sized pickup route. Those that prefer P-90s have a lot of great options for humbucker sized P-90s (HD, Fralin, Rio, Duncan, etc.). Options for P-90 sized humbuckers are far more limited. And why not a sustainblock? To me a Jr is all about one P-90 and a stop tail or a wrap tail, but a sustain block would give it more uh...sustain!
  10. Vector Jr. One Volume One Tone Screamin Lollar P90 Wraptail or Tuna and Stop Lightweight Mahogany Tortoise Guard
  11. +1 on the Budda, no variable Q's or boosts just a simple kick-ass wah!
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