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  1. Are you talking about the Captain Hook shirt, or the guitar
  2. You must be kidding me. Using 9's causes the neck to bend up? That's it, end of story. The thing is not fine. Now, who knows the reality of the guitar, what it needs, what the problems are. Maybe everything's jake. All I'm saying is that you tell me in a print ad that the neck bends due to having 9's on it, I'm out. Period.
  3. I would have bid agressively for this guitar if it hadn't been for the neck comments. I also didn't see an orignal case, which is less of a negative, but still not great. If this had a sturdy healthy neck I would have personally bid at least 5.5k.
  4. I've heard some people say that this time period for Hamer had a small occurrence of super thin necks that are problematic. Can people here chime in about that at all?
  5. PM's answered, still available. If I don't get the full $5 I'll just put it back in the closet for a few more years until the market comes back.
  6. I've got a nice sour pickle for sale. It's got one bite missing from it, but is otherwise like new. It comes in the bag shown. A lot of people don't realize that pickles are actually cucumbers. And I think we all know that cucumbers are healthy. If it doesn't sell here, it's going to ebay. $5 signed sealed and delivered CONUS. Sorry, no international shipping. Paypal is ok if we split the fees. People, this is a good pickle, you will be very happy with it.
  7. Not sure why a guy would need 5 mexican thinline teles in 5 different colors.
  8. '79 Black $1400 and '78 Burst $1200. Nice all-original 1979 dotneck Sunburst in black, and a great 1978 Sunburst crowned and bound with a well done headstock repair and replaced tuners with filled in holes. Non-original hard cases. Black has a round chubby neck, '78 has a flatter Hamery neck. Both play great with good frets and great sounding original pups.
  9. I bought a new one and didn't like it nearly as much as the 4-digit I have. The old one is lighter weight, a little bit smaller, has a great neck shape, and it sounds amazing. But I haven't played many so this is just one man's uneducated opinion. YMMV. Try a bunch and see what you think
  10. I have a 4 digit standard for sale - clean and all origina.. please submit your applications to purchase (along with a $25 application fee) to Department of Selection 111 Pullyourchain Ave Chicago IL 61801 It is extremely unlikely that a response will be issued. Thanks and have good day, as t'were.
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