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  1. Stonge, I'm very appreciative for the replacement arms. They work great. You really went above and beyond in helping me with this. Thank you!
  2. I did try using a small straw to test whether or not there are threads in the tremolo bar hole. The answer is no there are not. It's a push-in bar. Thanks for the tip, Dutchman.
  3. cmathis, thanks for the photo. This Daytona does have the tension screw. I don't have a tool for it, but it's there!
  4. Thanks for all the comments. Let's see... It may be push in or it may be threaded. But at least we can agree it's 4.76mm? Stonge is going to try helping me with his 4.75mm rod stock. I really appreciate that! I haven't found the small tension screw. I took off the back, but saw nothing. And honestly it's hard to tell if this has threads or not.
  5. I have a Hamer Daytona and the tremolo arm has been misplaced (I lent the guitar to someone for a period of a couple of years, and now that I have it back, the tremolo arm is missing). I tried a new Gotoh arm designed for the Wilkinson VSVG tremolo, but it's too big (5mm diameter). Apparently, Gotoh made some changes to the trem design. Old forum listings say I need a 4.76mm bar (3/16"). Anyone know where I can get one? Preferably chrome with a white tip. I've tried two different bars from different vendors, and nothing as worked so far. Thanks!
  6. Travis, What is the neck profile on the T51? I have one with a neck that is a bit larger than a medium C, and I'd prefer to find a T51 with a chunkier neck. Thanks. Bill
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