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  1. How can you tell? Congrats Pete. Great score and super deal. I ordered all my guitars with Kluson tuners. when hamer put the guitars out as a stock model they used schallers or gotoh's I can't remember. but I know I sold at least 25 of these with klusons plus he bought it in new jersey I had serveral NJ customers that bought guitars from me. one in particular that sold off a huge collection due to a divorce. does that work for you?
  2. Get real guys. Fender does Fender charvel and jackson how big of a leap would it be to make a strat style and tele style body and put a Hamer neck on it? gee, it ain't like they don't have any experience making those shapes...... If they wanted to do it. they could and they would have done it already. Yes I know it is more than just slapping a decal on the end of a headstock but serously. if they wanted to keep the brand alive it would be real easy to do it with those two models. add in set necks and a cruise bass for good measure. Could it be the infringement on the Gibson style guitars that they are worried about? maybe but charvel has a pile of imports that look like les pauls to me. so that can't be it either. IMHO they feel there is no equity to pull out of Hamer. If they could they would. Sure Hamer was a year backed up in custom orders at one point but do you really think that paid the bills? NFW. it was the imports and subsidies from KMC, just like the import ovations kept the usa line alive. the economy has changed, the demand has changed and the industry has changed. There are more and more musicians accepting lower grade instruments made overseas as thier #1 instrument. There are more and more not good but GREAT quality instruments coming out of Japan, Korea and yes even China and Viet Nam. IT still will take the test of time to find out if these instruments will hold up in the marketplace and if they were made out of quality materials but out of the box many of these instruments play well and if you swap out electronics you got something great. look at gretsch. the usa stuff was always "sketcky" they went to japan have a consistent quality product and gretsch players will spend 2K on an imported instrument. Sure you want an eddie cochran model you got it made in the custom shop 25K list but you can buy this made in japan one for 5K list. and players go for it. why there is a mystique about gretsch that hamer does not have. except to the true Hamer fan and well if everyone on this board bought a bunch of new Hamers we probably would not be talking about this right now. the next shoe to drop is GC going under. when that happens we will see who in the industry it will take with them. maybe gibson and fmic for starters
  3. don't you think if they could have sold Hamer they would have done so already? IMHO there are no real buyers out there. same for ovation. if they could have sold it they would .
  4. guild will eventually quietly go away I am sure of it I bet they will just be imports
  5. they already tried making guilds in corona and that did not work. try it again? nah guild will be gone too
  6. I am biased but I would have to put the bass I ordered for my wife in the top ten. some day I will take some new pics and post them. as for the punisher..... that guitar really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I worked extremely hard putting in a bunch of hours with Frank Untermyr , Frank Rindone and the original purchaser to order that guitar to get the order given to another dealer over maybe a $20 savings. I was the one who convinced Hamer to do the inlays and I was the one who told the purchaser that he would need to get written permission to use the inlays which were needed. this one off liscensce allowed Hamer to do the inlays. If I remember correctly the fingerboard was send to someone else to do the inlays which was also unprecidented. I spent countless hours on getting that order together and then having it sent to another dealer. bad juju
  7. john william with eugene ormandy and the phildelphia orchestra
  8. my microwave sits idle on the counter. only reason why I even have one is because no one wanted it when we finally sold my mom's house. my wife seems to use it a few times a year and so does my nephew. in all honesty I don't even know how to turn the thing on
  9. not much to add here. except that I had a bunch of great custom orders built for my customers over the years and that I made many friends in the hamer factory and of hamer players. I should take a pic of Sue's bass which I will still content is the coolest bass Hamer ever made for any one person and post it. maybe I will just send it out in my newsletter. To all those who purchased a Hamer guitar or any other piece of equipement from me thanks and I know we have forged a lasting friendship. and I am sure that I will still get gear that you want from time to time. al aka alpep
  10. I saw the look sharp tour it was awesome strat and p bass as I recall
  11. chris stainton leon russell john cale chuck leavell joe jackson
  12. mickey thomas did his best work with elvin bishop IMHO grace and marty when they were on, were magical. their voices were great hard to find that today
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