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  1. Perfect description... The 2nd gen 5-string CB's had a asymmetrical neck design similar to the original Tobias Basses in the late 80's/early 90's... 2nd gen 4-string CBs exhibit (IMHO) a slightly narrower J-Bass neck profile
  2. May have a 2nd gen 2tek CB w/ OHSC ready for sale soon... New Bass Amp Day and other things in works may require sale... (Bass has a little bit more greenish tint in person..)
  3. @hamertek98 Thanks!!! Ive been playing Pedullas since 84... just moved from NYC burbs to Chicago/NW Indiana area; if you are in the area, give me a shout... more then welcome to check them out... And yes... if shit ever went south on my end, you are A-1 in line for the semi hollow 2tek cb!!! Mentioned that on talkbass Hamer club; mentioning it here...
  4. @BassCowboyCongrats!!!!! And enjoy!! Any question about this bass just ask, will be happy to help...
  5. Thanks!!!!! Will send you pictures... now... back on point with cowboy picking up that 2tek cb...
  6. Now onto more important things... let's get that bass into Cowboy's hands @BassCowboy
  7. This bass is definately being used regularly and well taken care of... definitely not wall art... thanks again!!
  8. Still have the semi hollow 2tek cb... its staying put...if it survived from being a casualty my divorce, its sticking around for a long time... having way too much fun gigging with it...
  9. Popped up on reverb a few weeks ago; looks like what you wanted... https://reverb.com/item/31002346-usa-hamer-cruise-bass-1996-black-cherry-burst-w-2-tek-bridge-seymour-duncan-pickups
  10. Top-Notch work!! Love the blood wood choice for accent wood, extremely clean transition along body edge... fabulous!! 35 scale is perfect... well done!
  11. Hey Pablo, Sorry about the delay in response... Very (!!!!) happy you could use this case and very nice job on the case restoration!!! Mike
  12. I typically use halved pool noodles to protect basses and cases when shipping... was in a rush to get this out the door; out of pool noodles and/or Styrofoam peanuts... had to use something, which I found at work; a ton of shredded paper... did everything I could to keep the case from moving inside the box during shipping.... Warned you to tell your cousin NOT TO OPEN up the box in his tattoo shop... LOL... guess if I get a tattoo in Florida, it would be wise not to tell him that I shipped the case Enjoy the case Pablo... the spirit of "Alien Pimp" lives!!!
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