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  1. sold for $599 plus S&H... oof... Thinking this may not be the best time to sell a bass/guitar...
  2. Leaning towards the dUg in terms on tone... REALLY leaning in on this new bass dirt pedal... went all in and on waiting list... May cant come here soon enough..
  3. Well... this is back up on feebay... Crack must be strong with this guy; last year he tried to sell for $10K... now an exclusive discount at $9,875...LOL https://www.ebay.com/itm/1996-HAMER-USA-PROTOTYPE-SemiHollow-Cruise-Bass-ATA-Case/313293845302?hash=item48f1c4b336:g:JYoAAOSwRetfqbaQ
  4. @Dutchman Jeff: Here is the link to the through-body flat wound bass strings; highly advisable to use these or other comparable through-body flatwound strings with 2tek equipped basses...Standard Flatwound Strings are too thick to seat properly in the saddles https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/760FS-TB--la-bella-760fs-deep-talkin-bass-flatwound-bass-strings-through-body?utm_source=MSN&utm_medium=PPC&mrkgadid=3251364893&mrkgcl=28&mrkgen=mpla&mrkgbflag=0&mrkgcat=bass&acctid=21700000001645388&dskeywordid=92700046997891792&lid=92700046997891792&d
  5. Thanks Jeff!!!! Enjoy your new bass... take care of the old girl and she will take care of you!!! Thank you again!!!!!
  6. Hey Geoff... how goes it buddy!! Next time I'm in NY/upper Westchester I have to stop by... have a PJ modded 2nd gen 2tek cb with a kellings sound hand made passive module in it... you have to try it... hope all is well and hope my old 5er is treating you just as well!!! Mike
  7. Pablo!!!! How are you my friend... super happy your sweet (!!!!) blue 2nd gen 2tek/and ALIEN PIMP are doing well!! BTW: Is it safe to get a tattoo from your cousins shop in Miami... hopefully he forgot about the packing material exploding all over his shop...lol Be well my friend!!! Mike
  8. 1996 2nd Gen 2tek Cruise Bass (Model BCRTA – “Cruise Custom”) for sale. Great sounding and playing bass $550 Shipped/Insured. BC-1 OHSC included. Paypal OK. Neck is straight with no issues. Frets have noticeable wear, but are in no need of a re-fret, maybe a simple polishing/dressing. Electronics are in great shape and functioning as designed… the EMG pickups/electronics give this bass a more pronounced low to low-mid presence, basically fatting up the sound, while slightly taming the high-mids commonly associated with the passive SD’s… pickups/electronics provide much more definition,
  9. Lindy Fralin 5% overwound or Delanos...
  10. You can pick up a first generation Sire P7 or V7 off of reverb for around $300 these days... Can go with an Ampeg B112/B115 combo or a Phil Jones Session 77 Combo used for around $200 (maybe a few more dollars for the Session 77).
  11. Perfect description... The 2nd gen 5-string CB's had a asymmetrical neck design similar to the original Tobias Basses in the late 80's/early 90's... 2nd gen 4-string CBs exhibit (IMHO) a slightly narrower J-Bass neck profile
  12. May have a 2nd gen 2tek CB w/ OHSC ready for sale soon... New Bass Amp Day and other things in works may require sale... (Bass has a little bit more greenish tint in person..)
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