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  1. Why so hostile? i never looked at your profile nor cared to. all I did was offer you the opportunity to inspect the guitar.
  2. You are welcome to come over and inspect the guitar at any time I’ll need 24 hr notice
  3. No not about you I’ve been buying/selling for years i just find the “process” fascinating I only showed up here because someone alerted me to the post bottom line to me is if you like the guitar buy it it you don’t move one
  4. Got them from a friend they are in near mint condition and sound awesome come and get em
  5. Again ... a nice story... but not THE story why are martins that were made employee guitars highly desirable ? No logo no brand often no indication at all that the guitar was a Martin? as per your les Paul I had a custom shop r7 built by a custom shop employee for himself no coa case candy etc ... it did hVe one of the most striking tops you ever saw on a guitar and it was an amazing playing and sounding guitar ... I represented it as such and the buyer paid dearly for it and is still in love with the guitar I HATE the price police ...generally people that rarely buy
  6. Serial number could have been a ton of different things obviously the guitar was used as an experiment Does it really matter?
  7. No offense Your story is just that ... a story with no basis in facts I know the facts ... ehhhh your facts may be alternative facts it makes a nice story but was not what happened but I know where the guitar came from it is absolutely real it never saw a dumpster and was absolutely built in the factory absolutely all hamer parts with exception of the pickups the guitar was built by an employee I have no clue what is up with the s/n but think about it who would waste a gazillion legit hamer decals on a guitar????? you d
  8. Oh sorry.... i read all the conspiracy theorists then tried to compose an answer gotta love the hfc
  9. Yes it is a hamer it hung in the factory for years jeezous the conspiracy theories remind me why I barely stop here anymore
  10. Not sure if you guys heard but Ray the Wrench passed a month or so ago. I used to run into him at Donkey's a bar in Camden that has the best cheesesteaks on earth
  11. Yes I am still alive....and will run Lost Art Vintage Instruments until they pry it from my cold dead hands. hope everyone is well here. I don't stop by much anymore
  12. How can you tell? Congrats Pete. Great score and super deal. I ordered all my guitars with Kluson tuners. when hamer put the guitars out as a stock model they used schallers or gotoh's I can't remember. but I know I sold at least 25 of these with klusons plus he bought it in new jersey I had serveral NJ customers that bought guitars from me. one in particular that sold off a huge collection due to a divorce. does that work for you?
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